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In this Video, I have shared a complete list of different ways using which you can earn money and make some active/passive income streams.

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Hello Ji.. how are you all.. this is Love Babbar 😎 In this video.. we will talk about top 6 ways to earn online income, we are going to talk about some income streams through which you can earn,
thousands to lakhs of rupees we are going talk about some ways which either I done it myself or have I got someone done.

I am going to share my experience and more videos to come about freelancing and podcast with those people who earned a lot of money,
and created a big network in unique domains 1st point-> E-books
if I talk about E-books, which is in trending nowadays,if you goto linkedin, you will find many people who created their own e-books…

It can be on marketing or coding or on any other domain, in which you feel that you have good knowledge about that if I talk for example Upcoming Podcast is about to come with a Digital Marketing Creator and founder, who made an e-book which costs 99 Rs,When I speak of a book, you would think that it would be something approx. 200 pages.

but it’s not like that, that book was of only 16 pages What did you do that you thought I have good knowledge in this content, then you concentrated it effectively in just 16 pages.. And you are selling it at a price of ₹99, the one who knows worth of content is definitely going to buy it.. As its price is very low then no. of buyers increases and you get an experience about how will it perform when I publish it in market…

I will not say that you will become a millionaire from here, you can but chances are rare, but you will definitely gain experience and created a network by putting this thing in market And also I got to know how to do marketing of product, and how people behave around these things how to create an e-book as you know the content, now what you have to do is to make it in good form by using a website Canva*.

There you can create an e-book in very easy way from Canva.com, Second, you have to list this product somewhere as I have made this digital product, now where can I do marketing of this.. so there is a website payhip.com you can use it, here you will find many ways of marketing and listing, so you can also checkout it…

So E-book is very potential option, a lot of people are doing this, as you started early and there is worth in your content then you can perform very well… Now talk about second point which is “Youtube”, And here I am creating content since 2016 and got a lot of experience how it works In today’s time, many people are making channels on YouTube, so there is a lot of traffic on YouTube as creator then how he earns,He earns money through Adsense…

as you are watching this video, you must have got some ads, in which some are skippable and some banner ads are there below the video, which gives very little money.. second way is sponsorship through which you can good amount of money only if your channel performs good if I take an example of no.1 vlogger of India whose videos we all used to watch, and he charges 15 lakh Rs for 30sec integration of ad in 1 video.

it’s not that you started getting 1.5L Rs as soon as you came on YT, it takes many years of investment, it may take 2 to 4 years to gain audience and subscribers
so it is definitely time taking process.. but it is worth because you can get success in long term, and suppose if you are not getting success, and videos are not getting views
Still the advantage is going to be that, your network will be created and you will gain confidence also…

suppose if I make videos on finance for that I will have to read first then I can explain it well, my knowledge is increasing by reading and researching on it
hence you will get boost in your confidence.. one more method is affiliate marketing, as you can see in my description there are so many affiliate links of my camera,laptop and chair. So if you buy from that I will get 1-2% commission.

Some course are there to promote, as you can buy this course if you feel like but I will not say anyone or force anyone to checkout in description Some links are there, if anyone is interested, then they can go and take it from. If I give you a rough idea, I need to do nothing nor shoutout or force anyone to checkout this course.

If I give you a rough estimate, my last 2 month income by only affiliate marketing is above 1Lakh in which I need to give 0% efforts, So here efforts are very less but income is good So youtube is very good option, as we all are consumer but we should also think of becoming creator, so discuss it with your mind.

3rd point -> Transcription
which I see a lot these days, I am getting alot of emails that I can do subtitling in your videos, as your videos are in Hindi, I can add English subtitles in them.. Once you go and watch my two recent videos, I have put English subtitles inside both the videos. So lets start…

Now you have to keep in mind that the money here is on minute basis, you will get money on minute basis. If you approach a creator that I am going to make your subtitles, then he is going to pay you on per minute basis, for example I got an mail and said that bhaiya I will make subtitles for you but I will charge 100Rs/min, now if I do any podcast which is generally of 20-30min.

and for subtitling that video, he will get approx. 2-3K Rs.But here we have to understand that it is time taking process If I make a podcast of 25min, then It will take generally 8-10 hrs for freshers.. recently I had subtitled a video which was 27min, it took 8-10 hrs of him, so it is time taking process and be paid on per min basis…

But if you are a creator, you generally need 2-3 subtitle writers,because if your videos come frequently suppose all your videos are podcasts of 25min long and you have only one person for subtitles.. then he won’t be able to match there, but if 2-3 person then it will be ease for you, So you can approach any creator that I will do your subtitles…

In this way, you can earn more by applying a little English & Hindi, it is not a difficult task but it is time taking process.. So how will you start, if you approach any creator, he will ask you to show your previous work, and if you haven’t done any work before… in starting, you have to do work for free, you will say I can do work for free in starting for your 3-5 videos,if you like my work thenafter you can pay me….

Whom I just applied for my subtitle, that student also sent me that I will do a video for free, then I got a video made of him I felt it right but I found some mistakes in starting, I told him to fix those, now we are working on regular basis.. The subtitles which are included in this video or not, will be included in 1 day. so they’re gonna do the same.

I will put his link below, if any creator is watching and wants to have subtitles installed, then you can approach them. 4th point ->Teaching
In teaching you have two options either online or offline, if I share my experience, I used to take tuition in class 11&12 and when I was studying in college, I used to teach math,science to student of 9,10 so these are some things…

when you can teach by calling the neighborhood children, and you can generate a potential income from there,Not much but it will be enough for pocket money.. Talking about online teaching, you have many options if you think you are good in any field for ex. digital marketing.. So you can make a course on that and then list it on various plateforms like Udemy, teachable etc. and earn money by selling there…

you can make your website also, by creating whole backend and upload your course, then promote it through dig. mark. or on youtube,and you can earn from there.. there are many online edu. platform where you can work as teacher, you all knows, of which platform am I talking about there,in starting you have to give some videos for sample, then they will review it afterthat they will appoint you as teacher.

where you can easily earn 2000Rs/hr, and we can use Chegg, where you can earn money by solving assignments So, there is my friend of civil branch in DTU, who used to do this on chegg and earn 10-12k.. so this thing you can also try.. 5th point-> Designing
Too many people are onboarding and making videos on youtube, Every creator has to get done video editing and thumbnails, everyone has to run their insta,LinkedIn…

So what can you do, you can approach some good creators and say, I can create a post for your insta and add some graphics I can help in your newsletters and can make thumbnails,There your designing part will give some more income. if I talk about current standards, if you catch small youtuber, you can earn 200Rs by making thumbnails in 10 min….

I know it seems less but if you got much amount of work,then it is not tough task to earn 2000 within 2hrs per day You have to catch a lot of creators and their videos are coming and you will earn money by making thumbnails, and create post for insta, and if their newsletter goes, you can beautify that and earn.

It’s all about networking, if you do a good job for a creator, it can become your portfolio, then you can approach and show your work to other youtubers, if you liked it I can do this for you also if you look carefully, you are making more money with fewer efforts and this is that type of work, which you can do parallelly for so many people…

In starting, you can use Canva for designing and if we talk about heavy software then you can use adobe photoshop, etc.. 6th point -> Content Creation
So content writing is very important thing, Let’s say I’m talking about myself, I have to put up a post on LinkedIn to convey an idea.. But my language is not going to be so sweet to write, which a good content writer have, who is going to put that content in good storytelling way.

I saw many people if, I call out a name there is Aniket Dhiman on linkedin, when you sit for reading their posts, you will feel like not to leave it until reading it completely… so there is particular way to write anything, so you can earn well if you are a content writer If I have to post on LinkedIn I told you it’s the idea, which I want to write, now you have made it in the form in the form of a story,which I posted on linkedin…

And from there, many people enjoyed reading, they benefited from reading and your reach increased so you can create these posts.. If someone has developed a website and whatever is written on the web page, no one writes it normally, for this content writers are needed who added x-factor
which hits like a professional.

I am making a video that has scripting behind it which I can either do it myself or I can hire a content writer whom I told, I have to make a video on github, for that you write a content for me,then he give the list of 70%, now I have to add my own 30% xfactor..
and you can earn money as content writer like this….

suppose my newsletter is going, to write content in that newsletter, you told him that you have to write like this, according to the idea
and you have to send this professionally to people. These things are getting up in media world too much, like content writing is on peak, graphic designing is so important, you must web dev..

So if you do all these things then you can have a good income, I am not saying that you will become a millionaire But practically, at last, you will have good source of income of 30-40K rs, which is not bad and you should try once.. From here your network will start building, it is not all about money,From here 30-40K Rs are coming, and the network that has become can make it 30-40L.

Now let’s talk about the most crowded place, which is freelancing, there are many categories here graphic designing,app & web devl.
transcription, voiceovers, e-books etc.. there are so many websites like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer on which you can provide your service, Suppose you asked 30K rs for writing an E-book of 10k words as your basic package, and if you want it in 5 days purchase my premium
package which costs 60k Rs….

It is not easy to start here, it is very difficult to start because of competition, but if you did for free in starting but as you did some work for free and made your portfolio, took some reviews and have some testimonials, you will get things easily.. but it is easy to say because in freelancing you may get work from first month and it may also happen that no client come till the first year..

but saturation is not found in field, it is in mind, Do not bring this saturation in your mind like nothing can happen here,can be a lot.. it depends on your skill if it is strong, client himself reach to you only.. if your communication skills are good, and influenced the client with your work, you need to understand, he’s going to come to you only.

your soft skills should be good what you are working should be on top-notch, you have to take care of it.. there is definitely competition but not saturation, if you boost your skills then you have so many opportunities we will make dedicated video on freelance, I just gave a small overview in the end,.

I will make a separate video on 6 categories which I told you, and you can think of which are E-books, youtube affiliate,sponsorship,transcription.. designing, content writing or you can teach online or offline,these were the things which will definitely help you There is nothing that I have spoken and you enjoyed listening but you couldn’t do, but these things you can do.

you know English you can write subtitles and can earn from there, and your English will also be improved. So keep these things in mind, if you are watching the video till now,because very few people watch till end, then you can write yes we watched till last, and I would also like that some people watch the video till end…

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