GoodDollar – A Digital Coin With Built-in Basic Income – Full

GoodDollar – A Digital Coin With Built-in Basic Income – Full

GoodDollar is a not for profit organisation that builds digital tools for creating and distributing universal basic income on a global scale.

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STOP! We are on the cusp of financial revolution At the tipping point of a massive change Blockchain technology has provided us
with an alternative to outdated financial institutes Like banks and credit companies We now have the means to form
our own financial frameworks Decentralized ones That can be programmed to serve
the common human interests.

Rather than corporate ones Change is coming but self-interest is in there too All the big players are in on blockchain Banks Tech companies Multinational corporations Even Bitcoin only really rewards the technological elite We still have a choice In a few years, we’ll all be paying for stuff
with our digital wallets.

And when given a choice,
which coin would you rather use? One that benefits them? Or the one that benefits us? We can choose what the future looks like GoodDollar A digital coin A hundred percent non-profit Created to serve the many and not just the few Giving everyone who joins a small daily income.

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