Passive Income & Freelancing for Digital Artists

Passive Income & Freelancing for Digital Artists

Passive Income & Freelancing for Digital Artists. How to make money as an artist on the internet.

1. Automatic Drawing:
2. Stages of Creativity:
3. How to Storyboard:

I never went to college. I started out drawing little flipbooks and making music videos for my own songs did this from about age 19 to 23, where I learned animation through trail and error.

Developing one’s own art style come from producing a lot art. We can’t really decide on a style beforehand – style sort of happens organically as a result of experiencing different things and drawing those experiences.

t’s a good idea to build up individual portfolios that are catered towards the needs of different job types. Since I was trying to get music video work, I sent a short showreel showing my animations in motion, rather than just a portfolio of still images.

Whatever type of freelance work you end up doing, it’s a good idea to sign a simple contract. Getting agreements down in writing can help avoid future headaches if disagreements happen.

Another important thing is to ask for a percentage of the budget upfront. It’s common practice for artists to ask for 25% of the budget up front. This shows goodwill from the client that they will actaully pay you when the project is completed. I ask for 50% upfront before I begin the project, and the other 50% upon completion of the project.

This helps protect you, since a client is far less likely to pull the plug half way through a project if they have their own money involved.

One thing I will say about music videos is it generally offers a ton of creative freedom, since music videos by their very nature tend to be weird and more experimental than commercials or other types or work.

However, it’s no secret that many musicians don’t have a ton of money. If you can create a style that can be animated quickly, that is ideal.

Popular forms of passive income are royalties from books, music, real estate investments, or dividend yielding stocks.

In school we only learn about how to be employees. How to trade our limited time for money. How to follow orders and not question the authority of the teacher, in the same we one is expected to follow orders from a boss. In school you’re working for good grades. If you’re an employee for a company, you’re working for active income.

Due to automation, many of the factory style jobs that schools have traditionally prepared us for are will continue to become obsolete, so it’s more important now than ever to develop skills and products that can’t be easily automated.

Another example of Passive income is this video. The portraits I’m drawing are active income, since people are only going to pay me once for their portrait. But this video can make revenue from adsense. Granted adsense isn’t much unless you’re getting thousands or millions of views, but it’s the same principle. This video is also an example of repurposing work, since these drawings I did in the past were recorded for the video I’m making right now. It’s like catching two rabbits with one stone.

Before the internet, passive income was mostly reserved for the ultra wealthy or super famous. But now anyone who owns a computer and has an internet connection has a huge advantage over the majority of people who have ever lived on the planet. We have access to unlimited information, unlimited people, and unlimited opportunities for creating value and earning income via the internet. There’s kids on youtube who’re posting videos themselves opening toys and they’re generating thousands from adsense as I speak. It’s absurd, but that’s the reality.

In conclusion, I would suggest a multifaceted approach to freelancing. Try to get really really good at one skill, and then spread your eggs across multiple basket. Freelancing is good way to make money in the short run, and passive income is a good strategy for supplementing your freelance work in the long run. Experiment with different ways to earn money off your art. There’s no one single path to follow in life.

Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t chase too many rabbits. Just focus on one rabbit until you catch it, and then move on to the next one.

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