Build Passive Income with Digital Products on Etsy (Wake up to SALES!)

Build Passive Income with Digital Products on Etsy (Wake up to SALES!)

Build Passive Income with Digital Products on Etsy (Wake up to SALES!) // Are you wondering how you can build passive income with digital products on etsy or how you can start an etsy digital download business? If you are searching for ways on how to sell digital products online, how to sell printables on Etsy, or how to build passive income as a graphic designer, this video talks specifically about selling digital products, passive income for designers, and how to make money on Etsy.

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have you ever questioned what passive 
income actually is or how you can grow   a passive income business online in this video 
i am sharing the step-by-step process that i   took to create and grow my low maintenance 
online store and how you can do the same hi guys welcome back to my channel i’m sandra and 
i’m a freelance graphic designer please consider  .

subscribing to my channel if you are interested 
in graphic design tutorials creating digital   products to sell online and small business tips 
and don’t forget to hit that bell to be notified   when i post a new video every tuesday now before 
i get into what passive income is i want you  .

to know that just a few months ago i thought it 
would be impossible for me to grow a successful   online store full of digital products in a 
saturated market well in a few months i’ve   been able to drive traffic and sales consistently 
and i’m going to tell you exactly how i did it let’s talk about what passive income actually is 
it basically means that you put in all the work  .

up front in creating your digital products and 
when customers go to purchase those products   there’s no more action required on your 
end because you’ve already done the work   so that’s why people say that you’re making money 
in your sleep give me a yes in the comments down   below if you are excited to make money in your 
sleep i’m going to give you my shop as an example  .

i create printable wall art for girl bosses so 
in every listing i upload jpeg files in different   sizes so that when they go to purchase it they 
automatically receive those files to download i   also include instructions for my customers in case 
they’re confused on where to print their files how  .

to print them when i have different ratio sizes so 
basically i don’t have to do anything unless they   have a few questions for me and they’ll just 
message me but for the most part it’s pretty   low maintenance now just before i get into the 
steps i want you to know because you’re probably  .

questioning yes it is a very competitive market 
but i promise you you will see results if you   do your research you do the work and you follow 
the process that i follow to get to where i am now   okay guys step number one is brainstorming and 
deciding what digital products you want to sell so  .

what you can do is you can go on to the platform 
that you’re trying to sell on let’s say it’s etsy   or it’s amazon or whatever platform it is i sell 
on etsy so i’ll be speaking a lot about that   because i have experience in that you can go on 
there and check what other people are selling to  .

get inspiration and ideas on what you want to sell 
there are so many options on what you can sell you   can sell wedding invitation templates you can sell 
digital planners you can sell printable greeting   cards if you take a look on etsy or again any 
other platform you’ll get so many ideas just jot  .

them all down and then after you’ve brainstormed 
all those ideas think about what you actually want   to sell what are you going to enjoy designing on a 
consistent basis because you have to keep in mind   that you’re in this for the long run at least 
i hope you are so you are trying to create  .

products that you’re going to enjoy designing 
on a consistent basis because you’re going to   be stocking up the shop consistently with the 
same types of products after you have narrowed it   down to a few of your favorite products the next 
thing you want to do is validate the market and  .

make sure that customers are actually searching 
for that product and are willing to pay for it   this is a crucial step because you do not want to 
waste all this time creating all of these products   and uploading them only to find out that there’s 
no market for it so how do you validate the market  .

well you look at your competitors so let’s 
say you’re wanting to sell wedding invitation   templates you’re gonna want to go on to 
the platform that you’re going to sell on   and you’re going to take a look at the styles 
that people are selling the trends and then you’re   going to check what products are currently selling 
and getting current reviews so if you’re selling  .

on etsy you can easily go to your competitors 
scroll down to the bottom check their reviews   and check what people are purchasing currently and 
constantly reviewing so that’ll give you an idea   and it will confirm that what you want to sell 
is in fact on demand don’t make the same mistake  .

i did a few months back when i opened up an etsy 
shop and i thought i knew exactly what i was doing   i created random products that i thought were nice 
but i did not validate the market so crickets so   i quit on that shop and i opened up a brand new 
shop and i’ve been following this process that  .

i’m sharing with you now so going back to 
my example with my etsy shop with girl boss   printable wall art before i began i took a look 
at about five or six competitors and made sure   that customers have been recently purchasing their 
items and reviewing them so i validated the market  .

before i started that shop step number three is do 
your keyword research this is so important because   this is how customers will find you so just like 
google etsy amazon or any other platform is going   to have a search bar at the top where customers 
are going to type what they’re looking for if  .

what you’re listing your product as is not aligned 
with what people are searching then that platform   is not going to know where to rank you or what 
customers to show your products too so for example   because i sell on etsy i use marmalead it’s a 
great tool to check what customers are actually  .

searching for so you type a keyword at the top and 
then marmalead will populate the search results   engagement and competition and then if you 
scroll to the very bottom it will have many   suggestions on what other keywords you can 
use for your titles descriptions and your tags   if you skip this step your products are going 
to get lost because there’s just way too  .

much competition for you to be guessing 
what keywords to use for your products   step number four is my favorite because i kind 
of made it up but it literally is the reason   my income is growing every month and that is 
create and analyze what do i mean by this so   as you are stocking up your shop and creating new 
products you’re going to want to pay attention to  .

what customers are favoriting are purchasing and 
what customers are asking you so i’ll give you   an example i have a couple of pieces of wall art 
that i created from the very beginning and they   continue to drive traffic and sales every month 
so what did i do i created variations of them  .

so if it was a quote i would change the quote 
a little bit but keep the same style or i would   keep the same quote but offer in different 
colors and i paid attention to every favorite   every purchase even if someone wasn’t buying it 
but favoriting it or putting it in their cart   and abandoning the cart that still meant something 
to me and i would try to create variations of that  .

and then i would get questions like do you 
have this in a blue watercolor instead of pink   so i would create that custom piece for them 
but then i would add it to the shop which is   great because that’s how my shop continues to grow 
because what’s also important is you are adding   more pieces to your shop on a consistent basis 
because obviously the more products you have the  .

easier someone is going to find you and that’s 
why you’ve probably heard other people saying   double down on what’s working there’s not much 
sense in spending all this time on new products   that you don’t know are going to hit it out of the 
park because trust me there are products that will  .

hear crickets but there will be ones that just 
sell on a consistent basis with that said you also   want to experiment with new items but a great way 
to ensure that you are getting consistent sales is   listen to your audience and create more of 
what they want and what they’re asking for  .

okay guys step number five is drive external 
traffic you’re going to want to use social   media pinterest email marketing whatever you 
use to drive traffic to your shop whether   it’s on your own shopify or squarespace or 
etsy or amazon you’re going to want to use   external traffic now i have to say pinterest is 
gold i started pinterest maybe three months ago  .

and i grew from zero monthly viewers to over 
seven hundred thousand because i had a system in   place that i’m still currently using now if you 
want tutorials on how you can use pinterest for   business even if you don’t want them i’m still 
going to do them because it’s just amazing but  .

comment down below and let me know because i can 
walk you through exactly how i grew my pinterest   account from scratch and how it consistently 
drives traffic to my shop currently my   traffic breakdown is 50 50 between etsy and 
pinterest a few come from instagram and facebook   but majority of it is still from pinterest when 
it comes to external traffic so if you are not  .

using it i highly recommend that you start and 
that you create a business account with pinterest   so this may sound like a lot of work because it 
is and you’re probably questioning wait i thought   this was passive income so that means it’s low 
maintenance and i don’t really have to do much but  .

any passive income stream that you’re going to 
get into you’re going to need to put in the work   in the beginning especially and there’s always 
going to be some form of maintenance as you grow   it’s pretty low maintenance compared to many other 
industries that you could potentially get into and  .

you’re going to be stocking up the shop so there’s 
always work to be done but for the most part it’s   pretty low maintenance in the beginning just know 
you are going to have to do the work put in all   the work up front and follow those five steps 
and i assure you you will see results i thought  .

a while ago that it was just impossible for me 
considering how much competition is out there but   the biggest thing is guys don’t give up just keep 
going it may take some time to see the results but   i promise you if you put in the work you will 
see the results if you’re just starting out and  .

you’re looking for motivation you’re wanting 
to stay productive and organized i’ve linked   my free digital planners in the description below 
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sent to you if you end up using the planners 
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in the description box below make sure you go and 
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to my channel before you go next week i’m going to   be filming a tutorial on how i create digital 
products using illustrator you can do just  .

the same on canva i’m going to be recreating my 
wedding invitations and the great thing is you can   use the basics that i’m going to be teaching to 
create many other digital products so you’re going   to want to stay tuned for that thank you so much 
for watching and i will see you next week guys bye.

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