YOU should start an Etsy shop TODAY // digital products & passive income

YOU should start an Etsy shop TODAY // digital products & passive income

My thoughts on the benefits of passive income in Etsy’s digital product market. Go out there and make some aesthetic printables y’all!

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Why Etsy/digital products?
02:05 – What you need to start
03:13 – Is there a demand?
04:51 – $$$$
06:18 – Marketing & growing your shop
08:04 – Conclusion

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* I misspoke since I haven’t had my shop open for a month yet. I opened my shop on Feb 22, made my first sale on Feb 23, and as of this posting date, I have 3 products listed and have made $240. According to my Etsy metrics, most of the sale have come directly from customers searching related terms on Etsy!

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hi i’m Kennedy, and i make videos on all things 
cozy. look i’m gonna keep this short and sweet.   you’ve got places to be, i’ve got places to 
be, my cat even has places to be, you know?   this is why you need to create an etsy shop, 
today! quick disclaimer: this is going to be based   on digital items and that’s just because that’s 
what i know, that’s what i have experience with,  .

and i just think that that’s the easiest source 
of income on etsy. like pottery and pins are   amazing! so much respect for the people that do 
that, but that takes a lot of work to make it,   it takes a lot of work to package it and 
ship it, and while that is an extremely   respectable etsy career path, i personally 
like to do as little work as possible. so,  .

let’s just start with the financial context of why 
i think selling digital items on etsy is so smart.   it’s passive income! and i know you hear this all 
the time…”create a stream of passive income,   real estate, and stocks, passive income.” are 
stocks passive income? i don’t know…i don’t  .

know anything about stocks. don’t ask me what a 
stock is, i couldn’t tell you. don’t care. passive   income….I care a little bit *laughs*. If you 
don’t know, passive income is any income you’re   making where you don’t have to continually put in 
any form of labor to earn a profit from something.  .

passive income is something like music. you create 
a song and put it on spotify. you did the front   loaded labor of making the song and putting it 
out there but after that the song is out there,   you don’t have to do anything else besides 
maybe some marketing to earn a profit from   that song. and if it’s a popular song, you’re 
earning a lot of profit from doing that work in  .

the beginning and then just sitting on your butt 
and reaping the rewards! so that’s how i like to   view….well that’s how everybody views digital 
products on etsy because that’s what it is! it’s   passive income! sometimes there’s some marketing 
that needs to be involved but on the whole it’s  .

passive. you spend that amount of time making the 
product, you put it on etsy, and people are buying   the single digital version of the product! and 
that’s not to say that you don’t deserve to get   that profit for each product that somebody buys. 
each person should be paying that amount of money  .

to own the personal rights to your product, 
you know? so it’s not like a cheat. it’s valid,   you should be earning that money, it’s just 
kind of a hack. if you have the skills to do it,   you absolutely should. and that’s my next point 
is…what you would need for it? so most digital   products require some form of know-how or skill 
with graphic design, videography, photography,  .

something like that. so if you have experience 
color grading videos consider making a LUTS pack,   if you have experience editing photos, consider 
creating a Preset pack, and the bigger chunk   of opportunity i would say is in graphic design. 
so you could kind of choose two routes: you can  .

choose the route where it’s 100% passive or you 
can choose the route where it’s like a little   bit passive, where you’re still doing customized 
work for people. so maybe you’re doing like custom   banners or custom graphics or custom emotes for 
twitch or something like that. or fully passive  .

which is like printable or editable items or like 
what i do is twitch overlays because everybody   uses the same overlays and panels, there’s not any 
kind of customization needed there. So that’s kind   of the range of what you can do if you want 
to do drawn graphic design you might need an  .

ipad (Procreate), otherwise you can do it on Canva 
Pro or if you’re a student you might get Creative   Cloud for free so you can do it on InDesign or 
Photoshop. there’s a lot of ways to do it for not   that much money and it’s definitely definitely 
worth it. the next point i want to make is that  .

the demand is so high! whenever i go on 
etsy, i see like two aesthetic styles – i   see like christian girl autumn and i see kind 
of boring uh modern. and that’s it! there are   such wide openings in the market for so many 
different kinds of aesthetics! i am begging,   i’m begging for people to come in and fill those 
gaps. and many people who are on etsy browsing for  .

things are also begging for people to fill that 
gap in the market! so the main gaps i see in the   market are in any kind of party packs. so there’s 
a lot of like bridal shower, uh baby shower,   uh birthday party like packs. so like activity 
pages, card templates, name card templates, things  .

like that. but again they’re either in christian 
girl autumn or boring modern. those are really   cute, those are fine for a lot of people, there’s 
tons of sales on them so clearly there’s a market;   however, there’s so much room for so many other 
things! so definitely a demand for it. another  .

place i see is in digital planners and digital 
to-do lists. there’s so many of those that are   printable and those have the same two themes! 
i’ve even looked for things sometimes for   myself that i want to print out and i’m like 
these are really cute and adorable but i just   personally could not write on these every day. 
i’m shackled to my aesthetic you know? and so i  .

i can’t stray from that. so i just end up making 
my own. please, i’m begging and begging for some   really cool aesthetic digital planners and digital 
to-do lists, please! and the next point i want to   make is earning potential. i don’t have a lot to 
say about this yet because i’ve literally had my  .

shop open for one month; however, i can say i’ve 
already made $150 from having a single overlay   pack in my shop and only promoting it through an 
instagram story to my followers. so i think you   all are smart enough to kind of apply that to 
yourselves and extrapolate that over the years,  .

factor in like shop growth and things like 
that. there’s definitely earning potential   you know? while it might be small, it’s still 
something to supplement your current job. and if   you actually put some work into it, add a bunch of 
graphics and promote it a lot, you will be doing   much better than me, i assure you! and again it’s 
putting in that chunk of work in the beginning to  .

then benefit from it for literally as long as you 
keep the listing up. it could be your whole life!   design trends change but if you create something 
that’s an evergreen design, that’ll keep you going   for the rest of your life! and the etsy listing 
period is four months which is kind of a long  .

time. and the re-list fee…you can choose to 
do automatic or manual is 20 cents! 20 cents!   that’s covered in one sale of something because 
you’re it’s going to be more than 20 cents! they   don’t take anything out of the profits that you 
make, the only thing that does is the forms of  .

payment either stripe or paypal, and i think they 
both kind of take a tiny bit and they don’t take   it out of each sale they only take a little bit 
out of the whole chunk that they’re transferring   each month that you make. and the next point i 
want to make is that we are in a Tik Tok marketing  .

gold mine. the amount of small businesses i’ve 
seen go viral on Tik Tok is insane and i know   that you’ve all seen it too. Tik Tok is just 
the perfect place right now. it’s at a perfect   moment, it’s at a perfect moment. whatever 
it is, the algorithm is perfect right now,   and if you want to create a interesting video 
that’s captivating or focuses on your story  .

as a designer or something like that. or how 
your designs fit into the etsy landscape or   don’t fit in and that’s why it’s funny, or you 
know “i didn’t see this kind of design on etsy,   so i made it myself”…. like there’s just so many 
ideas i could see being made to promote your shop  .

on Tik Tok and have that blow up and there you 
go! there’s there’s all the sales you need! and   the way etsy works is the more positive reviews 
you get, the higher you’re going to be shown in   the search results, so that’s helpful too. and 
another quick thing i want to add is i had a few  .

people test my overlays. i just posted a little 
picture on my story saying “here’s an overlay,   do a few people want to test it on twitch?” a 
couple of people tested it and that helped with   word of mouth. so if there’s a design that you 
think you could reach out to somebody to try…you  .

know micro influencers are amazing because micro 
influencers are very connected in their niche   and their audience. so their audience listens to 
them about a lot of things and takes their advice.   and that’s great if you can find a niche that 
works with your design or your digital product  .

whatever it is and have them try it and ask if 
they can promote it. and there you go! there’s   a whole market of people that can get your shop 
going and get yourself some good reviews to be   shown higher! i literally got an order as we 
speak! as i speak! i got an order…that’s what   i’m talking about! this is what i’m talking 
about! basically the stars are aligned right  .

now…there’s a demand for it on etsy, there’s an 
amazing marketing tool to use right now. now is   the perfect time! your future self will absolutely 
thank you for doing it right now, today! starting   it now, putting in the front loaded work to pay 
off later. there’s very little to lose. literally  .

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