How To Make A Full Time Income Online✔️ 100% Free Trainings

How To Make A Full Time Income Online✔️ 100% Free Trainings

Ready to learn how to make a full time income online the real way? Without wasting thousands on over-hyped guru courses? This video reveals the proven process plus shares the 100% free trainings you need!

Miles Beckler has helped over 40,000 people start their own blogs and businesses online. This video summarizes everything covered in over 5 years of making videos online that teach internet marketing and how to make money online.

You may want to copy down the text and links here in the description to your notepad, Notion, Evernote, etc… So you won’t lose the links and so you can reference all of the free marketing trainings later.

Here are the links that were shared and recommended in this video.

First, the “how to choose your niche” video series… you can access this two part video series here.

If you want to go through my 5-minute niche finder method, simply visit this blog post on my site where I teach that method:

Then you need to go through the full customer avatar workshop and complete all of the worksheets found here:

Whether you are new to making money online or whether you are a seasoned veteran, this video series will help you understand your audience and your customers better… So you can create better content and products for them.

Most people overlook this step and it is one of the most important for making full time income online.

The next step is to start your blog… A self-hosted blog that YOU OWN!

This is not optional, you must retain 100% control over your content which is why you must have a blog of your own.

My how to start a blog tutorial is here:

You can publish to YouTube or even to social, but they all have platform risk and to protect your income for the long term you have to be in control, so your own blog is a must.

From here you need to learn and master keyword research. I’ve taught how to research great keywords your audience is looking for here:

Or on my blog post that teaches how to do keyword research here:

Then it is time to kick your content creation into motion… You need to get through the learning curve and get better at publishing content fast!

I recommend a 90 day challenge and explain how this works in these videos here:

At this point you should start building your email list. I cover how to start growing your email list with free landing pages and free autoresponder here:

Creating a high converting landing page is the key to everything and I reveal my secrets to an opt in page that crushes it, here:

This brings up the question: What are you going to email your audience?

That’s all covered in this playlist with all of my free email marketing courses, trainings and strategies:

Then, you’ll either need to create something to sell to your list or you will partner with a creator/company as an affiliate and offer their products that you love.

Let’s start with creating something to sell…

This video shows how to create courses the easy way –

This video is a template for creating and selling your course online –

These are POWERFUL for you building a full time income online… But they require you to be able to actually help people get results.

The other option is affiliate marketing where you sell other peoples’ stuff…

All of the information you need to succeed with affiliate marketing once you have your blog and your email list is in this playlist here:

Wow, that’s a lot… But it really does summarize everything you need to build a real business online that can generate a full time income for you and your family.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Miles Beckler

Hey Miles here, In this video, you are learning the proven
five-step process for making full-time income online, whether that’s $3,000
a month for you, or you got big dreams and you want to make $30,000 a month or
more, this same exact five-step process is proven for me, my wife, for dozens
of my friends and hundreds of thousands..

Thousands of subscribers. Like you are using this exact process and
it’ll work for you, whether you’re a total beginner or if you’re advanced and you’re
already on the path, because you’ll just find that you fit into one of these steps,
you’ll be like, that’s where I’m at. So you’ll know exactly what strategy
to do now and what to do next..

I’m also going to link
you to free tutorials. Okay. So this is kind of a summary of all
the videos here on my channel, and I’m going to help you understand. Okay. What videos are most important. So this is all free content
coming your way here. I just really want to break this down. And again, it’ll work for you,
whether you’re doing a affiliate.

marketing, whether you’re creating
your own courses, coaching consulting, selling services, this is the
proven path to building businesses. And it has been the proven path. Since before the internet, right? This is based on human truths of how and
why people exchange value or dollars, which that’s what you want to get on the
other side of, as being a business owner..

You want people to exchange their dollars
in return for the value you give them. So let’s jump on the computer here
and let’s talk about step number one. So number one is ultimately
committing to a niche. And an audience. Okay. So right here on YouTube, if you
search at the top of Miles Beckler there, how to choose a niche,
you’re going to see this two part.

kind of series here that I put out. Now, these were previously
premium trainings. So I charged for these, but I
decided during the lockdowns and when everybody got kind of locked out, I
decided to give them away for free. So if you don’t have a niche
yet, if you don’t know exactly who you’re being of service to..

This is absolutely the place to start. Now, if you’ve gone through both of
those and you still haven’t made a decision, I do have a post on my website. It’s at and
you just click on find a niche. And I have a process in here. It’s my own process. It’s called the five
minute niche finder method..

Uh, if you really feel like you can’t come
up with an idea based on the trainings, I do recommend starting with these two
trainings here, go through the five minute niche finder because ultimately
you have to commit to a niche, but more importantly, you have to commit. To an audience. And that’s really what I wanna share
with you is the key that it’s not.

about the niche you choose just about
any niche out there will be viable when my wife and I started our first
brand online, there really wasn’t all the data supporting, saying, this
is a great niche to go into there. Weren’t people paying
for ads in our space. There weren’t a lot of affiliate
offers, so it was very counter to all.

of the data, but we loved it enough. It’s meditation and spirituality that we
really just followed through long enough. To essentially build an
entire genre of products. Now it’s a little bit slower to go that
way, but it was what was in our heart and it made it easier and fun for us to
really share what was in our hearts and.

to do that thing we were passionate about. But you don’t have to follow your
passion to build a real business online. You can run it by the numbers. And that’s what I teach in that training. Now, if you’re already in motion,
I want you to realize that knowing your customer, okay. There’s a, an old saying in business that,
um, whoever knows their customer best..

Wins and really understanding who your
customer is, who your avatar is, what their challenges are, what they’re
seeing, what they’re hearing, what they’re dealing with in their lives. That empathy within your business
is going to allow you to really set yourself ahead of the game. So even if you’ve already chosen your
niche, I want you to go on YouTube here.

and type in Miles Beckler customer avatar. Now this here is yet another premium. Okay. Course that I gave away for free. And it even comes with the
tutorials and the worksheets. So there’s companion PDF. No opt-in required. You literally just go click on
it in the description and you can get access to everything..

And what it’s going to do is
it’s going to help you get into the shoes of your audience. So you really understand who they are and
what their actual challenges are because when people are searching for a job. Being in their world, there’s often a
deeper, there’s often a more important or more compelling, emotional reason
why they’re looking for that thing..

You’re like, “Oh my God Miles, I
don’t know what you’re talking about.” Perfect. Go through the course. That’s why it’s here on YouTube. You just search here on YouTube
Miles, Beckler customer avatar. And obviously I will put these links in
the description of the video as well. Um, the next one. K. So that’s number one..

Number two is you got
to have a domain name. Of your own and a blog that
is self hosted that you own. Now, this is literally what
this is, is your home online. This is your virtual real estate, and
you might be thinking well, “Miles, but you’re on a YouTube channel.” Yeah, I know. But YouTube has the kill switch
on all of my content, right..

There is platform risk
here and ultimately. I believe you need to be
doing at minimum blogging. Okay. So you have to have content on your blog. You could build a sales
funnel on your blog. You could sell your physical products. If you have physical products on your
blog, a blog, doesn’t just mean that.

it’s a web blog of ideas anymore. Blog is just what we call websites
in this day and age, you can build anything from a blog. So what you need to have is
you have to own that case. So when you. Own your real estate online. When you have, like
I’ve got That’s my home. That’s where people go to check in..

And that’s where I send traffic to. This is the real key part. So when people find me here on YouTube,
or maybe you start a podcast and they find you on your podcast, Then you
referenced them back to the show notes, you reference them back to the free items. You referenced them back to the
value that really puts it in a.

relationship where you can control. And I’ll talk more about kind of
some of the things we do on our blog, but I just wanna make sure
you have yours set up and running. So again, you can just
go to Right here on the top of my
website, it says, start your blog. You click on this and this post will
walk you through absolutely everything..

Um, where to get the super
cheap hosting you can trust. Uh, that’s not owned by a
horrible corporation because the blue one is fricking terrible. They have the worst support in the world. Um, so I’m going to steer you
in the right direction, but most importantly, I show you how to
connect your blog up with Google..

And that’s the real process
that you need to go through. You can see here, we’re connecting it
with Google and you need to make sure Google is able to find your website. So that’s why this tutorial is super duper
important for you to follow step-by-step. It’ll get your website
ready to be S E O optimized..

You don’t need to know anything about SEO. You just need to lay these foundational
blocks in peace when you in place, when you build your domain. So this tutorial again is right up top. Start your blog. You have to have a blog that you
own, like every single person who has a very successful business online..

Has a blog, something like 60% of all
websites that are making actual money online are WordPress based websites. And that’s what I’m gonna
teach you how to build there. Um, you can build,
again, a funnel on this. You can do a sales funnel on this. You could sell courses, you can
have a learning management system,.

you can sell physical products,
you could do a whole store. Everything can be built
on that same foundation. You can figure out how to do it yourself. You could hire people to build
that out for you, but the. Ultimate key. You got to have a blog. You have to have your home online,
that you own, that you can control.

that no one else can turn off. Okay. We’re eliminating platform risk here. And then number three, you
need to create useful content. Okay. This is the most important part. And where does your useful content go? Well, at least one version of it
needs to go on your blog, right? Cause that’s okay. The home that you own..

Personally, I often do a video in
addition to the blog post, Brian, I’m just going a little bit faster, getting
my content on multiple platforms. One of the three, you have to choose
at least one of the three there’s blogging writing in the blog. Number two is a YouTube video. And number three is podcasting, but
beyond that, all the social media hoopla,.

that’s a great way to promote your blog
posts or promote your YouTube or your podcasts, but you can’t rely on social
media for the core of your business. You have to own the
platform that you’re on. Okay. I’m going to keep hounding you on that. Because it’s the number one thing for
you to keep in mind moving forward..

So what you do for useful content,
the utility value of your content, the helpfulness of your content, how valuable
and helpful is your content is going to ultimately determine your success. Because going back to the
customer avatar idea, right? Your customer avatar is
searching for help with things..

And when you show up, right, your blog
shows up because that’s what shows up in Google rankings and they click and
they read your posts and they actually get the answer that they desire. You have one because they trust you. They’re like, wow, this
miles guy is super helpful. I’m going to subscribe or they go
onto my, how to start a blog post.

and they’re reading and they’re like,
wow, this miles guy is super helpful. Not only am I going to follow the
steps to build out the blog, but I’m going to go through his free offer. That’s on the top of that post. And I’m also going to get
his free WordPress trainings. And I’m going to pay attention
to what he says in the email.

because of the utility value. I can’t stress this enough. It has to be actually useful and
helpful, which is why going back to the. Avatar step, knowing your audience,
knowing their actual problems, their challenges, and what they’re dealing with. That’s the number one
key to everything there. Okay, so creating useful content,
then there’s the question of,.

well miles, how do I do it? How do I know what their challenges are? Perfect. I got some tutorials for you. So number one, you have
to learn keyword research. Okay. So just search here in YouTube miles,
Beckler, keyword research, um, these three are going to be the best. I think that this one right here that says
keywords that make money in the thumbnail..

That’s my process. It’s the shortest and most
concise version, right? It’s only 20 minutes. Um, that’s my process using
approachable that a highly recommended. Still use to this very day. Um, this is a little bit longer
winded, which is good because I get into why things work. This is how to do it just quick and
into it and showing you how it works..

Um, this one right here is
a little bit deeper dive. And obviously if you were to go
to my blog and you were to search. Keyword research on my blog. You’ll see that I have a
corresponding blog post that shows you step-by-step how to do this. Since I’m meeting you here on YouTube, I
figured you like watching YouTube videos..

So I figured I would just show you the
YouTube videos, um, when applicable and watching SEO, it’s actually really
helpful to watch it in real time. So then you found the keyword phrases,
which ultimately are the topics that your audience is searching for help with. Okay. So we now know through data that, that
this is what people are searching for..

So we go create content for them. How do you organize the content? How do you make the content quickly? That’s one of the biggest
challenges people have. And the first thing to know is that. You’re going to get better
at making content over time. You’re going to get faster
at making content in your content is going to get better..

Like, no, one’s good at making
content in the early days. Uh, just go watch my first videos. If you want, you can click on
video on my channel sort by oldest. Watch the first, second and third videos. They were pretty bad they’re
cringe-worthy to me, but my videos at this point are very comfortable..

I’m more animated. I’m able to kind of just roll
with it on the flow a lot more than I was when I was earlier. There’s less crutch words. I’m not like, um, Oh, uh, um, uh,
uh, any more, I really am able to. Clearly concisely, get my point
across relatively efficiently, and I’m always getting better..

So know that you’re going to get better,
but just search, uh, miles better. How to write SEO content fast. This video right here. Now it’s up to 41,000 views. I promoted a lot. Um, I think this is the most video. Most. Valuable video I’ve ever created because
it teaches you a process that really forces Google to show you what your
people are interested in around a topic..

And then you can build
an outline based on that. And that outline is going to make the
process of creating content super fast. And so it makes content that
Google’s going to love, which means it’s going to rank and get
picked up by the search engine. Right. Which means it’s going to give
you a higher likelihood of.

actually driving traffic when
you repeat the process enough. And ultimately it’s going to speed
up the process for you because it’s a framework that you can follow. And it’s actually really quite simple. Um, and then I made one here. If you’re doing like pure affiliate
review posts, this one is kind of the.

same idea based on the same process. Okay. So they’re, they’re pretty much the
same thing with a couple of tweaks. If you’re doing review posts,
but at least right here, do this. Ah, how to create content fast
search miles beckler, how to write SEO content fast on that one. Remember that as you’re
creating content, right..

Becoming a content creator, becoming
a creator, becoming someone who literally creates content that
helps others is challenging. It’s a difficult thing for us to do. We’ve got our self-talk right though,
the imposter syndrome bullshit that we all have to deal with. And then we’ve got the feedback
of the trolls on YouTube..

You got to put it all aside. You got to put the
blinders on and go, go, go. I recommend that you
do a 90 day challenge. Now a 90 day challenge could
mean one video or one blog post published every day for 90 days. But for some people that’s too much. You got family, you
got kids, you got work. I get it..

So what can you do? Can you do three posts
per week for 90 days? Right? Can you do five days a week? I’ve got one student who he did a
video every Monday through Friday. And he took weekends off to be with
his family and it has grown his channel to 65,000 subscribers and make making
20 grand a month through sponsorships.

and ads on his YouTube channel alone. And he attributed that success
to the 90 day challenge. Um, I don’t have that preloaded,
so we’re going to go load that because I have content on that. So you just go search, uh,
miles Beckler, and then you could type in 90 day challenge. Oh, my goodness typing crazy here..

Y’all now, honestly, I had it on
the auto-complete, but these are the ideas on the 90 day challenge. And then right here, this is the 90
day content marketing challenge debt. I talk about the idea of adapting it
to fit your schedule, because I honor that not everyone can actually do a 90
day challenge, but what that’s going.

to do, like when you really do a 90
day challenge, when you really get to the point where you’re like, okay,
I I know who I’m being of service. Do I know my niche? I know the topic. Um, I now know how to do keyword research. I know those processes
and I have my blog going. I’m going to go all in
on creating content..

And by going all in on creating
content, I’m going to become a better creator, right? It’s not necessarily about the
outcome of like, Oh, I published 90 posts and they’re all ranking. They’re all driving
traffic, like wonderful. If that happens, but the odds are, it’s
not going to happen, but what will happen.

is you’ll get better at the process. You’ll get comfortable on WordPress. You’re going to get
comfortable delivering value. And Google, as long as you build your
blog in the way I showed on that blog posts, Google will pick up your content. You’ll start to get impressions. You’ll start to get search, and then
you’re in motion and then it becomes fun.

and easy and you’re off to the races. So really that’s number three. Number four is to grow your email list. So people still there’s. This it’s funny. I’ll be perfectly honest with you. People try to say that email is dead. Email is not dead. Email is never going to be a dead. Um, a customer list of email,
a customer email list, right?.

Email list of customers,
customers that you own. That’s the most valuable
part of your business. An email list of leads of people
who have raised their hand and said, yes, I’m interested to hear
more from you is the second most valuable asset in your business. If you took away my entire YouTube
channel right now with 18,000,.

180,000 plus subscribers, but you
gave me my email list, which is like barely 15,000 subscribers. I would still make pretty darn good money. And I would take that email
list over the YouTube size. Any day of the week. So be wary of vanity metrics. And remember when you get the content
going, you’re getting traffic going, then.

it’s time to start working on emails. So one question I get all the time miles. When, when do I start
building my email list? When do I make a landing page or pop up? So if you’re only focused on blogging
when you’re seeing between 20 and 30 visits per day to your website, because
then if you get a one to 5% conversion.

rate, you’ll be seeing a couple of leads
a day or a lead every few days, right before you’re getting daily traffic. It doesn’t really matter. Since yet to go, unless you’re
going to invest in paid ads, which is totally doable. I use Facebook ads, but I think it’s best
to really learn your customer and hone.

the craft of creating content organically. First, once you prove that things
work, then you can start to layer on the Facebook ads to add
fuel to the fire, if you will. So let’s jump in and look at the resources
available for you on the event marketing, because I’ve taught a ton about this. So right here, miles Beckler, lead magnet..

This right here that I made years ago
is still one of the best videos for you. If you’re trying to figure out what is
the right lead bank, what is the thing that my people are going to opt in for? That’s what a lead magnet is, right? It’s a magnet designed to attract leads. So for me on, I’ve
got a couple of them, but right here..

So you can see at the top, the free
course that teaches how I went from side hustle to make a million dollars online. And so that’s my, that’s my lead magnet. Okay. I believe this idea is so compelling
that people are gonna say, I want this, I need to know what the course is. I want the course, right..

Then I have another lead magnet here,
which is my free WordPress trainings. Okay. So I’m promoting get on WordPress. So you’ve got to do WordPress. Then people log into WordPress. They’re like, ah, I don’t know what to do. Right? This is a new interface. This is scary. Well, it doesn’t need to be because
I have all, I have 30 plus free.

videos that are step-by-step. They show you how to make a post, how to
upload an image, how to do everything, how to change your permanent links, how to
out of plug in how to change your theme. All of that is shown for free in here. So you just opt in for this and notice. This is on my, how to start a blog post..

That’s the only place you’ll find this
opt-in because it’s relevant to this. Right? So as your opt-ins and lead magnets
are more relevant to the thing that they’re reading about the better your
conversion rates are going to be. Right? The fact that I’m saying here’s the,
how to blog tutorials on my, how to.

start a blog post, the relevance of
that increases the conversion rate. So creating a high converting lead magnet. Uh, I’m going to give a shout out to
these two videos that show up below, uh, the number one email secret
and the ATM accelerator funnel. The funnel is a little bit advanced. That’s showing offers one-time offers
and one-click upsells after they opt in..

So if you’re on the advanced side, You
got to go through this video because that will teach you, uh, the thing that
really took our business to the next level and then miles Beckler landing
page search that here in YouTube. And you’ll find this video that says steal
my high converting opt-in page design..

I lay it all out for you. I literally show you
step-by-step we go on the screen. I show you why my, my
landing page works so well. My landing pages convert between 55
and 65% of traffic that lands on them. And it’s because of the layout,
the design, the simplicity, and the copy that’s on them. And I teach you everything
you need to do on this..

And you can see. 16,000 views in two years, most
people are missing the boat. So this is your opportunity to have
a competitive advantage over them. Um, and then moving forward. So miles beckler email marketing
strategy, because it’s like, okay, I’m building my list. What do I do now? And this is we’re transitioning
from number four to number five..

Okay. Number five in the whole process. Is, you got to continue to
deliver value for your audience over long periods of time. It’s this idea of committing to
being the most helpful person in their world on that topic. That’s how you win. So I’ve got a friend in
the photography space. He gets millions and millions of visits
per year, and he makes hundreds of.

thousands of dollars per month because
he’s literally built the most useful website in the world on photography. Now, if you’re like miles, I wanted
to get into photography and you’re telling me it’s already done. There’s already people publishing
content in every niche, right? Google is never going to
return a search result..

When you look for a niche or an idea,
Google’s never going to turn up nothing. And all that means is that
people have a headstart on you. So you need to get into emotion
and you need to get going, and then you need to create more helpful. More valuable, more efficient
content than whoever is the current.

dominant player in the space. And eventually if you’re
publishing more content more frequently, that’s more helpful. Eventually you will overtake them just
like he overtook whoever was the biggest photography website before he got there. It wasn’t that there was no website there. Uh, there was other people who owned that
space and he has moved his way there by..

Making these super helpful tutorials
and then he markets those tutorials. Okay. So this is number five and number
five is a little bit abstract, but it’s delivering more value. What does that mean? Well, for me to just publish this video on
YouTube and then to let it be fastest one. Amount of value and I’m just kind
of sitting on my hands, hoping,.

but for me to then take this
video and go email it to my list. Aha. Now I’m delivering more value to
my audience for me to take this video and turn it into a blog
post and publish that to my blog. Aha. Now I’m delivering more value because
my content can be found on Google in addition to YouTube, right?.

For me to go. Into some Reddit threads into some
Quora questions and answers and to deliver helpful content that
also links to this video, right? Distributing and syndicating. My helpful content is
how I start to get that. My, my, my useful content out in the
hands of people who are searching for it..

Where are they searching? They’re asking questions on Reddit. They’re asking questions on. Laura, they could be in LinkedIn groups. It could be on LinkedIn for many B2B
businesses or Facebook groups for all of, for a wide variety of other
niches that are B to C type businesses. And I want you to remember that the
most helpful person in the space.

shows up for their audience forever. For decades, at least there is no AMI
to do this for six months and then woo. Passive income. I’m just going to swing in a hammock. Nope. All the passive income wankers who
are selling you, passive income lies are working really hard. They’re actively building their businesses
when they’re trying to sell you a passive.

income lie, and it’s messing with a
mindset for a lot of viewers like you. And I want to make sure you realize
that when you find that niche and you’re all in, you build a business. That’s like a lifetime thing. This is a career. This is a vocation. I am filling up retirement accounts. I’m working on paying off mortgages..

I am literally building, living the
life of my dreams based on how much value I deliver to the marketplace. There is no time for me to
rest on my laurels because then someone who’s ambitious and who’s
following this five step path. Right. Might overtake me. Okay. So just ready yourself that
this is a real business..

And if you’ve ever met a successful
business owner in your life, which a I’d like you to know how many, six super
successful business owners do you know, are, do you have a lot of successful
business owners at your church at your, at your school, other parents that, you know,
uh, in your work like who, how many people.

do, you know, own real side businesses
that are super successful, right. It’s a tiny amount of people because
it’s really fricking difficult to do because we’ve got to stick
with it for years and not months. And that’s the most difficult thing
for human beings to do is to really commit to a process, a path to creating
value, to spending my time and energy.

now on a Sunday when I could be
outside in the garden in the sunshine. Cause it’s beautiful weather
out right now, but I’m in here with you to deliver value. Because I gotta keep this machine
going because this machine is helping me afford the life of my dreams. And I’m a keep this going. I’m young, I’ve got a few gray
hairs in this little chin here,.

but I’m going to keep this going
until we got a lot of gray hairs. Right. I got a lot of years left. So I got to make sure that I
solidify my space and I maintain, and I defend my positioning as the
most helpful marketer in the world. And you need to take
that approach for your. Audience as well. So I’ve got a couple of last
tutorials then we’re going to wrap up..

I appreciate you being with me this long. If you like this video where I
show you the resources, let me know, because I could do these on
different topics because I have 700 your videos on this channel now. And I totally understand
it’s overwhelming, but how do you deliver value? And I haven’t even mentioned this, right?.

Like you gotta sell
something at some point. Obviously you get that. Well, creating a course is one of the
absolute best ways to deliver value. If you’ve got people who they want to
learn, how to do a thing, like if people want to learn how to run Facebook ads,
I’ve got a You maybe haven’t even heard of it because
I don’t know if you’re into Facebook ads..

I really target the
messaging for that one. But this right here, this how to
create online courses, the easy way. Oh, I’m showing it all
the way in the thumbnail. You can see the secret. It’s super easy. It’s pen and paper, but it will show
you how to map this out and keep your head organized to build a course
that is going to absolutely crush it..

And that’s why this video has 103,000
views because it dominates it worse. Read the comments in that course. Read the comments on all my videos,
my stuff works, and I bring it and I give it to you for real. So I think these two, and then my online
course template like these, if you’re ready to create a course, if you’ve got
an audience, if you’ve got an email list.

of people who are ready to buy something
for you, you’ve been delivering value constantly for long periods of time. They’re all warmed up. They trust you. They know you, they like you they’re
ready make a course for them. This is the way to go. This is going to show you kinda how to
make, uh, courses that’s the best way..

And then ultimately there’s
affiliate marketing. So if you don’t have your own courses
mixed in with all of the value, you can reference specific products. So I have been an affiliate for
many, many products, uh, from shopping carts to, to SEO tools. But one of the ways that you’d seen
it just now today, if I go back,.

can I find the keyword research one? Oh for shot it’s right there. So in this keyword research
video, I show a premium keyword research tool and teaching people
how to get the result they want. They want to figure out how
to find low competition, high volume search keyword phrases. I help them get the outcome that they
desire and it requires a software tool..

And I say, by the way,
I’ve got a link for that. And if you buy, I get like 30% commissions
and you don’t pay anything extra. So that’s me using affiliate
marketing instead of creating a, how to do keyword research. Course, right. I just made the decision. I’m going to give the, how to
information away and I’m going.

to partner with a software tool
that I still use every single day. And I love use it on this video as well. So I’m just going to share
what I use in love and I’ll be an affiliate for it that way. So I could have created a how
to do keyword research course. I don’t really want to make the sales copy
in the learning management system and deal.

with all the refunds and the marketing
and the sales page, blah, blah, blah. I’d rather just give it away for
free to be super useful because it helps grow my brand right
between these three videos here. And if you look at this fourth one here. What does that 161 21 that’s one
80 plus 50 is two 30 plus 104..

We’re talking like 300, almost
350,000 views because I decided to give the value away instead
of charging for it in of course. Okay. And there’s a time and a place
for me to mention my courses. You know, I mentioned
that Facebook one, right? Now’s not the time nor the place. I don’t want you to take an action
beyond getting on the path to.

building your business online. So if you want to figure out how to
partner with these types of products that your audience already wants to buy, just
search here on YouTube miles, better how to make money with affiliate marketing. And that’s the five steps. Path, I’m going to cover
it for real quick, over..

So niche and audience, what
niche are you helping people with and who are you helping? Where are they? Make sure you go through those. Um, you gotta have the blog set up. That’s number two, create useful
content that will attract people. That’s number three, number
four, grow your email list. It is the most valuable
asset in your business..

And then number five,
deliver more value for ever. This is a career. This is a vocation. This is a way that can
potentially help you earn. 10,030,000, 50,000, $150,000 more. I have friends who literally
make eight stupid numbers. I’m not going to throw out the numbers. It’s multiple six figures. It blows your mind at how much money
is potential because there’s billions.

of people on their cell phones. How to get that out of my pocket, looking
for answers, looking for solutions, looking for ways to improve their life,
looking for ways to better their life. Situation in life. And when you become the helpful person
that they find the helpful person that they trust, who actually helps them
along that path, and you do it better.

than anyone else in your space, you in
that moment have one from that point on, it’s just a matter of what lead
magnet words, what course should I make? You’ll figure all that out and long. That’s the. Easy stuff to figure out, showing up
for this audience before they show up for you showing up for this audience..

When you’re a video suck like minded
in the early days, showing up and writing blog posts every single day. And man, I don’t feel good. I don’t know how to ride bubble. Boom, you’ll get better at that’s the
difficult part and those who make it through that difficult part of learning,
how to be a value creator, learning how to.

be someone who can actually create content
that helps other people achieve results. That’s the win from there. It’s like, okay, what’s the
best way for me to build this brand, build this business. I chose to really just partner
with software tools that are super helpful instead of creating courses,
because I don’t want to be that guy..

There’s enough. That guy flexing on their
Lambo, trying to sell you shit. There’s enough, passive income
people trying to sell you stuff. I don’t need to sell you stuff. I’ll teach you how to do it. And by the way, there’s a few
key things that are required to build a business online. That’d be my approach..

You can find your approach. It all fits within this
five step framework. I thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate you. I hope you do kind of
follow through on this. Let me know if you’re
fired up in the comments. I appreciate those kinds of comments. I appreciate you. And I look forward to connecting with
you on the next video until then be well..

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