Digital Real Estate – Creating Passive Income In The New Economy (Full Demo)

Digital Real Estate – Creating Passive Income In The New Economy (Full Demo)

Digital real estate, like traditional real estate can appreciate and generate passive income for years. Learn how to generate additional sources of income and income streams. Let’s go over digital real estate 2021.

Digital real estate are assets that can be considered evergreen. Meaning they continue to produce no matter what topics or niches are trending. Why because they are built on long term fundamentals. These passive income ideas for 2021 will continue to produce into the future providing multiple streams of income.

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Hi, Jeff Lerner here, and I want to shoot a quick video to talk
about the truth, about having an online business that, you know,
provides for your lifestyle. And I want to make a promise that is,
if you watch this entire video, which is only going to be a few minutes
long, by the end of it, you’re going to actually know how it
works, like what is it that people.

actually do, myself included,
to build a business that pays for their life and gives them
a great quality of life? And I thought it’d be an interesting place to start this video, to actually
come out here in front of my house. So that’s that’s my house right there. You know, a lot of these videos you see.

online people, you know, they rent cars,
they rent mansions, they they rent men or women to hang out
with to make themselves look better. They just, you know,
try to create this this artificial look. And I don’t want this to be that. The fact is, I’ve been on the Internet
since 2008, over a decade, and I’ve built a really
wonderful life for myself,.

doing really very simple things
that leverage the power of the Internet. I do them again in my home
that that building back there is actually my home office that I built
behind my house, behind my pool. That’s where I work. We’re actually going to go up there
and I’m going to let you look over my shoulder at my actual computer
to show you how this works..

But again, I thought it would be it’d be kind of interesting to start
out here out front. And let’s let’s talk real life. Let’s talk about, you know,
the neighborhood even where I live. So so this is my street. I look at my neighbors and frankly,
my neighbors look at me right there. You’ve got actually a teacher
and a coach who lives there..

Over there we have a manager
at a security company. The gentleman over here,
really nice guy, great guy. Nobody’s home right now.
It’s the middle of the day. He works at a bank. It’s about twelve thirty
on a Tuesday right now. And actually that house right there, they’re the they’re the ones that I
see the most during the day..

They’re actually retired. And I want to I want to you know, I’m not retired,
but it’s kind of interesting because my neighbors sort of do
like try to do the math. I’m like, what exactly do Jeff
and Jaclyn do to survive? Jeff, Jeff’s always home,
but the reality is I’m basically retired. And when I say that I’m retired,.

I don’t mean that I don’t do
anything or I don’t work. That’s not really what I define. Retirement as retirement simply means that you’ve built some sort of assets or
set of assets that produce profit or cash flow or income or whatever you want
to call it, so that you no longer have to trade your your time,
your eight or ten or twelve hours a day,.

whatever it is, in order
to earn the money to to live. Once you put that in place, you know,
for all intents and purposes, you’re retired now,
you know, here, here, here, there. You know, we’ve got couples,
married couples in their 30s and 40s that they’re still working
on building those types of assets..

Over here.
We have a retired couple in their 70s. You know, he worked most of his productive
life and built that type of an asset. I don’t know what it is.
Maybe it’s a 401k, maybe it’s a pension. You know, who knows?
But I’m forty and I’ve built those types of assets, and that’s
what I want to show you..

I want to break this down
in real world terms. This isn’t the Internet. Isn’t this like trick? It’s not a gimmick. It’s it’s just a different
type of way to do business. But it works the same. You build assets,
the assets produce income. And once your income that you’ve built using these digital assets exceeds
the cost of your life, you’re free..

So let’s let’s walk this way. I want to take you through my house
and up to the home office. I’m going to show you how this works. All right, so come on in and let’s
go see how this works. All right, so let’s walk through my house
and I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve been able to create
this life for myself now..

Real quick, I just know these
videos on the Internet. They have all of us jaded, like people literally rent houses
to produce these dumb videos. This is my actual house,
my actual family pictures on the wall, for what it’s worth. And and honestly, everything
that that represents, that is my life. That is the most precious
thing I have in my life..

It’s not it’s not really about
the size of your bank account. It’s about what I consider true wealth, which is time, freedom,
the ability to spend time with your family know like I said,
it’s about twelve thirty. On a Tuesday, my three year old
girl just went to preschool. She’s going to be home
in about an hour and a half..

And I’m going to be here, I’m going
to play with her when she comes home. So let’s walk out to the Home Office and I’m going to show you the mechanics,
the actual nitty gritty, how to of how you can build this
kind of a life for yourself. So this is my actual commute to work. It’s kind of funny in those terms..

But literally, I
walk through the backyard, out by the pool, and we’ll just head right up here
to my little office that I built. All right, so come on over here, pull up a chair
and I’ll let you look right over my shoulder at my actual computer and let
me show you how this really works. OK, so let’s take a look at how these
principles actually translate into.

practice on the Internet,
like actual practice of putting these things to play and developing
these digital assets. Or I use the term a lot, digital real
estate, just like physical real estate. You develop it, it pays you cash flow only it’s not really expensive to develop
like like traditional real estate..

So I picked one random product,
the Olympus mark to camera. And this is a site that I’m sure
everybody’s familiar with Amazon, but you might not realize is
down at the bottom of Amazon. There’s this feature right here,
right here, which has become an affiliate under Make Money with us,
see big companies like Amazon and frankly,.

most of the big websites on the Internet
that sell stuff they have. They actually love it when people
help them promote their site. And so they’ll pay you. That’s why Amazon has a big thing here. It says make money with us. And so you become an affiliate. You sign up here at what’s called the Amazon Associates program,
and you fill out a simple application..

You basically tell Amazon, this is how I plan to promote
your stuff and they approve you. You have to give them your financial information so they can pay you
and know that you pay taxes and stuff. And then once you do that, the next time you sign in to Amazon,
which I’ll do right here. You will notice a new thing in your
Amazon back office where if I go.

search, if I go pull up a product now I have this
thing called Amazon Associates sites. Right. And this will basically
give me these links where. For this particular product, now, I could send somebody this link,
and if somebody use this link to come look at this product and actually purchase
on Amazon, I would get paid a commission..

And in fact, I wouldn’t just get
paid a commission on this camera. I would get paid a commission on anything else they bought when
they were on Amazon, too. So it’s really, really powerful. And that is the basic unit of how
you get paid online as an affiliate. It’s for referring people to other people’s products and there’s a lot
of different variations on that..

Sometimes you can sell your own products,
like if you are not your own products, but you can sell products
directly in your own store. Like if you have an e-commerce store, you can do the same thing kind
of with services, which is kind of like more like
having an agency or doing consulting. You sell, you know, financial services
or legal services or marketing services..

A lot of times to businesses
you can actually sell information. They call it information marketing where it’s not physical products, but it’s like training or
lessons or knowledge on how to do stuff. Again, they’re all variations, but they’re variations on the same theme,
which is just using these links to track.

purchases so that you can get
paid for referring the purchase. Every big website has these.
This is eBay. Obviously, you’re familiar with eBay down at the bottom of eBay.
Same thing. They have a button to sign up
for their affiliate program. They call it their partner network. You sign at their Best Buy..

Same deal, Best Buy. You’re probably familiar with Best Buy.
Sure enough, right here on their partnerships, they
have a link called the affiliate program. And so this is actually that same
product on on Best Buy. Right.
So I could basically sign up as an affiliate for Best Buy,
for Amazon, for eBay, for.

all the different retailers. There’s niche retailers. I’ll actually show you how there’s one called the camera store
that only sells cameras. I could sign up there
and I would compare and I would say, OK, who’s going to pay me
the most if I sell a camera? And then I would go start building real estate or building assets,
digital assets to sell the camera..

Here’s an example of what
that would look like. So this is a guy who back in twenty fifteen
published a video review of that camera. And if you watch this video, what did he
actually need to create this this review? He basically this looks like a logo that he created,
which he might have done for a couple.

hundred bucks on a site like Fiverr or,
you know, heck, there’s people that do it for fifty bucks, but you
don’t even need to do a logo. And he reviews the product. And again, this is back in twenty fifteen. He’s had three hundred
seventy three thousand views. He’s got a link right here for people to buy a camera at the camera store,
which you can see it has this kind of long.

code afterwards that’s
basically tracking it to him. It’s his affiliate link. So when three hundred seventy four thousand people go on YouTube and type
in this camera and they bring up his review if they do it,
which obviously somebody is looking up a review of a camera, they’re
probably interested in buying it..

I mean, who knows?
He might have sold two thousand of them. And if he made fifty bucks on each one,
what’s that? That’s one hundred thousand dollars for
making one video back in twenty fifteen. This is permanent real estate,
just like in actual real estate. You know, you buy a piece of land, you develop the land, you improve it,
you add value to it,.

and then you go out and you rent it or
you lease it to generate cash flow. Same thing. Only you don’t have to go borrow hundreds
of thousands of dollars to do it. This is actually a friend of mine
who owns a travel blog. She travels around the world
and basically does this kind of stuff. She creates these little real digital real.

estate assets that sell products
and pay for her to travel the world. This is a review she did
on that exact same camera. She basically said, hey,
you like my pictures? Well, here’s a camera that I have
used to take some of those pictures. And sure enough, right here,
she has an affiliate link and notice what else she does..

She goes, oh, and by the way, if you like traveling,
get a discount here to stay at an Airbnb. And she’s also set up
as an Airbnb affiliate. And so the whole Internet world
has these affiliate programs. And the real estate approach is basically just about figuring
out how to develop these little assets.

that you can connect to your affiliate
links and get paid income for life. This is something that another
friend of mine does. Obviously, I do this, too, but I want to show all make
this all just about my stuff. I think it’s cool to see
what other people have done. This is another person I know personally
who several months ago set up an Instagram.

profile and also signed up as an affiliate
for some different programs and basically just posts good deals that she
finds around the Internet and in a few months has grown following a one
hundred twenty thousand people and is generating six figures from a free
Instagram profile with a logo that I’m pretty sure she made herself posting
deals that she finds around the Internet.

and, you know, basically doesn’t doesn’t
have to work if she doesn’t want to. I mean, it’s crazy how this works. Another example, this is
a business that I did for. A long time and I’ll show you some actual data from this,
so this is just my Facebook feed and basically every single one of these
posts people think of the Facebook feed is.

like a message board where
people are posting socially. But to me, when I look at this,
all I see is digital. Billboards know billboards are
technically another form of real estate. Real estate is usually flat. Land that you build on top of billboards is basically vertical real estate,
that you put images on text and images..

And to me, that’s all
the Facebook feed is. So I actually had a business for several years where I would actually
basically rent these billboards. I would go into Facebook’s ad platform and essentially pay for space in the feed
and I would turn around and essentially sublease it to businesses who needed
that space because businesses are hungry..

For one thing, they’re hungry for leads. I mentioned how you can essentially become
an affiliate of services and and sell, you know, legal or financial or business
services or marketing services. To me, this was this was referring marketing services by leasing
Billboard Space on Facebook. And I turned around and sold
these billboards to businesses..

And this is I did this
for about five years. And this is my actual data from just
the cell of this one product. These this essentially releasing Facebook and Instagram to it
releasing billboard space. And in five years, I did
almost eight and a half million dollars. Essentially, I didn’t even have
to build or own the real estate..

I basically leased the real
estate from Facebook. And I sublease it to businesses eight
and a half million dollars in five years. I know.
You know, unfortunately, on the Internet, sometimes you kind of got to hit people
with with numbers to get their attention. This is another program that I’ve done..

This has actually been my biggest
moneymaker, and this is over three years to generate about thirteen
and a half million dollars in sales. Obviously, I have some
advertising expenses. It’s not all pure profit, but, you know,
this is all me working from home. I mean, this is, you know,
basically either leasing or developing or.

leasing real digital real estate and,
you know, converting it, monetizing it, whatever, all basically through the same
model of, you know, getting links provided by other
platforms and using them to get paid. A smaller example, I know, you know,
eight million, 13 million, these types of numbers can kind of blow
people out of the water in some cases..

This is another platform that I promote
click funnels that you’re probably familiar with if you’re
into this kind of stuff. It’s basically a site builder,
a website builder that you can use to create pages that are designed
to promote these kinds of things. So this is a tool where people say, oh,
Jeff, how do I learn to do this stuff?.

And I say, well, I’ll teach you
how to do it, but you need a tool. Click Funnels is the tool.
And just for, again, being an affiliate of click funnels
over the last, I want to say this is probably about a year and a half old
has added an extra sixty three thousand dollars in completely hands off income
that I basically have nothing to do with..

And you know, these these
programs are everywhere. This knowledge is everywhere. This opportunity is everywhere. What’s not everywhere, unfortunately, is
people’s understanding of how to do it. You know, even it’s
something as simple as real estate. I use this example like there’s a land, there’s buildings and there’s
people that need buildings..

We all know that.
But nobody sat down with most of us and connected the dots and said,
here’s how you acquire land. Here’s how you improve the land. Here’s how you transact
to attract people to the land. Here’s how you promote the land. If, if, if that’s what we were learning in school, everybody would
be in that business..

We all have passive cash
flow from real estate. The problem with real estate is a lot
of times you also need hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit
in order to be able to get into it because the underlying assets
themselves are very expensive. Again, we’ll go back
to this YouTube video. I would I would guess, again,
based on some rough conversion numbers,.

that this has been a six
figure asset for this person. It’s probably generated six figures
in income over several years. And it probably took a day
and a couple hundred bucks to create, so that’s why I talk about digital real
estate versus physical, it just has a lot of advantages
for the average person.

that it’s trying to get into something
that can change their quality of life. But they don’t they don’t either want
to take the risk or have the ability to take a big risk,
like with physical real estate. And again, what’s just what is it common
is just the knowledge of how to do it. And that’s that’s what
this video is all about..

So I hope you’ve enjoyed it
and keep watching through the end. And I’ll explain some more about how you
can learn more how to do how to how to put these kinds of assets
in place for your own life. Thanks.
All right. So let’s go out to the yard and I’m going to talk to you about how you can
build some of these digital assets.

that produce profits and income for you
so that you can have this kind of life. So as you saw on the computer, this is really all about creating
assets that generate income. You call it income.
Call it profit. Call it cash flow.
The point is money to pay for your life. And I really don’t think of it as.

that different than,
like traditional real estate investing. I don’t think the world has
actually changed that much. I think what’s changed is that real estate now also includes this
thing called the Internet. Like historically for all of human
history, the real wealth formula for the average
person was acquire land,.

develop the land and figure out how to use
the land to produce income, whether it was by farming the land or
leasing the land or putting a shop on the land or whatever it was, or renting
out the land, building apartments. That was the formula. The cool thing about the world we live in now is that on the Internet you can do
the same thing,.

but much more quickly with a lot more
control and with a lot less cost. You know, real estate’s expensive. The Internet, you can basically develop your own piece of digital real estate,
your own digital asset. You develop it, you can drive people
to it, you can sell products on it. You can literally lease it out,.

whether it’s selling ad space or
running ads for other businesses. There’s just like so many different things you can do and they all come
down to a basic set of skills. Once you learn the skills,
then you have all the options of all the different Internet businesses which
we teach about here in my training..

And it’s kind of like being
a digital real estate developer. If you’re a physical real estate developer, you know how to take land
and turn it into income on the Internet. Again, it’s kind of the same thing. It’s just faster, easier, and it requires
a lot less capital to make it happen. So what I want to do is invite you
to a free training.

where I’m going to go a lot deeper
than what you just saw on my computer. What you just saw on my computer was sort
of the basic framework of how it works. I wanted to prove to you that it works,
hopefully get your attention. But now I want to invite you to a free training where I’m really going to peel
back all the layers and show you how you.

can actually start to create these
digital assets for yourself. You can become a digital real
estate developer, so to speak. And again, it’s not about
anything fancy or tricky or gimmicky. The Internet is so full of people that try to make it like it’s all about having
millions of dollars and living this.

exotic drug dealer lifestyle,
like it’s not like that. Think about what it means. Like we started
when we talked earlier in this video. What does it mean to actually be retired? Being retired just means you have enough income coming in to pay your
bills into and to fund your life. That doesn’t mean millions
of dollars for a lot of people..

That just means
five thousand dollars a month, ten thousand dollars
a month or whatever it is. Well, as a digital asset creator, as a digital real estate developer,
your job is to basically build enough of these little digital assets
that produce income, even if it’s three hundred dollars a month
from here, five hundred dollars a month.

from here, a thousand
dollars a month from here. And once you get to that magic
number, you’re retired. I don’t care if you’re 20 years old or 80
years old, you’re retired, you’re free. You now are in control of your time. And so that’s what I’m going to show you how to do with specific granular detail
on this free training,.

not just hypothetical stuff,
but literally what I’ve done. I’ve been, like I said,
on the Internet since two thousand eight. This is not flash in the pan stuff that’s going to you know, it’s in fashion today
and it’s going to be gone in six months. I’ve been doing this for over a decade
and it hasn’t fundamentally changed..

It’s just gotten better and better and better because unlike physical real
estate, which decays over time and I own physical real estate too, I got to
replace a roof or I got a change out of a water heater or an air conditioning
stuff breaks down on the Internet. It never breaks.
It just grows and grows and grows..

And as the trend is,
more and more people going online for products and services and to get their
information and to get their news and to get their entertainment,
it’s just driving the value up. It’s like the greatest
real estate boom ever. Only you don’t have to have hundreds and hundreds of thousands
of dollars to become a developer..

So, again, I want you to come watch this free training and let me just
break it all down for you. I can’t make it any more simple than this. I’ve shown you that it’s real. I literally invited you in my house. I invited you in my office. Invited you in my life. This is why I basically walk around
with a permanent grin on my face,.

because when you own digital assets
basically let you retire. Life gets pretty good. So somewhere around this video,
you’re going to see a button. It might be below, might be to the sides,
might be in the corners. Click that button register. Come attend this free training. You can watch it right away.
You don’t have to, like,.

wait till tomorrow for the
the screening or whatever. Just click the button,
come attend this free training and let me show you in detail how you can start
to do this stuff in your own life. It is so powerful, it is so freeing. And whatever your priorities are,
whatever your passions are, I promise you.

they will benefit if it’s your family,
if it’s your hobbies, if it’s your give back to charity,
you want to spend time with your community or go to your church or whatever,
like whatever it is, it needs you. You’re the common denominator
to your passions and your interests. If you’re not available,
you’re not available..

And if you have to be trading all your
time so that you can eke out a living, then you’re not available
to live life to its fullest. So come learn how to set yourself free. And I can’t wait to see
you on the training. All right, you’re still here. Hey, I get it, it’s hard
to know who to trust. Maybe your phone rang and you got.

distracted and you didn’t
hop on the free training. Well, listen,
I’ve probably said all I can say, so I want you to actually let you
hear it from some other people. You know, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been, like I said, on the Internet
since twenty eight doing this. I’ve also been teaching people how
to do this for a couple of years now..

And I want you to actually hear it directly from some of my students who have
taken this exact same training that I’m inviting you to and put it
to play in their own life. Why don’t you hear what they
have to say about it? Hey there. It’s Tanya from Georgia. Just wanted to take a moment and express
my enormous gratitude to Jeff for sharing.

these tools with us,
simply following what you’ve taught. In my very first week,
I made two thousand dollars. In just my first seven days, I was able to
make seventy two hundred dollars in direct sales commissions,
as well as an extra five hundred dollars a month in monthly recurring commissions
in just my first seven days..

So thank you, Jeff.
Could not be more excited through my time in working online
and trying to research who’s the best person to go to person to really do
quality video and quality education. I found Jeff and he has been top notch. Hey, this is Jessie’s thing and I’ve been
doing online marketing for five years now..

I’ve built multiple, six and seven
figure businesses all from home. And it wasn’t always like that. I used to be a car mechanic. I got a bad car accident and I
had to find something else. I’ve been actually leveraging Jeff’s program for a year now
and I’ve had amazing results. My business actually took my all
my businesses to the next level.

and the beauty of it, it’s not
all about just the business. You know, Jeff goes through everything, your mental transformation, your physical
transformation in the last year alone. And he lost fifteen pounds. I feel much healthier. Thank you, Jeff, for everything you do. After years of failing, I finally got myself a mentor and enrolled
in various courses that taught me how.

to work from home,
how to work at home in my pajamas or from an exotic beach
somewhere else in the world. That freedom has changed my life as I’ve been able to embrace my passions
and live and work wherever I want. And that’s something that I
don’t take for granted. And so I just wanted to take a moment.

to thank Jeff for everything that he
has created in the online space. Hey, everybody.
Todd and Leah Ray gets here. Just wanted to give a quick shout
out to our man, Jeff Learner. In our first few weeks in,
we’ve earned two thousand dollars in commissions and we’re definitely
looking forward to scaling up..

Absolutely. So we highly recommend this to anyone
who’s looking to build a business online. OK, so listen, that’s all I have for you.
This is real. This is real as I can make it for you. Now, the only question left is,
are you going to make a real decision and take some real action and come access
some real training so you can make some.

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