Kiev (Kyiv) vs. Tbilisi – Travel, Expenses, and Income Report – Digital Nomad

Kiev (Kyiv) vs. Tbilisi – Travel, Expenses, and Income Report – Digital Nomad

In this month’s travel, expenses and income report as a digital nomad living in both Kiev, Ukraine (Kyiv) and Tbilisi, Georgia, I compare the costs of living, apartments and what it’s like in both countries. Read the full report here:

I thought things in Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine were cheap until I got here to Tbilisi, Georgia! It’s crazy that growing up in America how closed off we are to the idea of traveling to many parts of the world. It’s normal and acceptable to want to visit the eiffel tower in Paris, France or go to London, England for a vacation, but the idea of going to Eastern Europe would be insane. Yet, here I am in two countries that many Americans have never even heard of and I’m not only completely safe, but I’m living an incredible live for a literal fraction of the cost! It’s funny how many friends messaged or commented on my photos saying how great it looks here and that they wish they could be here or visit. What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that while it’s super expensive to go to over touristed cities Paris, London, Sydney, or Barcelona, coming to and staying a month or two in less popular places like Tbilisi actually costs way less than just paying rent back home!

Tbilisi is so cheap that it’s even less expensive than Kyiv! In this month’s travel, expenses, and income report, i’m going to break down the losts of living in both cities as well as go into detail on exactly how much I spent, earned, ate, saaw, did, saved and invested. This is going to be a fun write up as I’m sure a lot of people reading this will be shocked and amazed how great the value is here and what you can get for your money. Tbilisi, Georgia really is the Chiang Mai, Thailand of Europe when it comes to low costs of living, not to mention, you get an instant 1 year visa on arrival, making it one of the few countries that Americans can pretty much stay indefinitely on a tourist visa. Keep reading for all of the info on visas, costs of living, and why I chose both Kiev and Tbilisi as my July home base.

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