Create Profitable Digital Products: 4 Strategies To Make Money Online

Create Profitable Digital Products: 4 Strategies To Make Money Online

Create Profitable Digital Products: 4 Strategies To Make Money Online // Do you want to create and sell digital products, but not sure where to start? Unsure which digital products to sell? I will share 4 strategies and tips on how to create and sell digital products, what digital products to sell, top digital product ideas, be that selling digital downloads or courses. Most importantly, I will teach you how to make money selling digital products and delivering these products to your customers the best way possible if you’re just getting started.

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0:00 4 strategies to create your first digital product
05:02 #1 Focus on solving only ONE problem
06:06 #2 Learn from feedback to make your offer even better
08:26 #3 Kill your offer or reuse it in a different format
10:44 #4 Don’t waste time on setting on a f**king website
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Hello, hello and welcome
to the FastForwardAmy Show, the show where we talk about
how you can lift your life and business with simple strategies. I’m FastForwardAmy, your host and coach and I’ll bring you a new
episode every Tuesday. In this episode, you will discover how I created my first digital
income before it was popular.

and how embarrassing some
of those products were and what you should and shouldn’t do when you want to start
making money online. And before we dive deep into that in those embarrassing stories,
know that this is episode 79, and that you can find all of the links and resources we mention
in this episode there..

At the end of this episode, by the way, I have a really exciting
webinar to invite you to because I am going to be hosting a webinar about how to design your online business when you want to start
making money online. So stay tuned for that, I’ll get back to that at
the end of this episode. I remember sitting in class in 2017..

I was wearing a dark blue dress. My best friend was sitting next to me, paying attention to class,
and I was just looking around and I remember typing and looking, sometimes looking at the teacher. And where everyone’s screen was open on the topic we were discussing in class, I was working on my membership.

that I was setting up in
ClickFunnels at the time. And I was just like typing furiously. And I remember thinking to myself, why did I come to class if I
was going to be working anyways? Now this is double work, Amy,
you should be paying attention to what the teacher is saying. Now you’re still going to have
to get someone else’s notes,.

but I just couldn’t stay away from creating that digital product. A year before that in 2016, I remember it being 6:00 AM, sun shining. It was summer and recording videos in Photo Booth on my MacBook and just recording videos of myself. I didn’t know how to edit, I didn’t know how to record videos. I was just recording
myself and looking straight.

into the Photo Booth
camera of the MacBook. And I was recording two
to five-minute videos in one take only. And I remember watching those videos and looking at the
videos and thinking, wow, I look like a dead fish when
I’m talking into the camera. But whatever, I did it. And what I did with
that first offer in 2016.

is, I was coaching people, I was fitness coaching people back then. And I really wanted to
start my online business and I started seeing that
it was really difficult to help people with nutrition
too in the slots I had because I was fully booked. So I had decided to send people videos of the stuff I was always explaining.

in my first sessions with people. So I had started creating all of these really
ugly Photo Booth videos, but I didn’t have any time. So I would do that at 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, sometimes at 11:00 PM at night, just be recording them in the dark, in the light, I don’t know. I didn’t have any lights set up either..

And then at the end of the day, I would have this Excel sheet where I had my different clients who I had pitched my nutrition course to that was an email video course. And they had paid me like cash or just transferred the money. And I would send them out manually the emails at the end of the
day with a link to a video.

that I would upload to Vimeo. All of that to say is back then, email sequences weren’t as easy
to set up an online course. I didn’t have the resources to figure out how to
set up an online course like I do nowadays, like
in Teachable or Kajabi. And I literally had people pay me for the thing that I was
always explaining to them..

And I was like, oh, you know what, let me just offer you an email
video course about nutrition. That was literally my first online offer. I still have those videos. I remember my family being very impressed. I remember me being happy
with the words of affirmation ’cause I really like my
words of affirmation..

But also being super embarrassed
about how I did that. And in my Excel sheet, I would
have these little crosses being like, oh yeah,
this person is on day 10 so I should send them out this email. Whereas nowadays, I would do
all of that fully automated. In 2017, the membership, I
think I killed it six months.

or 10 months after I
had first launched it. I launched it at 50 euros
a month, it was very good. I had a good sales page, I
had good videos, all of that. Also none of that was made professionally. I made all of the
documents in Google Docs. I didn’t use Canva back then. I don’t know if it existed,
but I didn’t use it..

None of that exists anymore. Hell, I’m not even a
fitness coach anymore. And today I want to walk you through the things I learned
from doing all of that, and kind of like if I would start over or the things that, back then
would have helped me out a lot if someone would have told me about them, ’cause there’s a few,
there are a few things.

that, yeah, you don’t think about when you start out with
your first online offer. So I have four tips I’m
going to share with you that would have helped me fast-track from 2016 to 2021 a lot faster. The first thing I wish someone
would’ve told me back then in 2016, is that your first online offer, your digital income product,
doesn’t have to fix everything..

You might be like, oh,
I have this service. I have this idea, I want to
write an ebook about crypto. You might be thinking, but I don’t know all
the things about crypto or I don’t know all the
things about fitness. You don’t have to know all the things. You don’t need to solve the A to Z problem that you will be solving
in coaching, for example..

You just need to solve one problem. So I call that just your
first digital product, make that around something
that solves one problem. It’s one solution, it’s a B to C thing. So I’m thinking you don’t have to go through the entire alphabet of all of the things you
know and you can teach and some things are easy
for you, some are difficult,.

and your clients have this
whole flow that they go through. You just need to fix one thing. Because that was, for me, it always felt like I have this whole mountain
of work I need to go through and I need to put the
mindset and the nutrition and the workouts and all
of the different elements. No, just talk about one topic..

Create an ebook or a
video training about that. The second tip that I
want to share with you is if you are getting
held back by thinking, what if my product isn’t good enough? Which my guess is you are
being held back by that, don’t let that stop you. Truth is, it’s probably not good enough. You probably will mess up,.

you probably will change it every time. I change my programs every single time people go through them. I have run a Mastermind™ four times. I change my sessions every single time. Every time we offer a
product to our audience, we go and tweak, we go and change. So if you’re afraid your
product isn’t good enough,.

yeah, it probably isn’t good enough. And that’s the reason why
you should start making it, because the only way that
you can make it better is by offering it, learning from feedback and making it better and better. And that is called iterative development. And that is the cornerstone
of how I run my business,.

the FastForwardAmy business
and the Alphawomen business. Because maybe you won’t
start out recording videos at 6:00 AM and you will do
that much more professionally. But even if you do that, maybe you could have gotten
better at your video skills. But video skills, you don’t get those by planning the perfect time.

to become really great on camera. Take it from me, I’ve flown to LA, I’ve taken speech courses. I have a vocal coach, all of those things. But I’ve once started out at 10 years old being super flabbergasted when I had to do a presentation
in front of 20 classmates. And I got better throughout the years..

There is not one tipping
point that I can say like, then I got better at talking
in front of the camera. It came gradually. You improving your products, that will be coming to you gradually. So by putting out your
product for the first time, you will get the opportunity to create it better and better and better..

Don’t let fear of failure stop you. If you are thinking, what
if it isn’t good enough, be open to that and take
the feedback as a way to, take it as a way of like getting paid to learn how to create a better product, that’s how you should be looking at it. So we talked about just making the B to C solution with your product,.

and about creating iterations
in your product development. These are difficult words. And the third one is,
and this is a big one. I remember looking at
Marie Forleo’s B‑School that I followed many years ago. And looking at her videos
and thinking, wow, holy —-, these videos are so professional,.

and I really wanted my videos
to look like her videos. But she had a full-blown
team, hair and makeup, camera, lights, audio,
all of those things. And I remember thinking, and I guess it was April or something. I was like, by October,
everything needs to be perfect. Or like when I launch this
product, it needs to be perfect.

and I need to do that
for the rest of my life. But as an entrepreneur, you might want that stability and security of knowing like in October,
I’ll be doing exactly that. But truth is, you never know
what’s going to be happening. Same as in your job, you never know what’s
going to be coming up. You never know which
opportunities are going to rise..

So that first product, in two years time, it probably won’t exist anymore. But right now you’re getting held back by the fact that you
think this is the product, this is what I’m going to
have my life depend on, but it’s not true. Truth is, you’ll probably
just kill it afterwards. I’ve killed so many products.

and I will keep killing all of my products until the rest of eternity probably, ’cause that’s how you get better. That is how you learn. So kind of like don’t get
held back by fear of failure. Also don’t get held back by perfectionism of wanting to do everything
perfectly and planning it out. You will learn by doing,
and you are always the boss..

So that means that by October or whenever you are
looking at your product and you feel like, hey,
I don’t like it anymore, or it’s not up to my standards anymore, you can improve it or
you can just kill it. You don’t owe anyone, you’re
the boss of your business. So make sure that you know that you can use the
advantages of being the boss,.

namely, that you can always
decide to kill a package, to kill an offer or to kill
that first digital product that you offered to so many
people and just like kill it and do something else, or
reuse it in a different format. You’re always free to do all of that. It’s kind of like killing your darlings..

Sometimes you will do it
because it’s not working well. And sometimes despite people
being raving about something, you will still kill it. That is called killing your darlings. By the time it gets too easy or it’s running too smoothly, it’s probably time to level up. And the fourth tip that
fortunately I didn’t need,.

but I think you will need is you don’t need a ——-
website to start your business. You don’t even need a shop. You just need a way for people to pay you and for you to deliver your product. There, I said it, boom, super brutal. I don’t care about your website. You know what? I did need to hear this
’cause I remember spending.

a full Monday and the
Monday to Tuesday night researching WordPress
themes for my websites before I had my email list and before I had my digital shop set up, whereas setting up a digital shop, you know how easy that is. I mean, if you can use apps on your phone, you can probably set up a digital shop..

Places like Shopify, all of that. I’ll link those in the
article, by the way. So if you’re new here, this is episode 79. And that means that we
always create an article with all of the resources and links, so that you can focus
on driving or walking or working out, whatever you’re doing. And you can go to

to grab the resources. So for example, my recommendation about using Shopify for a shop or other resources that
I might add later on, you can find those in the
article from the podcast. So what I was going to say is, you can set up a shop within an hour. You can link it to
online payment providers. Wait an hour or maybe in
two hours, I don’t know..

But it’s super easy. In order to get your first digital income, you need a way for people to pay you and you need a way for you
to deliver your product. Now you can automate that. You can have a digital shop where people are like pluh, pluh, pluh
PayPal, yes, checking out and it can be like, buub,
your payment went through,.

here’s your ebook in your inbox. That’s super smoothly. But don’t let that hold
you back from doing it. It could also be like, “Hey,
just send me a screenshot” “of the fact that you
transferred me the money” “and I’ll email you through the product.” And what happens there is
people are like, “But Amy,”.

“what if I get 30 orders in a day” “and I can’t do it anymore?” Well, then that’s a ——-
good problem to have. Then you can automate it or you can pay someone
to set up your shop. But don’t, it’s kind of like, I remember I did this when
I started working out. My brother taught me how to strength train.

many, many, many, many years ago. And I remember telling him like, “But Timothy, I don’t
want to get super bulky,” “’cause I don’t want to look
like a female bodybuilder” “like on steroids.” And he was like, he was just laughing. He was like, this is the
most ridiculous thing ever. So typical for girls when
they start working out..

It’s not that easy to get muscles. You would have to be training super hard, eating super clean, taking
steroids and all of that. So it’s probably a non-issue. If you’re getting 30 orders in a day and it’s becoming too
difficult for you to make sure you know where the screenshots
of the payments are,.

and to send through the products, then it’s probably a sign
that you can actually invest in someone else to do it
for you or in a system. And you’re not going to
get there just overnight. I would rather have you spend more time on getting new clients than on
figuring out the perfect way to set up the shop and all of the things..

Just make sure you can get paid and you can get the product to people. And when it gets to be too much, then you have a really
good problem to solve and you can solve it with
the money that you got because people were paying you, okay? So what did we have? We had solve one problem instead of all of the things
that are in your brain.

and like imaginary post-its in your brain, just pick out one post-it
and solve that one thing, like the key problem people have. It’s also a good tip to
create a free lead magnet or something, the same way. Just solve one problem for people instead of all of the things,
go deep instead of wide. With your content, you can go wider..

With your paid offer, you want to go deep. Two was work in iterations and don’t let your what-if-it-isn’t-good-enough
vibe stop. Actually use that as a
way to make it better every time iteratively. The third tip was don’t get held back by perfectionism, ’cause you’ll probably
kill it afterwards anyways..

So nothing is set in stone. Nothing that you do now,
you will be doing forever. Just find some peace in that. And fourth is you don’t
need a website, not per se. You just need a way for people to pay you and for you to get the
product to the people, okay? And you can do all of that manually until it becomes too much..

I would add to that, that I
do recommend you get yourself a shop that works really well, because when I am on Instagram and I see a fun little web shop page, and they’re like DM me
to place your order, I’m like, no, that’s
too complicated for me ’cause I need to DM you and I
need to wait for a response..

I would rather just go
to someone’s Shopify, just click the thing, add to cart, checkout with PayPal and be done with it. So make it easy. It’s always a really big
one in anything you do. I think episode three of
the FastForwardAmy Show is about that by the way,
if you want to know more about selling online and easy
ways to make that happen..

So all in all, perfection
doesn’t exist in business. Sometimes I wish it did,
but that’s the beauty of it. You will always learn,
you will always improve, and know that everyone started with zero followers and zero
sales, so you can do it too. But you got to start somewhere. And might keep on, like
planning it out perfectly.

and postponing it, you’re
not going to learn from it. So focus on that first sale,
focus on that first person that pays you for your digital product, and then before you know it, you have a scalable digital
or passive income, okay? And I have an exciting surprise for you. ‘Cause if you liked all
of this and you’re like.

“Yes, Amy, I don’t want
to make your mistakes, “I want to do it right from the get-go.” I am hosting a free webinar. It’s called Design Your Online Business. And I’m going to talk to you about how you can stack your income, which products you can offer online, what to price your offers, and
it’s going to be so amazing..

I’m going to host it live. It’s going to be available both
in English as well as in Dutch. So if you’re like, yeah, building an online business
sounds interesting, but I really don’t know
where to get started, come and join me in my webinar. You can have some coffee with me or wine. I don’t know. And you can go and register yourself.

through So it’s like design online
business webinar OBW. But rest assured, there’s
a link in the description. But I don’t know, maybe
you’re listening to me, maybe you’re watching and you’re like, oh, the description, where was that? Well, it’s under the episode or in the description of the show notes..

It’s all weird. So if you just want to
go straight to the link, it’s There’s limited spots per webinar, so make sure you sign up really fast ’cause this is the first time
I’m telling anyone about it. So go there, sign up and see
you on the webinar, okay? Thanks for listening, watching,.

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