The 7 Best Digital Products to Sell Online for Passive Income

The 7 Best Digital Products to Sell Online for Passive Income

The 7 Best Digital Products To Sell Online For Passive Income // As a business coach, you can share your knowledge and create them into a digital product to sell. In this video, I’ll teach you the best digital products to sell and how to create digital product to sell online for passive income. There are actually a lot of digital product ideas you can sell right now online! You just have to know the best online business ideas and the different digital products you can use to create passive income.

If you want to create digital products and sell digital products in the future, you must also know the advantage of digital products. I’ll show you my ways and strategies on how to create and sell digital products

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– With more and more
people staying at home and choosing to learn online,
now is an amazing opportunity in order to launch
digital products online. That said, do you know
which digital products are best to create passive income? If you don’t stay tuned
because in this video I’m gonna share the seven
best digital products.

to create passive income online right now. (upbeat music) Hey there, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to me, my
name is Courtney Sanders, I’m a full-time Online Coach
and an Online Entrepreneur, as well as full-time mom, full-time wife, I wear all the hats, you might hear my son screaming in the background as I struggle.

to try to make this video. But that’s neither here nor there. I specialize in helping
working professionals turn their skills into businesses online and an income online. And in today’s video I
really want to talk to you about creating digital products, and specifically the seven best
digital products to create,.

if you’re interested in
creating passive income online. Now I’ve generated multiple, multiple six figures in my business and the bulk of that has
come from digital products. But over the years I’ve noticed that seven digital products in particular, not only are the most popular
and the best selling for me,.

but they create the most
passive income for me. So are you curious about
what those seven types of digital products are? Let’s get into it. Okay the first digital product that is great for passive
income, are eBooks. Yes I know, I feel like
everybody just totally overlooks eBooks because they’re
looking for something.

like more complicated or more complex, but don’t sleep on eBooks
okay, eBooks are still the jam. Now there’s two types of
eBooks that you can create, you can create eBooks that are, you know, beautifully designed and
have a lot of graphics and that you sell
directly on your website. And those eBooks are
great because you tend.

to be able to sell those
for a higher price, so you can sell that type of eBook for $20.00, $30.00, $50.00 even $100.00 depending on what the topic is and what you are helping
your potential client solve. However, there’s also
eBooks as you can sell via traditional, you know,
book publishing platforms.

like Amazon Kindle, ’cause
I know a lot of people think oh you know, why would I spend
all my time writing an eBook that I’m just going to sell for 7.99 or 9.99 or
whatever on Amazon Kindle, but you don’t realize that
Amazon is an amazing place in order to find new clients. So you spend all that time,
even though you’re not gonna.

sell the eBook for a super high price because it’s exposing you
to a potential customer that you ordinarily would
not have been exposed to. So think of it as getting paid essentially in order to get new customers. So you get paid you’re little 9.99, but that’s not really where
the relationship ends,.

the person sees your book, they
download it on their Kindle, they read it, they check
you out on Instagram, they check out your
website and now they’re in with your world and then
perhaps they’re even buying other products and programs for you. So don’t sleep on eBooks,
either type of eBook is a great way to create passive income..

Okay, the second type of digital product that is great for passive
income are templates and tools. Now typically the only
type of entrepreneurs that think about templates
usually or like designers and think of like, oh I can
create website templates and sell them on like Creative Market or something like that..

Or I can create, I don’t
know, screensavers, so you know, yes creatives
can create templates but you as an online coach or even just a regular service provider
can create templates as well. So even something as simple
as your morning routine or your business routine,
you can create templates, spreadsheets, I’ve created
and sold Trello Templates,.

you know, think about the
software that you use, certain email marketing
platforms that you use, you can create templates
within those tools. So think about the tools you
use, think about the things you do on a consistent
basis in your business, or whatever your industry is. You can create tools and
templates that you can then sell.

so that your target market doesn’t have to think through all of that, they
can just literally download what you do and then
just do it themselves. So as I mentioned, I’ve
sold Trello Templates, I’ve sold Notion Templates
because those are my two favorite Project
Management Softwares. But I’ve sold spreadsheets for templates.

about how I manage my business, how I manage outsourcing my staff. You could sell budget templates,
like it doesn’t matter what it is you do or
what type of entrepreneur or service provider you are, think about a type of
template you can create or tools you can create
and sell those bad boys. Because those are great
passive income money makers..

They’re fun honestly for customers to buy, and typically are pretty
affordable, pretty inexpensive and you know, they sell like hotcakes. Okay, another type of digital product that is really great
passive income that again, I feel a lot of people sleep
on, are audio trainings. So especially right now, audio is huge..

You know audibles blowing up, audio books are blowing up,
even on YouTube there’s a good chance that you might be listening to this and not actually watching me on video. Because now more than
ever we’re super busy, we’re multitasking and we just
want to get the information by listening to it, versus
sitting down and reading it.

or sitting down and even watching it. And so I’ve had great success
with creating audio trainings, and audio trainings
can come in many forms. In fact, I’ve made over
five figures in one product, one of my Best Selling products is my 21-day Self Discipline Challenge, and that is a 21-day Audio Program..

So yes there’s a workbook
and different things that go along with it, but essentially people are
listening to the prompts for 21 days in doing the
exercises and it’s all via audio. And for years I have
sold that on autopilot and I have made lots and lots of money from that one digital product. So audio trainings are
really, really hot right now,.

don’t think everything
has to be done in video, think about how you can
dispense your knowledge in the form of a video training. Okay, the fourth type of digital product that is doing really good
right now and is a great potential to make passive income
for you, are Masterclasses. So Masterclasses are
different from courses.

in that they’re not super
comprehensive like of course, you know, of course might have, you know, 20 different videos in it or different modules and lessons. A Masterclasses is essentially
you sitting down with someone or with a group, or your
audience for 90 minutes about, maybe two hours, and
really just going in-depth.

on a specific topic. So Masterclasses again, work great for a variety of industries, I’ve seen makeup artists
especially do really well with 90 minute Masterclasses,
maybe on how to do the perfect no-makeup makeup look, you know, you can create a massive class and people can watch it and they can you know, do their makeup
as they’re watching it..

Or maybe a Interior Decorating Masterclass or a Styling Masterclass or what have you. So essentially, a Masterclass
is a video training typically, but it’s usually around 90 minutes, maybe an hour or maybe two hours. I would say no more than three hours ’cause it’s something that
you watch in one shot,.

but it teaches people how to do something that you have a skill set in. So think about what your skill set is and what people ask me about all the time, create a Masterclass on it
and then sell it on autopilot. Masterclasses right now are an amazing passive income product,
don’t sleep on Masterclasses..

Okay, before I get into the
other types of digital products, I’m just curious, what are
your favorite digital products to purchase as a customer? So for me, I love buying eBooks
and I love buying courses. What type of eProducts or digital products are your favorites? Share in the comments below. Okay, the fifth type of digital product.

that I haven’t heard a
lot of people talk about, so you heard it here first. But this type of digital
product does really, really well and sells passively on
autopilot, and these are bundles. So a bundle is essentially you taking all the other digital stuff that you have, so maybe you have an eBook,.

maybe you have some audio trainings, maybe have some Masterclasses,
packaging that up in a bundle and then selling that on autopilot. Now I find that bundles
do really, really well during special events, holidays, so here’s a hint, depending
on when you’re watching this, Black Friday, bundles sells like crazy..

So you can, you know, kind
of create a compilation of all of your digital trainings, or all the digital trainings that you have on a specific topic, and package them up in a
bundle and then sell them for an amazing deal, like a steal. And people will buy that like hot cakes. ‘Cause they’re like, whoa!.

I’m getting a bundle, you know? It’s kind of like having
a subscription box, right? We love makeup subscription
boxes and you know, or have your hair subscription boxes, because we’re getting all
of these different products in one box and it’s such a great deal. It’s like what, I spent $30.00, I’m getting like $100 worth
of these skincare products..

So bundles kind of work the same way, it’s like the online version
of a subscription box. You’re essentially packaging
all your digital trainings or the related digital trainings and offering them as a
steal to your audience. Okay, the sixth digital product and you probably already know this one, but this one does amazing
for passive income.

and these are courses. So courses are those
comprehensive trainings that have multiple modules
and multiple lessons, they tend to be video vourses. So if there’s something
that people ask you about all the time, maybe you are
a Restaurateur or a Chef, and people always ask
you how they can create these style of meals at home,.

you might want to consider
putting together a course and selling that on autopilot, and people can watch it
and follow it step-by-step. So again, regardless of what
type of entrepreneur you are, service provider you
are, or coach you are, courses are an amazing digital product to create for passive income..

Okay the sixth type of digital
product that people typically don’t think is a digital
product, but it totally is. And these are subscriptions
and memberships. These are great for passive income, not just because you
can sell them passively, but because they’re reoccurring, so you’re getting that income.

every single month that people pay. So if you find that you
have a lot of super fans or people that are really, you know, down with your business and
they just love everything you do and they’re always buying
everything that you put out, consider creating a membership
where they can get access to all of your content, you
know, that they’re buying anyway.

for a particular rate and
they just pay that monthly. And so not only can you sell
access to this membership on autopilot, but the reoccurring payments then become passive income for you. So again now more than
ever, people were already kind of acclimated to
subscription products, we already got our Amazon Prime,.

we’ve got on Netflix, we’ve got our Hulu, why not throw whatever
it is you’re offering, you know, in the mix
and people can sign up for subscriptions for you as well? Okay, so now you know my secret, you know the seven digital products that are currently
bringing in passive income, but you probably don’t know how to get.

all these things set up. Don’t worry, that’s why I’ve created my Online Business Toolkit,
which tells you the ins and outs of all the different tools that I use, so you’ll never have to worry, we’ll show you this email
marketing software over this one, or I’ll show you this landing page builder and this sales funnel,
don’t even worry about it,.

I’ve gone through all the
trial and error for you. You can download this completely for free, it lists literally all the
tools that I presently use in my business in order to
make all these things work, both on the front end and on the back end. So you can go to that by
clicking the link below to download that Online Business Toolkit..

I hope you really enjoyed this video, if you did you’re gonna love my podcast. Hop on over to iTunes or Spotify and just type in The Courtney Sanders Show in order to subscribe to my podcast. Also make sure you’re
following me on Instagram, I share all the details, all the T, all the business goodness..

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