Digital Income System Review (My Honest Review)

Digital Income System Review (My Honest Review)

My Digital Income System Review – Hard to believe people are considering digital income system after what just happened to 8FDL and all it’s members. FTC shut them down.

You see a lot of videos that say “Digital Income System Scam” I really don’t think it’s a scam. Just a grey area where you need to sign up with a real pro. The generic funnel videos I created for Digital Income System will help you avoid many of the pitfalls and my custom funnel will protect you from having your sales stolen.

Digital Income System Proof – False proof is what’s been causing the FTC to shut down many of these big ticket companies.

Digital Income System is doing that same thing everyone else says where “It’s all done for you” type of thing. The other big claims is that they close all your sales for you. Rarely does that end well for people who believe that stuff.

The digital income system Comp plan is just about the same as all the other “1up” or “one-up” companies.

They are really pushing the zero money out of pocket concept. But no money down is a bad idea in my opinion. This is bad for 2 reasons. One reason is because of the reasoning for why they do it. They got tired of people saying, Yes I want to join but I don’t have the money. So they came up with of way of getting people to pay even when those people don’t have the money. Which leads me to the second reason financing is a bad idea. Because if you are in a situation where you don’t have the money to join, you most likely shouldn’t be joining. I’ve been teaching students online for over 2 decades and people often come to me for free therapy after they’ve done one of these not so good financing options. Common complaints are the interest rates are much higher than they realized and they ask themselves how am I ever going to be able to pay this off. Or they’ll tell me that after they financed with an internet company, they didn’t realize they were going to become more stressed about their dire situation in life and have more anxiety that would make it even more difficult to be optimistic about making money with this new company they just joined. Even the owners of several big ticket companies have told me a dirty little secret that validates what I already thought. And this is that the people who do financing seem to be the ones that
are the first to complain that it’s taking to long to recoup their money or that they’re simply not making any money.
It appears Digital Income System has the same owners as big profit system. In big profit many of my students had their sales taken by one of their so called closers. I heard that happened a lot. That’s what they told me. No way to prove that.
These companies are all under serious scrutiny by the ftc, federal trade commission and they are getting shut down one by one.

Digital income system is doing the same thing 8fdl got busted for which is the fact that many of the digital income system members are making false income claims. Also, aside from false income claims, the ftc takes it equally as serious even when true income claims are being made but no disclaimers are used.
Do you ever notice the companies that you see on TV infomercials that actually comply with the law always say something like “these earnings are not typical and you should expect to make this income” Or results not typical we are showing you our most successful members and you should not expect to make any money.
Failure to make those income disclaimers is one of the many reasons the ftc goes after companies like digital income system.

I make reviews like this review to help you better understand what you’re getting involved in. There’s a good way to make money in companies like digital income system and a wrong way. Take a look on my channel at some of the other reviews and If I didn’t answer all your questions in this video, please let me know what you’d like me to discuss in future videos. That’s it for this Digital Income System Review
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