HOW TO SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS ONLINE IN 2020 (My Favorite Passive Income Source!)

HOW TO SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS ONLINE IN 2020 (My Favorite Passive Income Source!)

If you’re wondering how people make a passive income selling digital products online then you’re going to want to watch this video. Selling digital products is my favorite income source because once I’ve created the product and marketed it, I don’t have to do much and can easily take time off from it without much of a dip in income. In this video I’ll show you how one (cheap) digital product made me over $5,000 and how to create your own!


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(some of the links below are affiliate links)

β†’ Membervault (highly recommend for selling courses, digital products, services, etc):

β†’ Canva (great for designing products and graphics):

β†’ Loom (screen recording):

β†’ Gumroad:


β†’ Poshmark for Beginners

β†’ How to Make Money as a Stay At Home Mom

β†’ Selling on Mercari: Beginners Guide


❀️ MY FAVORITE TOOLS & SUPPLIES (affiliate links)

β†’ Vendoo (for crossposting – 25% off your first month!):
β†’ Shipping scale:
β†’ Polymailers (cheap):
β†’ Ring Light:
β†’ Polymailers (fun prints):
β†’ Half sheet labels:
β†’ Suede brush:
β†’ Sweater shaver:
β†’ Leather cleaner/conditioner:
β†’ White paper background:
β†’ Stretch wrap:
β†’ Bubble wrap:
β†’ Label printer:
β†’ Dymo shipping labels:
β†’ Inventory bags:
β†’ Giant lint roller:

β†’ Vlogging camera:
β†’ Ring light:
β†’ Phone case:
β†’ Pop socket:
β†’ Computer I use:
β†’ Monitor stand:

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