Direct Mail Pro vs Digital Income System THE COLD HARD FACTS

Direct Mail Pro vs Digital Income System THE COLD HARD FACTS

Direct Mail Pro vs Digital Income System. Here’s what Direct Mail Pro members and Digital Income System are NOT telling you. Don’t be misled by misinformation.

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I’ve recently come across several Direct Mail Pro members and Digital Income System spreading false information about the how the company works. In fact, there’s a lot of misinformation about Direct Mail Pro and Digital Income System as well. So in today’s video I will clear up all the confusion and set the record straight once in for all. Someone needs to share the real facts.

I’m personally friends with (Peter Wolfing) the owner of Direct Mail Pro and I’ve wished him success with his new company. And I harbor no hard feelings towards the marketers who have joined the DMP business. I wish you all continued success. But I felt that I needed to truly correct some false statements being spread about the Digital Income System opportunity. At the end of the day, marketers will choose to market their business how they like. To each their own.

Here are some talking points that I cover in today’s Digital Income System vs Direct Mail Pro Video:

– 50% Commissions (DIS) vs 40% (Direct Mail Pro)

– Digital Income System is not an MLM and NOR is Direct Mail Pro
and nor are we. We are all Direct Sales Programs.

– DIS minimum commission is $500. DMP it’s $100, Ours is $1,000!

– Competition. You should help your members no matter whether you continue making money from them or not. And keep in mind that with DIS we leverage the success of ALL members company wide. Plus we have rollup sales 🙂 Same with us!

– Owners aren’t competing with you in DIS but the owners of Direct Mail Pro are heavily marketing the business. They’re your biggest competition. Our owner doesn’t market our program either and we keep 100%

– DIS running successfully for over 5 months with sales team closing millions in sales. DMP just launched a couple weeks ago with zero track record. Digital Income System has an in-house sales force that has worked together closely over the last 10 years building trust and honing their skills. Not something you can just throw together overnight and I imagine (knowing the owners) that Direct Mail Pro will simply outsource their sales team. Even if they don’t, they’re brand new at this.

We have been running over 15 YEARS!

– In DMP the company pays you. In DIS you get paid instantly member to member. So you don’t have to wait on the company to pay you. Plus there’s no risk of a merchant being shutdown and there are no 1099s in DIS.

You get paid direct member to member with us!

– DIS has digital education products and DMP has a physical product. Both are similar in content. But Less commissions with physical product. true

– DIS is totally global. Not sure why some members are saying that it’s not. Both companies are a global opportunity.
Our program is also global.

– Same program jumpers are in Direct Mail Pro AND Digital Income System are telling you it’s the best program ever. Although they’ve joined dozens of programs this year alone saying the same thing about all of them.
I have been with our system for over 9 years and I never jump programs.

So for 1 on 1 coaching and the ability to generate $20,000 per month on auto pilot then check out

Spencer Brown

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Direct Mail Pro vs Digital Income System THE COLD HARD FACTS

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