Ken Courtright, business growth expert, shares online income tips at TGC’s Digital Footprint event

Ken Courtright, business growth expert, shares online income tips at TGC’s Digital Footprint event

KEN COURTRIGHT SHOWCASED ON THE STRIP LIVE FOR VEGASNET TV | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with celebrity guest Ken Courtright for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase Ken Courtright (online income expert and founder of Todays Growth Consultant and on location at the Today’s Growth Consultant’s Digital Footprint event.

In this interview, Ken Courtright shares some expert advice and tips that are sure to start you on your journey to earning online income.

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Ken Courtright is the creator of Today’s Growth Consultant and Income Store. With the creation of Today’s Growth Consultant and its offshoot Income Store, Courtright’s companies have now consulted on over 3,000 companies over the last two decades. More importantly they have helped over 100 individuals create Authority Websites.


Out of 14,000,000 U.S. companies T.G.C. / I.S. was listed on the Inc.5000 list this past August for doubling revenues each of the last five years. As one of the fastest growing U.S. companies they partner with individuals, companies and fund managers on revenue generating websites. They have built or bought and now manage and market just over 400 websites that are seen approximately 100 million times each year.

And we’re with expert Ken Courtright who’s going to be giving us his best advice, his secret sauce to any entrepreneur who wants to elevate their website or purchase a new website. Hey, Ken. Alright, any pressure? No, none, whatsoever. Haha! Thank you. So, seriously, in about couple of minutes here,.

we want your best stuff. So, are you prepared? I’m good to go. You’re good to go. Alright. I got you. I got you. And actually… If someone ask me, if I only had to do only one thing to succeed online, what would it be? I would have to say this: I would go to a tool. That’s assuming there’s a website up and right and.

has some content already in it, I would put the three key phrases that that’s either already ranks for or, three key phrases you want that site to be found on So, again I’ll pick and I’m… say Cupcake recipes, if you are a dominate, ‘How to make a cinnamon cupcake and How to make a pumpkin cupcake,’ but you wanna grow.

the site further; if I only have to give one piece of advice of how grow it, and I’m gonna do this for some methodology that’s free or nearly free which is the methodology we use them five hundred plus sites. It is this: I would put the phrases, “I want to dominate” into a tool called, Google Adwords.

Keyword Tool. And I would do something very, very specific. I would run the tool. And when you put a couple of key phrases in the tool, it’s gonna kick you back anywhere from 200 – 800 other phrases that people are searching outside of those top two. Okay. It gives them back to what is called relevance..

I would export that into an excel spreadsheet. And then, what I would do is once I have that excel spreadsheet, with those 800 phrases, I would do what’s called, ‘the data sort’ with the whole sheet. So if it gives me… Let’s just pick 400 phrases, I would do a data sort by the column that is showing people how many people a month.

searched for each of those phrases. So let’s say, the word ‘cupcake’ was searched 1.1 million times. And, ‘How to bake a New Zealand pumpkin stir-fry cupcake was searched one time. If I did the data sort from the biggest at the top to the New Zealand… whatever I just said at the bottom which got searched one time, what I would.

tell people to do is spend your life trying to get Google’s attention. And there’s a slight secret sauce that we have. And it goes like this. And anybody can do it. If you data sort, by the biggest words key phrases at the top, and a small guy’s at the bottom. The ads are 99.999 percent that nobody’s ever written on those ones.

at the bottom. So if there’s something that’s only been searched, say ten times, and you write on it and you title your peace of content with that one phrase, there’s a really, really good chance since nobody else’s written on it. If somebody’s searches for the month later which might even be you. You would show up.

on the top of page one of Google. Do you follow that? Yeah. So watch this. Anytime something is searched, which by the way 26 percent of all searches everyday have never been searched before. So I say that again, 26 percent of all searches everyday, 24/7, in every country. Google has never seen that search before. They don’t know where to send it..

So watch this. If you dominate number one, on page one on any phrase including one that is very seldom searched, that number one ranking is called an authoritative pointer. So, Google is pointing to you saying, Oh, there at the top of the list for that phrase even though kind of sorting you almost made up that phrase..

Right? So, but then what I would do is I would tell say, my daughter who might do a cupcake recipe next summer. I would say, “Kara here are the keywords title of . 400 phrases. You’re gonna write on this one down here first. Nobody’s searching on it but I want you to write on it anyway. And then, a month later, it will probably.

be on page one of Google if not number one, And then I may have to write on the one above it and the one above it and the one above it and the one above it. And then what’s gonna happen is, you actually writing on search phrases that aren’t that commonly searched. But a few months go by and all of a sudden.

Google looks at you as an expert in 26 different categories. Now, here’s what’s great about Google: The spiders that crawl the site, they don’t mark an authoritative pointer for a big word or a small phrase. They just mark an authoritative pointer. So, the reality is if you’re starting to dominate the small ones,.

Google actually looks at your site as authoritative. And then what we teach people is you start writing at the bottom then you jump about a third of the keyword silo. You jump above about a third going to some slightly mediore words, maybe ones that are searched a thousand, ten thousand times and you start writing on it..

We have found that there’s a lot of times when you jump up a lot of phrases and the sums are actually searched quite often. You’ll actually come up one, two, three, four, five or again if we’re in searched. And you just keep going and what’s really cool is if you do that jump, and you start writing there and you start ranking,.

when you make a bigger jump up here, you won’t rank as high but it actually starts lifting up the middle pieces well. So my advice would be: Nobody’s so special that this doesn’t work for them and it work in any industry. Start a website. Start writing. Don’t stop. Write at least once a week and start with the smallest.

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