20 DIGITAL PRODUCT IDEAS | Digital Products To Sell Online

20 DIGITAL PRODUCT IDEAS | Digital Products To Sell Online

Want to learn 20 profitable DIGITAL PRODUCT IDEAS? In this video, you’ll discover digital products to sell online starting today. You can sell digital products online and get inspired by these examples. So what digital products to sell online exactly? They range from ebooks all the way to custom artwork that you can sell on Etsy.

Digital product selling is a great way to start an online business without needing any inventory or physical goods. What I love most about digital downloads is that your customers get instant access to your product. So check out this video where I share some digital product examples.

Be sure to watch the video ’till the very end as I’ll reveal a bonus digital product idea you’ll love!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – 1. Online Course
01:35 – 2. Membership site
02:22 – 3. Worksheets
02:58 – 4. Content Templates
03:35 – 5. Ebook
04:20 – 6. Affiliate Marketing
05:25 – 7. Coaching
06:05 – 8. Plans
07:08 – 9. Paid Newsletters
07:58 – 10. Paid Facebook Group
08:24 – 11. Stock Photos or Videos
09:18 – 12. Graphics Templates
09:59 – 13. Photo / Video filters
10:29 – 14. Apps
11:07 – 15. WordPress Plug-ins
11:56 – 16. WordPress Themes
12:40 – 17. Artwork on Etsy
13:18 – 18. Custom Merchandise
13:45 – 19. Quickstart Guide
14:30 – 20. Summaries
15:10 – Bonus Idea: Dripfeed Membership

For an explanation of each idea, watch the video.


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– Do you want to start selling
digital products online but you don’t know where to begin? Well in this video I’m gonna
share with you not one, not two, not 10, but 20
different digital product ideas, starting right now with the
digital world ever increasing and more opportunities arising, you’re probably thinking I
want to take advantage of this.

and I want it be able
to make a living online. And for you starting an
online business might mean more time and freedom to
spend with your loved ones or to basically just
do what you love doing. So again, in this video, I’m gonna share with you 20
different digital product ideas that you can start right now..

But before we move on, if
you’re new to this channel, be sure to subscribe and
hit that build notification so you don’t miss out on any future videos around online business and
digital product creation. And at any time if you find
this video helpful be sure to hit that like button and comment below and be sure to watch to
the very under this video.

where I’m gonna share a
bonus digital product idea that I personally use myself in order to make money
over and over again. I think you’re gonna
love it so stay tuned. Okay, now let’s get to the video, digital product idea
number one is to create an online course whether you’re
an expert at bird watching.

or playing golf, or hiking or running, or perhaps you’re a coach, and you simply want to share your ideas, and your knowledge around
life is a course in any niche, and that’s why there’s potential to create an online course no matter what topic or leisure in… City start selling your course, there are a few platforms.

that you can start with
those would be teachable, Udemy and Skillshare. The great thing about
this digital product idea and model is that you create the product or the course once and
you can sell it over and over and over again. Digital product number two is
to start a membership site. Now what better way than
to start an online business.

with people pay every
single month or every year, whatever payment structure
you want to follow, more and more sellers and businesses are opting into starting a membership site because not only does it
offer you a predictable income in terms of generating
income every single month or every year, but it also
allows you to provide value.

on a regular basis. Someone like digital
product idea number one, which is selling online courses, with membership sites, you’re going to get paid
over and over again, whereas online courses
you only get paid one off from that single customer. A few platforms to help you
get a membership site going..

Patreon member press for
WordPress and access ally. Or a digital product ID number
three selling worksheets, think of worksheets as filling
the blanks for your customers to fill into clarify on a
certain topic so for example, I’ve seen worksheets being sold around how to find your niche or
how to find your calling.

how to find your purpose. So as your customer goes
through this worksheet, they asked a few questions, a set of questions to basically clarify what it is that’s inside of them and get it out so it’s on paper, and at the end of the day, they’re more clear and more
focus on what direction they need to take so that they can achieve.

their goal. Digital product number four is
providing content templates. Let’s say you’re an online marketer, you can provide content
templates for your customers as a product as a digital product around, let’s say, email campaigns. So you can provide a package
of 10 winning email campaigns that you’ve sent out in the past.

that have proven to sell. Another ideas to package
some blog articles that filling the blanks and templates that they can basically
use and swipe to shortcut the process of creating blog posts. So what types of content
templates can you provide, to the marketplace? Alright, next up digital
product idea number five.

is to sell e-books back in 2006, when I started my online business, I talked about selling e-books and I had some e-books for sell too, and I explained this with my friends and family and they had no
clue about what are e-books basically I just said electronic books. That’s essentially what it means..

These are all products
they can sell online and in the form of an e-book PDF document. You could either sell
e-books around fiction topics or nonfiction topics,
it’s really up to you. And the topics are endless. Thanks to platforms like Amazon Kindle, you can sell your e-book right
away in front of thousands.

of people in the marketplace. Alternatively, you can
also sell it directly on your website, which means
that you are getting more of a profit or a digital
product idea number six is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is probably
one of my favourite ways of making money online, and one of the things.

that a lot of people can get started on, not only because you don’t
need your own product to sell, but you’re also going to get a commission for every sell for that
product that you recommend. So whether you’re recommending
some type of tools, such as an email platform,
or a WordPress theme, there should be some sort
of affiliate programme.

for most popular programmes
and tools out there. Now, the compensation depends on that actual affiliate
programme and that product, whether that’s 10% and it could
be all the way up to 100%. I’ve seen it and I also structure
my own affiliate programme for my own products in a way so that Mike affiliates
receive 100% of the Commission,.

so that that incentivizes them to promote but if you want to get
affiliate marketing right and have success doing
affiliate marketing, then recommend products that
you actually believe in, tested, and alike yourself. There’s that point going
around promoting a bunch of programmes that you
don’t really believe in.

or you haven’t tried yourself. Next up digital product idea
number seven is coaching. Now, this isn’t so much a digital product, but more so a service where you’re providing one on one coaching or one to many coaching to students, people who want to learn
about a particular topic. So whether you’re a life
coach or relationship coach.

or business coach, you
can provide coaching and provide expertise, advice
to people who are seeking, that how much to charge for coaching? really depends on how you wanna structure, some coaches like to structure
in a 12 week programme, while others get one to basically provide the service on an hourly basis..

Next up is digital product number eight, which is selling plans. Are you a fitness coach or dietician or someone who has some sort
of expertise in some field? Well, plans are the way to go, because not only is it a way
to keep people accountable, it’s a great format that people can take in and take it step by step..

So for instance, if
you’re a personal trainer, training people who want to lose weight, or get six pack abs or gain some muscle, then why not create a plan or
workout plans around some sort of regime or a fitness
programme that they can follow a lot of fitness personal trainers and coaches do this with their six week.

or eight week or 12 week programme and it doesn’t just stop with the fitness and health industry. If you’re a social media manager, why not provide some sort of plan for social media marketing. So for instance, you can provide a social
media strategy plan, that someone can follow in order to get more exposure from social media..

So entrepreneurs, small
businesses, anyone who essentially wants more traffic from social media. The next idea is to
start I paid newsletter. If you’re already
sending email newsletters on a regular basis, why
not start i paid newsletter where those who are more
loyal and are super fans, pay you every single month.

for exclusive access to exclusive content. Now personally, for me, I am a loyal fan of the daily stoic by Ryan Holiday. I read his newsletters every single day, and one of his programmes is i paid user where members get extra newsletters to learn more about stoicism. There are a group of people
who are very loyal to you.

and want to hear more from you. So why not serve that
small yet loyal group of people who are willing to pay anything to get more value from you, and some people simply like you so that they will subscribe to anything that you put out there. Okay, next up, Ideal number 10. We’re halfway there. And this one relates to the previous..

It’s a paid Facebook group. Starting a Facebook group is so easy and you don’t need extra plugins and platforms and tools to
instal on your own site. Why not leverage on
Facebook’s own platform? So again, this Facebook group
could be four loyal customers and people who want more
insider, knowledge on your topic..

Let’s move on to the next
digital product idea, digital product idea number 11, which is to sell stock photos and videos. Now this idea isn’t the
most lucrative compared to the previous ideas that
I mentioned in this video. And this idea particularly works well for photographers and videographers. If you take a look at a
site called Shutterstock..

That’s where you can
go and sell your photos and your videos that businesses
and consumers can use for their own videos or
websites or whatever it is. The way it works is if a
customer buys a particular photo or video from you, you get a
small cut and shallow stock and other stock photos that you
upload to will get the rest..

So with this method, I think
quantity does play a big role in this because the more
photos and videos you provide to the marketplace, the more
chances that people will go and buy your photo or video. Next up digital product number 12 is to sell graphics templates. One of my most profitable digital products.

in the past was called
copy and paste graphics. And as the name of the product suggests, it’s a package of graphics
that you can copy and paste. So here’s an idea you if
you’re great with designing, or someone that you can hire
like a graphics designer can put together a package
of let’s say 20 different.

Facebook image covers that businesses and individuals can use
to put on their site to save them time in designing
a Facebook cover photo. So what’s working in the
marketplace right now is providing those types of templates in the social media space. For a digital product Idea number 13 is to sell video and photo filters..

This may not be relevant to you if you don’t use any filters
for your photos and videos. But selling photo and video filters has been a popular demand these days because when influences
go and post their pictures or post their videos, their followers and the audience wanna know, you know, what filter do you use?.

What video filter do you use? So it is a digital product idea, but I’m not going to elaborate, but I just wanted to
throw it out there as part of this list. Our next step we got
digital product number 14, which is selling apps, you seen it and use it on your iOS device or your Android device. There’s an app for anything,.

whether that’s a productivity
app or a meditation app, there’s an app in everything. With apps, you don’t particularly
need to be a developer. But if you are a developer, then that’s a benefit and advantage. Otherwise, there’s a
tonne of people online on sites such as Upwork. And you find app developers.

who will basically turn
your idea into an app. Back again, I had to change
a battery of my camera and I think the lot in
the back thought out to set to change all
that, but let’s do it. We’re up to a digital
product idea number 15. And that is to create a WordPress plugin. Now this does relate back to the previous.

which was to create an app. And this has to do with development and you need to find someone
who can actually create a WordPress plugin and for that again, you can go to upwork.com to
find a suitable WordPress expert who will be able to create
your WordPress plugin idea. You can get WordPress plugins
for paying much anything..

There are plugins for
search engine optimization. There are plugins to create your pages. There are plugins to
simply insert a line break on your blog posts and there are plugins where you can add pop-ups
on your WordPress site. So whatever your idea
you can actually turn it into a workplace plug in and
sell it as a digital product..

Moving on digital product ID number 16 is to create a WordPress theme. Now, this may not be realistic
if you’re just starting out and you’re beginner. But if you’re someone who’s a designer, or have this idea of
creating some type of theme that can function in a
certain or specific way, that WordPress themes are
a great and lucrative way,.

just take a look at
Envato and ThemeForest, which is everybody involved, got a theme forest, and you’ll see a range of
different WordPress themes. Some are great, some are flops, and some just don’t get
updated on a regular basis. But the ones that are
successful are the ones that actually have ongoing development..

So I’m not gonna talk
too much about this idea because it’s not for everyone. And again, I just wanted to
share that idea with you. All right, we’re up to
this low part number 17 and that is to sell
custom and unique artwork. Now the best place to sell
custom and handcrafted artwork is to go to Etsy..

There’s a range of
things that you can sell. If you’re creative and you have your own
custom prints and art. You can sell things like
jewellery and accessories, clothing and shoes, home and living wedding and party, toys and entertainment, art and collectibles and so much more. And I have seen people who make.

a living online selling on Etsy. So there’s a huge potential for that. If you like that creative side and selling your custom artwork. All right, relating to custom artwork, you can also sell custom merchandise, the best place to go for
this is to go to Teespring. Of course you’re using their platform,.

which means that you
are going to pay a fee to use a service. With Teespring you can sell
apparel, home decor, socks, phone cases, accessories and mugs. So if you ever wanted to
sell your custom T-shirt with your own custom-print, it
doesn’t have to be your brand or your business brand. It can be anything or a
digital product idea number 19,.

second last one and that is
to create a quick start guide. Now what is a quick start guide? An example would be let’s
say you use MailChimp and you’re quite familiar
with that, you know, You might not be an expert, but you familiar with
most of the functions, you could create a quick start guide that details how to get
started with MailChimp,.

and some best practises,
some things to look out for, that you can provide as a
product for your customers, they surely some sort of
tool platform or plugin that someone’s confused about, you can go in and sell
this quick start guide for $7 $10 $20 depending on
what value you’re giving, and this will help that
customer achieve their goals.

a lot faster and better. Right the last tip that I do
have a bonus tip after this. Digital product ID number
20 is to sell summaries. In particular what I’m talking
about our book summaries, a lot of people have goals
and aspirations of reading, let’s say 50 books this
year or one book a month, but they just don’t have the time.

they’re not finding that
time to read those books. So what you can provide
them is a summarised version of some books. I’m actually part of a membership where they provide book summaries of a lot of personal development and online business or business books. So this is a great way for
me to digest the essentials..

And the most important things
that have been taken out from the book are so
those are the 20 tips, I did promise a bonus tip for you here. And that bonus tip is to start a drip fed membership website. This of course does tie
back to membership site. As a whole, of course, you’re
getting paid on a monthly.

or weekly, or yearly basis. But this model and structure
in particular, is drip-fed. Now what I mean by drip-fed
is to essentially leverage your existing email marketing
service or platform. So let’s say you use MailChimp or you use a Weber you
can use this and create a set of email lessons that
someone gets on a periodic.

or set periodic basis. Let’s say you set preload
an email once a week, that’s a membership that someone can join. So let’s say someone is
interested in improving the golf swing each day or each week they’re
going to get a lesson. So this is a fast and easy approach to create a membership site
without all the necessary.

and confusing platforms and tools to create a membership site. You can go into your MailChimp account and a Weber account look
into your autoresponders or your automations and
there’s a way to create number of emails on a set periodic
basis and this would act as your membership site, so now playing around
with software and tools.

and knowing how to set up everything… So those are the 20 plus one
bonus digital product ideas for you to get started
on if you want to start a digital product business. What should keep in mind is
that where there’s a problem there’s a product in other words where there’s pain there’s
a product so look deep.

and research your audience and
what their pain points are. Because that’s where a product lies. Thanks a lot for watching this video. If you found this video helpful, be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to his
channel below making sure you hit that bill notification, so you don’t miss out on any
videos like this in the future..

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