Pardes Episode 15 & 16 Part 2 | Presented by Surf Excel [Subtitle Eng] | 5th July 2021 | ARY Digital

Pardes Episode 15 & 16 Part 2 | Presented by Surf Excel [Subtitle Eng] | 5th July 2021 | ARY Digital

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Pardes is a touching and relatable story for those Pakistanis who live and work abroad, away from their loved ones.

Directed By: Marina Khan

Written By: Sarwat Nazir


Sarmad Khoosat,
Shaista Lodhi,
Durr e Fishan,
Hammad Shoaib
Bushra Ansari,
Gohar Rasheed,
Affan Waheed,
Atiqa Odho,
Atabik Mohsin,
Hina Javed.

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Ibad, dear give me your shirt. Let me iron it, or let me ask Nasra to do it no, no thank you mom, I will do it but you hate to iron clothes, right? you find it difficult yes, I do find it difficult. But it doesn’t seem right if I ask you or somebody else to do it for me its good one should do his work himself.

and should be necessitous towards somebody else I hate those people who are crippled what’s the matter, mom? nothing! just like that I know all your problems & worries quickly tell me, what’s the matter? even I know your nature very well, what’s the reason behind this happiness on your face? there isn’t any such thing, don’t change the topic
quickly tell me, what happen?.

Rohail has got a job in a multinational company oh! so this is the matter but mom, this is good but who told you this, as Rohail doesn’t share anything with us who will tell me? Shema had called you know, she doesn’t leave a chance to show her attitude she was saying that soon she will pay a visit anyways mother, leave them
why are you worried?.

I will leave it, but my dear people & their words doesn’t leave me at all I just told you, leave it… nothing will happen let it be. Now tell me, what are you hiding? I’m not hiding anything what do I have to hide from you? I know you very well, you are hiding something for sure dear, tell me what’s the matter?.

no, there isn’t any such thing. Actually, recently I did friendship with a very nice girl in the university friendship, with whom? her name is Aimen, she is my class fellow
in fact, now she is my friend I will make you meet her dear, this matter shall stay till friendship only it shouldn’t go beyond it.

are you getting my point? mom, tea yes dear, do leave after eating breakfast no, no… I just want tea Okay listen! do meet your father before leaving mom, I’m getting late Aimen, he was wide awake all night long and whatever you had said to him yesterday don’t you think that you need to apologize to him?.

why shall I say sorry to him? because, whatever your uncle did with us till date there isn’t any fault of your father in this and he had always thought good for us he spent all his life in order to make this house & your better future and now, if you are upset with somebody else then will you take the revenge from your father?.

and Aimen, this is not the time to make your father feel guilty he is not well besides, he was saying to me that, he wanted to talk to you about something
Go & sit with him meanwhile, I will bring breakfast didn’t you get any call from uncle? he will call, what’s the hurry? he shouldn’t be taking this much time, say what Salman?.

true that, they shouldn’t be taking a lot of time and mom, I’m in a hurry
please talk to uncle once again hey! what’s the haste for? its true that you are perfect match for Aimen, but they are daughter’s parents they should get a chance to think about it its not restlessness I just want that… what do you want?.

not right now I will tell you, once all the matters will get solved please talk to uncle & confirm about my proposal I will talk now eat I hope you digest this food tea?
yes I’m sorry, dad yesterday, I had misbehaved a lot with you & mom its alright, my dear its good that you’ve said whatever was in your heart.

one shouldn’t keep such things in their heart and should say it out uncle Asim did a lot of injustice will you forgive him? won’t you ask for your right from him? maybe I won’t be able to forgive him maybe, I won’t forgive him but now I don’t have any strength to fight for my right but now I’ve come to you people.

there is a lot of power in the love of our loved ones a person doesn’t care about any other thing whenever I see you or I see Zaid I forget my every disease & pain and when you see mother, then? my heart beats for her she is my life if she wouldn’t be here, then don’t know do you remember, yesterday your aunt Nabila & uncle Manzoor came.

they come usually, what’s new in that? yesterday, they… came to talk about something special, dear which matter? they are asking for your marriage proposal for Salman keep it there okay had Rohail & Rija done the breakfast? yes madam, they’ve done Okay, what about the groceries? yes, I’ve brought them

yes why did you said that Aimen shall remain just a friend, not beyond that? dear, this is not the right time for all of this your studies & our circumstances, all is in front of you mom, I know if grandfather’s shops weren’t there, then it would have been very difficult for you to manage the house hold expense.

my education & everything but mother, I… I like Aimen look! I’ve seen a lot dreams for you I’ve been thinking about a lot of things this is not the right time for all of this focus on your studies you know what you mean to me presently, I won’t allow anyone to come in between you & me but Aimen is already here, mother.

its enough! now leave this topic you are getting late, go to university
come on farewell
farewell! I & your mother doesn’t see anything bad in this proposal if you are ready, then can we say “yes”? dad, I don’t want to get married right now why? but I want you to get married as soon as possible but why dad?.

I haven’t completed my studies as of yet, then why are you hurrying? since I’m not well, therefore it keeps me so worried I always fear I don’t want to die before seeing my children happiness dad please don’t talk about such things with me nobody can escape death if not today then tomorrow everyone has to leave this world.

its just now if you consider this as my happiness or my wish, or my selfishness please say “yes” hello! yes, what were you saying? I’ve been sitting her since long but you don’t care about anybody’s presence yes actually… what’s the matter, is there any problem? yes you can share with me, if you want to.

actually there is a marriage proposal for me and my father wants me to say “yes” but I don’t understand anything, he is my cousin. I’ve spent my whole life… so what do you want? I’m unable to make any decision right now what do you mean? do you like somebody else? no then why you are unable to make a decision?.

I don’t want to get married right now but the way my dad has talked to me there was a plead & request in his way of talking then Aimen, go ahead a father’s request shouldn’t change into compulsion else their children can never stay happy besides, for the first time he has asked you for something he had given you all his life.

you are right dad had spent his whole life in the imprisonment of loneliness and when he got released from this imprisonment then his loved ones looted him Rasheeda, is the tea ready? yes madam, coming do you eat anything or you only make food for me the whole day? please drink this you’ll like it since its quite hot.

why don’t you visit doctor? your health is deteriorating day by day look at the dark circles I keep on looking at you, therefore I don’t get time to see myself I’m talking on a serious note even I’m serious, Zubi Zubi Aimen will agree, right? I don’t know the day you left for abroad, after that Aimen became so stubborn.

but since you came back I feel some change in her I pray to God that she agrees now, its just Nabila & brother Manzoor who can help us otherwise, Asim & Nosheen didn’t left any chance to do any injustice greetings greetings to you too, dear Aimen dear, you had left in the morning without giving any answer.

if you don’t agree, then…
no, I’ve no objection you people may do whatever you feel is right thanks to God thanks a lot mother, please come yes, you people start
I’m coming in a while no, I won’t start till you don’t come take out the food Ibad & mom’s emotional drama never ends a mother’s respect is not an emotional drama, but one’s duty.

then fulfill this duty, I haven’t stopped you she your real mother, but she is my step mother the woman who had hurt my mother, I cannot respect her my mother had hurt your mother? yes dear, eat your dinner Rija, take something
yes shall I give you something?
no just because of you my mother use to experience depression.

she was so sick even today, I’m unable to forget her sad face but you & sister Sheema were there with her, right? so, you people didn’t do anything to help her? Rija, we were quite young. We were children, we didn’t had any knowledge about all this I don’t know, how dad transferred his half of the property on her name.

mom, I’m sure you must have cast any magical spell on him Ibad, where are you going? I’m not hungry look at his anger! teach him, teach him how tolerance the way, I & sister Sheema had tolerated you the same way, he should also tolerate brother Ahsen, thank you so much for respecting my words I won’t take Aimen as my daughter in law, but like my own daughter.

mother would have been so happy today, if she would have been alive yes may God rest her soul in peace Nabila, I want this happy occasion to be held soon but dad, what about my exams? even Salman is in a hurry Aimen, you can give exams after marriage as well oh! one shouldn’t hurry in marriage related occasions.

let Aimen get free from her exams let your mother & aunt do wedding preparations after all, its the wedding of our eldest son & the only daughter of brother Ahsen it will take time to gather dowry, say what Nabila? we are not greedy for anything maybe you are not greedy but brother Ahsen won’t send her only daughter empty handed.

after all, for whom he had earned a lot being abroad? what do you mean, uncle? dad, mother is absolutely correct! we don’t need any sort of dowry brother Manzoor, don’t worry whatever is left with me its of my children only what do you mean by this, brother Ahsen? you had spent all your life abroad brother Ahsen, why are you hiding this from us?.

everyone knows that you’ve earned a lot in Muscat and whatever is left, you want to get that by making me your daughter in law, right? no, no child… I didn’t mean to say that uncle, I understood whatever you’ve said but for your kind information uncle Asim has transferred everything on his name by fraud.

so now, we are left with nothing my dad’s income is already ruined by fraud we don’t have anything left to give you Aimen! you should talk to your elders in this manner go inside so mom, how shall I talk to them? they’ve looted my father all their life they have been the shareholder in his money forcefully.

I remember everything I remember everything, how grandma use to ignore our needs to fulfill aunt Nabila’s needs how they use to call for their demands sometimes remote control cars sometimes, gold watches or chains but do you know, what they’ve thought now? they want to take away everything by seeking my marriage proposal.

but now, nothing is left with my father everything is finished!
everything! Aimen… let’s go Nabila, we should be going from here brother Manzoor, please please sit you know how the kids are nowadays they say whatever comes to their mind I will make Aimen understand please Nabila forgive her I don’t know what not my daughter has said.

Aimen haven’t you left as of yet? I haven’t come into your life to leave the reality that I’ve explained today after that, uncle & aunty won’t let you stay for long in my life whatever you had said, was true injustice was done with uncle Ahsen and this injustice was not done by somebody else, but his loved ones did with him.

shall we go? its good to hear that at least somebody realizes this you don’t have any complain with me, right? not at all why would I be having any complain with you? one can complain to that person who is on their mind at all times but you’ve always been on my mind but I doubt that uncle & aunty will let me stay on your mind, after my misbehavior today.

its difficult the childhood thought cannot be erased by some rigid sentences Aimen I will come soon soon! hello! how are you, Aimen? I’m fine
how about you? Um… so what have you decided? about what? about the same matter that you had told me about your proposal I mean about your cousin’s proposal oh yes! I had told dad that I don’t have any objection.

but… but what? so, then what? its not easy to digest my truth & misbehavior maybe, its difficult to fix the marriage Um… so, have they refused? they should have but my cousin, Salman maybe he will convince his parents why? why will he convince? he didn’t mind? he loves me and a lot of big mistakes are forgiven in love.

so… do you also love Salman? oh no! I never ever got some time from hatred that I shall fall into love I am just… happy in dad’s decision & happiness anyways, you tell me
why did you call so late at night? nothing! I was a bit sad, so I thought to call you maybe, my sadness will vanish listen to me.

don’t ever call me to seek help for your sadness because I’m usually sad myself what are you thinking? I’m thinking, Asim did such a big fraud with brother Ahsen such a big fraud! and that too with his real brother oh! you are so strange! you aren’t thinking about your niece, who did so much with us.

its good that the reality of brother Ahsen & Aimen came in front of us she is such an ill mannered girl! she was saying right! even I had seek help from brother Ahsen in every problem & difficulty so what extraordinary favor he has done? all elder brothers do the same enough! just end this proposal matter over here.

I wanted to fix this marriage for yours & Salman’s happiness enough! now we will go to Munawara’s house Shazia is thousand times better & amazing girl than Aimen and there isn’t any value of my choice? tell me whatever you want to say! look! if I will get married then only with Aimen, not with anyone else.

even after such a misbehavior? if you had focused on her words instead of her way of talking, then you would have realized that her words were correct! and… mom & dad I’ve been posted to Dubai that’s why I was in a hurry to get married please go to uncle’s house & again talk to him for my proposal.

yes, have you brought the full amount? wait! this won’t work what happen? the money is less, & the material has become expensive please try to adjust this time, next time I will pay you the full amount next time full amount! mother yes by the way, sometimes I feel like praising your strength & tolerance.

why are you tolerating all of this? yes? why, what happen? haven’t you heard what Rohail was saying? still you are asking me what happened? every other day we are being humiliated in this house why are we here? what are we doing in this house? we are in this house, because this is your house
its your father’s house.

you’ve full right on this house, dear I don’t want to stay here can’t we go & stay somewhere else? absolutely not! I won’t ever leave this house I had promised your father that I won’t ever let this family get scattered he has done a lot of favors on me so will we get humiliated in this house for life time?.

no only till that time, till you don’t become something and that time is so near, my dear just wait for sometime sit, let me explain please sit yes Noreen, I will reach there before the groom’s family no, Asim is not coming
only I’m coming alright then, fine oh! where is my money? I had kept them here.

Rasheeda but I had kept them here Rasheeda where is my money? I can’t find them in my bag I don’t know but yesterday, I had seen Mr. Zaid coming out of your room Zaid! please lye down my daughter has a lot of complain from me so much… she has got a lot of anger & hatred for everyone, in her heart.

its not hatred, Ahsan its Aimen’s frustration that has made her too rigid she has missed you a lot in her childhood Zaid was quite small therefore he hadn’t felt your love & affection sister Zubeda
sister Zubeda sister Zubeda, where is Zaid? he is not at home, what happen?
you seem worried yes! your Zaid has stolen something.

what! he has taken out sixteen thousand rupees from my purse what proof do you have that Zaid has stolen them? here she comes, favoring her spoil brother aunty, my father is not well so, whatever you want to say tell me
come outside I don’t want to talk to you brother Ahsan, Rasheeda saw him coming out of my room like a thief.

he had left after taking my money is this sister Zubeda’s upbringing? your money? aunty, isn’t this the same money that you had been looting from my father since many years Zaid hasn’t taken anybody else’s money, he took his money, Okay? Aimen! have you seen? how she is defending the theft of her brother.

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