🔥🔥 Instant Cash Solution Results Proof – {Digital Income System} Program

🔥🔥 Instant Cash Solution Results Proof – {Digital Income System} Program

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Instant Cash Solution is not a scam but rather a legitimate work from home business opportunity where you can get paid $100, $200, $300 and $500 commissions paid directly to you. Your job is to place their pre-written ads on Facebook, Craigslist and other social media sites as well as many classified ad sites.

If you are searching YouTube for the best copy and paste ads system, look no further because Instant Cash Solution is the best copyandpasteads program out there. You will learn how to copy and paste ads and make money online with ICS.

In this video I will share with you my 1st quarter 2019 earnings results (proof) of income I generated using this simply copy and paste ads program. I will also share with Instant Cash Solution testimonials from other team members who have joined me in this best home-based business.

PS. Make sure to watch my instant cash solution review video to learn about our products, compensation plan and Instant Cash Solution team bonuses – https://youtu.be/3tTCLbzw__E

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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money or see success now using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video. This is not financial advice. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this video will require hard-work, experience, and knowledge. Dan Froelke has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.
AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links or smart money tactics, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will receive a small commission. I will not put anything here that I have not verified and/or personally used myself.

hey guys how you doing it’s Dan Froelke
with another instant cash solution update for you a very simple copy and
paste program and if you are searching right now for a copy and paste ads
system well your search is over because this right here instant cash solution is
the best copy and paste system out there.

and what I want to do today I want to
show you some results right we just completed the first quarter all right
this is the very first week of April 2019 I had an awesome first quarter and
if if your first quarter wasn’t you know what you expected back back in January
there where you’re all hot and heavy but.

working from home earning money well I
can help you out okay Oh incidentally if you hang in there with me till the end
of this video I want to introduce a brand new high ticket business and I’m
really excited about it I wish I can tell you right now but I’m super excited
about it I’m gonna I’m gonna save that.

to the end of the video okay but here
here’s a little teaser okay so there’s a brand new high ticket business out there
okay where you can earn between five hundred and twelve thousand five hundred
dollars per sale okay that’s per sale and if you never been in high ticket
business before it only takes about.

three sales all right to make
life-changing income for you okay that’s high ticket you’re actually doing the
same thing low ticket but you’re getting paid more okay a lot more so I want to
share with you that as well and here is a deal we’ve got professional sales
closers that will close your sale you.

don’t have to call anybody plus we have
free traffic for life alright now if that didn’t get your attention I don’t
know what will but hang in there with me till the end of this video okay so what
you’re gonna learn here in this video is my instant cash solution results some
more copy and paste ads proof for you.

again I had an amazing first quarter and
I’ve helped a lot people on as a matter of fact there’s a
lot of people on my team who have hopped from program to program to program I’m
sure I’m sure you know what that’s all about and really haven’t made any money
online okay only to find success right here with instant cash solution all
right so I’m gonna show you some results.

because here’s the deal
after all you may not know me right but I want to show you my results so that
you know that I’m on the level to show you how to do this stuff and this stuff
is how to make money online okay so anyway that’s what I’m gonna show you
I’ve got so I’ve got some little personal things to share with you as
well so if this is your very first time.

on my channel welcome this channel is
all about how to make money online how to generate a full-time or part-time
income so you can create a life of financial freedom and time freedom right
here that’s really what has it’s all about that’s really what I’m all about
however those things go hand in hand.

right you have to make the money really
to get the time back alright and that’s what my channel is all about so what I
want to do right now I want to get to some results right away here of my
instant cash solution and business and it’s been awesome I started last
October it’s April it was an April 5th and today
and I’ve earned eighty three thousand.

two hundred and fifty dollars okay plus
I’ve helped a lot of people make money for the very first time okay and it’s a
very super simple business and where you can earn one hundred two hundred three
hundred and five hundred dollars instantly paid directly to you and I
have all kinds of videos on this channel.

of you know …and I show you exactly how
I do it okay how to copy and paste ads on Facebook how to copy and paste ads
and get paid on Craigslist and I’ve got anyway I’ve got a lot of videos here
right on my channel so if you have not yet subscribed to my channel please do
and make sure you click the Bell.

notification so you’ll know anytime I
upload a video about these fantastic member to member programs
okay so let’s login to my instant cash a solution back-office right now but first
I want to show you the date I mentioned earlier the first week in April 2019. it is April 5th Friday at 1:04 p.m. in the afternoon happy Friday to
you let’s put this back up here right.

here we’re gonna log in as always I have
a little legal disclaimer for you now the results you’re gonna see are my
results ok results are not typical I work very hard for these results and in
no way do I guarantee that you will get these results if any at all ok again
these are my results right here so let’s.

login to the ICS back-office
alright and I want to show you that this is my account my profile that’s me right
there alright and let’s go over to the control panel here and I’m gonna click
on Commission’s now again it is April 5th today ok I am expecting another $500
this afternoon when that person gets the.

money together alright so
expecting another 500 on there and it’s April 5th 2019 now let’s go back because
I’m I’m really interested in showing you what I did last quarter it’s the very
first quarter of 2019 now if you didn’t have a good quarter well there’s you’ve
got three more to go to make up for it.

and it’s certainly not too late in this
program right here instant cash solution is your solution okay to finally make
and money online so let’s jump back okay so for for last month March almost
$21,000 and I’m not sure if I want to go all the way down
here I can show you each day the average sale is about five hundred dollars okay
so we have a five hundred dollar level.

and that’s about Oh probably about
eighty percent of my sales maybe more so there you have it for the month of
let’s put this down again month of March let’s go back to February another 19
this is the perfect business for people just starting out because you can gain
your skills and your knowledge and you.

can have that for the rest of your life
all right we start out from scratch and we show you what to do we have all the
display ads classified ads and you start from the very beginning and also it’s
good for people like myself more experienced it’s it’s it’s a great
program so here we go for February.

here’s January 11 December you know you
get the holidays there 73 hundred bucks November was another good month and
October is when I started so if you add all those up if you want to add them up
but I already did that’s eighty three thousand two hundred and fifty dollars
since last October okay that’s not bad.

again just one income stream that I have
I’ve got three and I want to show you a brand new one that I just started just a
high-ticket business that is gonna be insane okay and then here’s what I want
to do here’s I want to help you break free of wherever you are right now
okay I want you to start with instant.

cash solution because I understand the
high ticket may be out of reach for you right now right but I want you to start
out with instant cash solution I’m gonna help you get some sales okay I’m gonna
show you exactly what to do and then I want you to join me in my high ticket
business and that there is life changing.

income okay completely life changing
income all right and so that’s where I want you to start right here with
instant cash solution so what I want to do right now just the lack of it let’s
go into my merchant account okay I logged into my merchant account here I
just want to show you where I met as far.

as you know after the first quarter of
what I did in my businesses alright so let’s go to my account just want to show
you that this is me here merchant profile and as you can see D Froelke
marketing all right and I’ve got a blur off the address there alright so what we
wanted to do right now let’s go to.

transaction search let’s go to search by
business day let’s start obviously we’re going to start January 1 2019 and we
will go to March 31st look right here okay January 1st March 31st the first
quarter and we are gonna transics transaction status of course we’re gonna
do the settled successfully alright here.

we go I’m gonna put this down here so
for the first quarter we’ve got a little over $67,000 alright okay just want to
show you that you know I’m not bragging but this may be your first time on my
channel and I just want to convey to you that I’m on the level
to show you how to make money online okay so let’s get out of this right away
okay so you’re not looking out my window.

fortunately. This was a view out my
window maybe a month and a half or two months ago okay so where I am up in
Minnesota we had probably one of the worst winters that I’ve ever experienced
huge amounts of snow super cold I’m talking 30 below zero for the real
outside temperature with oh gosh about 45 degree below zero wind chill when you
consider the average temperature on Mars.

his 80 below this is really really bad
so anyway that was kind of the last straw for us this last quarter we
purchased some property in Florida I want to show you that really quickly but
this this snowbank right here isn’t incredible it was about 25 feet long 25
feet high I mean that’s a lot of snow.

right there and that’s like right in
front of my garage so anyway like I was saying you know I’m from Minnesota
always had a dream to have a place in Florida right so that’s what we did this
last winter was the last straw we have been looking for a while we
finally settled on a two-bedroom two-bathroom place in Florida okay so
here’s our two-bedroom two-bathroom.

condo in Naples Florida that we just
purchased actually where there Oh a couple weeks ago to close on this the
interesting thing is everything you see here every single thing was included
furniture all the artwork all the appliances all the flat-screen TVs all
the everything in the kitchen the pots pans knives forks wine glasses martini
glasses everything that you see in these.

pictures was included completely turnkey
absolutely beautiful and we feel super blessed to be able to do this and this
like I mentioned this is in a gated community on a golf course so we kind of
went this route because we were we weren’t really ready for a house there
yet because we will be going back and forth
from Florida to Minnesota so we just.

wanted something that we could actually
escape and when we want to leave we just lock it up and go home and it’ll be
exactly like this when we return so anyway just want to give you a little
personal thing happening here um I’m a real private guy to begin with I’m not
on Facebook a lot and I just wanted to.

share this with you and really excited
about this now I have someplace to shoot some awesome warm weather videos
alright guys lastly but certainly not least I want to introduce you to a brand
new high ticket system that just launched this week called digital income
system now you’re gonna hear a lot about.

this in the upcoming weeks and what I
want you to do I want you to click the link below just to find out more now
this is not a review ok I just want to introduce it to you I want you to click
the link below and check it out for yourself but I am gonna just swipe over
a few of the awesome things that we have.

in store for you with digital income
system and again I’m gonna be doing a digital income system review I’ll be
uploading that soon so please look for that and please subscribe to my channel
and click the bell notification so you will get notified now this is the high
ticket program it starts out at $1,000.

okay so there is a $1000 level a 3,000 a
5,000 a 12 and a $25,000 level now me I’m at the $25,000 level right now again
we launched this week we were in pre-launch for a little over a month
a handful of leaders myself had access to this to make sure everything ran
smoothly and everybody generated and.

sales with it it’s a proven system right
out of the gate I just want to go over just a few key points and I want you to
for sure click the link below but again you have to have at least $1000 to start
because you’re gonna start earning between five hundred and twelve thousand
five hundred dollars per sale right.

first off the bat we have professional
sales closers that’ll close your sales now these people are not allowed to be
in digital income system but they are six and seven figure earners that will
call your qualified leads close your sales in you get paid again there’s five
product levels one thousand three.

thousand five thousand twelve thousand
and twenty five thousand dollars now here’s the thing that’s gonna blow
everybody away okay the company is going to give you
ongoing traffic for life okay so the higher product level you get in it the
more traffic you’re gonna receive each week okay so you’re gonna get traffic
from them you know this is top tier one.

traffic every single week when the
closers close your sale they send a cashier’s check directly to your mailbox
how much you’re gonna earn well you’re gonna earn 50 percent commissions yep
that’s right you heard it 50 percent Commission’s and you may be asking
yourself 150 percent well yes because here’s the deal okay with any high
ticket business you need to get on the.

there isn’t anyone on this earth gonna hand over $3,000 to anybody without
first asking questions getting answers from a knowledgeable person okay and
that’s why we have professional sales closers to do the heavy lifting for you
they’ll call your qualified leads answer all the questions close the sale they’ll
even set your people up for you in you.

get paid they do all the heavy lifting
plus the company is going to give you free traffic okay now what I want you to
do now is click the link below you’re gonna find out more and also they have a
special going on right now if you join at the $3,000 level on up they’re gonna
up you to the very next level absolutely.

free of charge
okay that’s only at the $3,000 level on up and when you join me I’ve got a lot
of bonuses they’re gonna help you out and I am right now putting some things
in place that are really gonna escalate your success with digital income system
okay so stand by watch my review video coming very very soon okay guys there
you have it my instant cash solution.

update for you
for April here and I just wanted to share all that stuff with you hope you
got a little bit of enjoyment out of that you know what I also want you to
check out my exclusive team bonuses for my ICS team members and all you have to
do is opt-in to the very first link there and you will be redirected
to this page I’ve got a lot of bonuses.

here that people aren’t taking advantage
of and having success with instant cash a solution so anyway
oh I also want you to check out the brand new high ticket business called
digital income system I’m just gonna introduce that to you and I’ve got a lot
of videos ahead so please subscribe to my channel you will not be sorry that
you did okay this is Dan Froelke have a.

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