Profitable Digital Products to Sell as an Online Coach for Passive Income

Profitable Digital Products to Sell as an Online Coach for Passive Income

PROFITABLE DIGITAL PRODUCTS TO SELL AS AN ONLINE COACH FOR PASSIVE INCOME // Are you an online coach who is looking for a new revenue stream to add to your business? Do you enjoy working with clients but still want to look for ways to earn more that wouldn’t take too much of your time? Then, you’re in the right place! In this video, I share the most profitable digital products that you can create as a coach for you to have passive income.

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– Are you an online coach who is looking for a new revenue stream
to add to your business? Do you enjoy working with clients but you wanna find a way to earn more that doesn’t take up all your time? That’s you you’re in the right place because I’m gonna tell you the most profitable digital
products that you can create.

as a coach in order to
create passive income. Let’s get into it. (upbeat music) Hey, hey, Courtney Sanders here, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to me, I’m
an online business coach as well as wife and
mom, I wear all the hats I do all the things. And in today’s video, I wanna talk about one of my favorite subjects.

which are Passive Income Digital Products. Now, this is my one of
my favorite subjects because I built my business
on digital products and passive income products. In addition to working
with clients one-on-one. I think having both is really huge to have in your repertoire
as an online coach. And so having those digital products,.

I really love having them in my business because it gives me a base of security. So even if you have a lower month, and you’re not working
with as many clients or you’re not attracting as many clients, you know that you can always count on that base of income to come in from those digital products
that you’re selling..

In addition to selling the
digital products for, you know their own sake and for the
income that they generate, I find that if you structure them right you can use these digital
products in order to then ascend people into your
higher level coaching program. So it’s really a two for one,
you get paid the first time.

when somebody buys a digital, but then you get paid again
when they’re like, wow this digital product was amazing, I wanna work with you directly and then they sign up
to be a coaching client. So if you’re curious about the best passive income digital products to create in your coaching business because not all of them
are lucrative for coaches.

then you definitely wanna
listen to these tips so let’s get into it. Okay, there’s really only
two passive income categories that you really wanna consider. And the first one is gonna be courses. So courses are amazing, I don’t understand why more people don’t do courses. I think it’s funny that people say, well.

there too many courses online and it seems like
everybody’s a course creator but nobody says that about authors, right? Nobody says that about books. There are literally gazillions
of books on bookshelves and nobody seems to have a
problem spending a year or two slogging it out to write
a book that you could sell.

for 10, 15, maybe $20. But then people, you know,
get all up in a bunch and get scared when it
comes to creating a course that you can sell for hundreds
or even thousands of dollars. So if you are a course, one
of the main digital products that you can generate passive income from that you want in your
repertoire, are courses.

and they’re not super hard to create, you just have to have focus and you have to know what you’re doing and you also have to
have a good course idea. And so, if you’re not sure what you would even create a course about, I actually have a workbook called my irresistible course idea workbook that shows you how to
map out a course idea.

that is really gonna create
that passive income for you. So it’s completely free, and if you’re interested
in signing up for that you can get it at the link below. All right, second category
of digital products that you’ll definitely wanna
have in your repertoire as an online coach, are what
I call low-ticket SLO’s..

And so you’ll probably hear
this more in the industry as they get more popular. But SLO stands for Self Liquidating Offer. And so what that means essentially is that these are low ticket products, so definitely under a hundred
dollars, really under $50 they might be anywhere
from, you know, $27 to $49..

But I have seen some go as high as $97. And they’re called self liquidating offers for those in the know who
run a lot of Facebook ads. They’re called that because
essentially you can spend money on advertising to drive
people to the offer. And even though you might break even like let’s say it cost you $25
to send somebody to, you know.

a $25 low-ticket offer that you have. That’s why they’re called self liquidating but you want to have them anyway even if it seems like, well
aren’t you just breaking even like, what’s the point? Because once somebody, you
know, tries out your product at a lower price, they’re more likely to then feel comfortable
working with you in a one-on-one.

or group coaching capacity
at a higher price. So I’ve talked about
this in previous videos in terms of, you know, attracting clients and even how to price your products. Obviously you wanna have, you know, higher prices for working
with you one-on-one, you definitely wanna have,
you know mid tier prices,.

especially for things like your courses. But you do wanna have some
lower-ticket offers as well. And so that’s where these SLO or self liquidating offers come in because it not only, you
know, brings in new customers, and for many of them, you
can make a bit of money. You’re not gonna make a whole lot of money.

because they’re low-ticket. But they can generate some income for you. But the real, you know, beauty in them is that what they’re able
to do on their backend. They’re able to help you
now have a pool of people who have actually given you money. So actual customers that
you can then pull from from your coaching programs..

And so you probably heard the old adage that it’s a lot easier to sell something to somebody who’s already bought from you, than it is to sell something
to a complete stranger. That’s where these low-ticket SLO come in. It essentially makes it easier for you to market to your audience because they’re not strangers
anymore they’re customers..

And so within the SLO or
the low-ticket category there are three types of low-ticket SLOs that you wanna pay attention to, and I’m gonna get into
those in just a second. But first I wanna hear from you, what digital products do you
sell in your coaching business? Do you sell digital products at all in your coaching business?.

Let me know in the comments below. All right, so we’re still in
this low-ticket SLO category but I wanna talk to you
about the three types of low-ticket products as
you should definitely have in your repertoire, if you are going to go about the strategy, because not all low
ticket products are good for not only making money on the front end.

but ascending people into
your coaching products on the back end. But I find that there are
three that are really good that you’ll want to consider. The first one is a master class. So master classes can be free or paid, but you’ll definitely wanna have some paid master classes as well. Master classes usually
are classes that you hold.

that are very targeted on a specific topic that typically are anywhere from like 90 minutes to two
hours, maybe three hours max. But if you start to get beyond that then it really starts
to get into a course. So think of a master
class almost as if it were a single lesson from a course, right. So it’s something that’s
gonna be like, you know,.

straight to the point 60, 90 minutes where you’re talking
about one specific aspect of whatever it is that you coach on. And so these are great because people love getting quick results. And so you can create a
master class and sell it for $49, $97 whatever that
you wanna sell it for. And it’s a way for you to
demonstrate your expertise,.

a way for you to make
money on the front end because you are making,
you know, that income from those low-ticket products,
but then you can follow up with people who have
taken your master class and then see if they would be a good fit for your higher in coaching program. So when it comes to low-ticket, SLO’s.

or self-liquidating offers, you’ll definitely wanna think about having a master class in your arsenal. All right, the next type of low-ticket digital passive income
product that you wanna have for this low-ticket SLO strategy, is you wanna think of
having tools and templates. So everybody loves things that’s gonna.

help make their life easier. So if you’re some sort of
like health or fitness coach maybe you can think about
a tool that you can create whether it’s some sort
of like digital tracker or plan or a nutrition guide or something that people can use as they go about the
process of whatever it is that you teach on..

So as they go about the process of let’s say healing their gut because you’re a health
coach, maybe you wanna come up with some sort of tool or
again, a template or something I mean, I don’t know,
I’m not a health coach but something maybe that
you would even recommend your clients use in order
to help them stay on track..

As a business coach, I mean, there are like a million
different types of tools that you can create. I’ve seen tools to help people get their social media posts done faster, to write emails faster, to
maybe tools to help them shoot better photos or videos for their social media content. So there’s just lots
of tools and templates.

you can come up with. If you’re a branding coach
maybe you have templates for a graphic design or web
design or something like that. So these again are things that
are typically inexpensive. They’re gonna be around
a hundred dollars or less sometimes even less than that. But the great thing is it
really gets your client thinking.

because you might’ve
given them the low-ticket, you know tool, and again, you’ve
made money on the front end but as they’re implementing the tool, they might say to themselves, wow, I really wish I had somebody in my corner holding me accountable because
this is difficult, right. So going back to that health coach example.

and let’s say you help
people heal themselves by healing their gut. Maybe they’re using some
sort of nutrition planner or tracker that you’ve given them. And as they’re tryna stick to the meals that they’re riding
out, they’re like, wow, you know, I keep falling off this is actually really difficult..

And so that’s a grand opportunity for you to then come in and say, you know, hey if you are using the
track and you really like it but you’re finding that
you’re still struggling with X, Y and Z, actually have
this other coaching program that might be a benefit to you. So again these low-ticket SLO offers,.

self-liquidating offers, are designed not just to make money on the front end but also to give you a pool
of buyers to choose from when it comes to actually, you know finding clients for
your coaching business. All right, and the third
low-ticket self liquidating offer that you wanna consider
are books, (laughs) right..

So I talked about this earlier in terms of why you definitely wanna
consider having your course because you can obviously
sell a course for a lot more than a book, but that
doesn’t mean books are bad. And it also doesn’t mean that
you have to write, you know this 150 page tome that is, you know get published by Penguin in random house.

or whatever these publishers are called. It can be a self-published book, it could be a 30 page
book, a 50 page book, it could be an ebook, it
could be a print book. So obviously books don’t
sell for a whole lot, again, 10, 15, $20. But if you sell a lot of them you can make money on the front end. But the genius of having
books in your arsenal again.

is that it can drive
people to reach out to you for your coaching. So think about putting
together a killer ebook or a killer print book that
maybe you keep with you when you do speaking engagements. And in the book somewhere,
you should have some language that invites people to sign
up for your discovery call.

or your consultation call or to check out whatever it is that you have on your website. So you wanna use books,
not just for, you know making money just for the book itself, cause again books don’t
sell for a whole lot. But you want to use them
again to create that pool of buyers, to create that pool of people.

who have raised their hand and said I’m interested in this topic
and within the book itself. So you’re writing and you’re like at the end of each chapter,
hey, if you really liked this you should go to my website and sign up for a free consultation call. That can be a great driver to get people to ultimately sign up for your coaching..

All right, so in summary, the two types of passive
income digital products that you want to have in
your business as a coach are definitely courses and low-ticket SLOs or self liquidating offers. And I gave you the different types of each that you’ll want to consider
having in your business. But particularly if you’re really thinking.

about having courses in your business, which I recommend as the first
digital product that you have in your coaching business,
you wanna get your hands on my free irresistible
course idea workbook that walks you through, how
to come up with a course idea that is actually gonna sell and is actually gonna make you money..

So if you’re interested in
that and you can go get that at that’s and a little dash and then idea. And you can also get it by
clicking the link below. All right, I hope you
really enjoyed this video. Thank you for rocking with me. If you did go ahead and
give this video a thumbs up..

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