Digital Income System: Earn From Referrals!

Digital Income System: Earn From Referrals!

One of the best digital income systems out there, in my opinion, consists of REFERRALS. This is also more commonly known as “Affiliate Marketing”: I made a free video course for beginners, check it out 👉🏼

This video is NOT connected or related in any way to the company/brand known as “Digital Income System” whatsoever. I used this title just because I believe the method I use to generate a monthly recurring income can be defined as an online system, that’s all.

So how does it work basically? Well, it’s quite simple. You get paid commissions (one-time or recurring) if you recommend certain products or services to other people, and they sign up through your custom URL.

That’s how these companies can track who brought them a paying customer to sign up and reward you accordingly. Pretty straightforward, right?

This business is also more often called “Affiliate Marketing”, where you are an affiliate for a brand or company you trust and, hopefully, use yourself. If you are curious to get started or learn more about it, I made a FREE course for beginners! 👉🏼

If you are already trying to make a side hustle with affiliate marketing, but haven’t quite succeeded yet, then you should definitely check out Affiliate Secrets 2.0 👉🏼

It’s an advanced, comprehensive course that covers multiple platforms and ways of scaling and setting everything to run on autopilot. The program is not the cheapest around, but it’s well worth its money for the value and knowledge it delivers!

Finally, as I mentioned in the video, between the best companies to promote out there, ClickFunnels is definitely in the top 3 league. Watch to video to understand why 😉 Oh and they have their own official Affiliate Bootcamp, which you can join for free 👉🏼

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