How Much I Earn?! | My Multiple Income Streams As A Digital Nomad

How Much I Earn?! | My Multiple Income Streams As A Digital Nomad

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My 2018 income revealed! You kept asking, so here we go… 🙂 This is exactly how I make money as a digital nomad and how much I earn through each of my multiple income streams. Explained through, er, puppies…

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Today’s video is all about my income as a digital nomad. In other words, how I make money while travelling full-time and how much I earn as a digital nomad. I include all of my income streams, including freelance work that I can do remotely (aka one of the most popular digital nomad jobs!) and how much I earn from blogging.

Setting up multiple streams of income – including some passive income streams! – has been a huge part of making digital nomad life possible. At the moment these include some freelance work that I do for clients and some income from my own personal projects such as travel blogging and vlogging.

As always, thanks for watching this little income report. I hope it’s made how I make money online a little clearer by showing the kind of remote work I do, and I may make it a regular thing. Becoming a digital nomad isn’t easy, but it’s definitely been a rewarding journey for me so far. I hope that shows and I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions, leave them below!

See you in the next one 🙂


hi guys and welcome back to my channel
and welcome back to our little house in Crete
I’m actually in Brendan’s office today the other day he stole my m50 and he
went out and filmed a video so I’m kind of stealing his office as payback not
because it’s better than mine my office is actually better but this part of the
room has much better lighting so I’m.

using it because I wanted to film a
video about my income yes even though I’m British I want to talk
to you about money and there’s a few reasons for that firstly it’s because
it is the question I get asked the most without doubt is what do you actually do
how do you make money how do you support yourself and I did go into a bit of
detail about this in my how I afford to.

travel video which I will link up here
if you haven’t seen it already but I don’t think I went into quite enough
depth I think maybe I need to show you which is hard because a lot of the work
I do I can’t physically show you on my screen because my clients might fire me
secondly and perhaps most importantly I.

want to be completely upfront about this
lifestyle as I’ve said I want this channel to share both the good and the
bad and the realities of living as a digital nomad working for yourself and
travelling full-time and obviously money is a very big part of that if not the
biggest part of that you have to be able.

to support yourself and you have to have
a way to make money online if you want to be a digital nomad and I’m also gonna
say I don’t think being a digital Nomad is for everyone I don’t think working
like this and living like this is for everyone and I’ve written a whole blog
post about why that is so I’m gonna link.

that below if you’re thinking of
becoming a digital Nomad please go check that out because there are some things
you might want to consider first and if you’re not thinking of becoming a
digital Nomad or working for yourself I hope you’ll still find this video useful
or interesting maybe you’re just nosy.

like me and then of course there’s
obviously the haters the people who say oh you’re just living off the bank of
mom and dad you’re obviously aren’t making any money so today I want to show
you yes this is possible maybe it’s not easy it’s definitely not easy but it is
possible so I’m just gonna share my.

income and my job
of making money while traveling so far so let’s talk about money and if you
watch Brendan’s channel you might be familiar with his income octopus-like
him I have multiple income streams I think it’s very important for any
digital nomad to have multiple income streams I think it’s a good idea for
anybody to have multiple income streams.

and I’ve always had multiple income
streams even when I had a full-time corporate job in London but I don’t
really like animals with more than four legs or things that live in the sea
apart from maybe dolphins and seals so instead I’m gonna show you my income
with puppies because everybody loves puppies right the first one’s more of a
dog now than a puppy I guess because.

it’s grown so much since I started
traveling full-time and that is seo seo if you’re not familiar with it stands
for search engine optimization it’s a type of digital marketing and it’s
basically helping a website to rank higher in Google so when you search
something like cute puppy in Google you want your website to be up there at the
top SEO is helping a website to get to.

the top that’s something I did for
several years in London before I’ve worked with some pretty big brands in
the UK like NatWest RBS new lurk John Lewis you know I’ve worked for a lot of
big brands doing that now I get to work with smaller brands more local brands
and I really enjoy doing it on a smaller.

scale and in my first month of working
for myself I didn’t actually do any SEO work at all I made zero income from SEO
and I hadn’t made SEO income for at least a few months before that my last
job in London wasn’t even purely SEO which is why I was kind of moving away
from it and then somehow I just kind of.

naturally fell back into it as clients
died asking for it or friends started suggesting me to work with people and
now SEO has kind of been my sort of bread and butter since about December or
January and what I mean by that is that I’m guaranteed income from SEO every
month because I have my clients on.

retainer some of them by sort of ad-hoc
services on a month by month basis but most of them are on
retainer and I have several clients on retainer and I know I’m gonna make at
least that much money my income kind of varies because of those ad hoc projects
sometimes I have one of projects it just lasts a month or two but over the last
eight months apart from that very first.

month when I didn’t make any money my
SEO income has varied between 500 at about 1200 pounds so that’s my first
puppy and as I said that puppy’s actually more of a dog because he’s kind
of grown up a bit and that expanded very quickly my second puppy is copywriting
I’ve been doing copywriting freelance.

copywriting for years I started
copywriting when I was at university and I’ve been doing it for about seven or
eight years now freelance and that varies completely every month it’s
usually just one of projects there’s very few ongoing projects that I have
for copywriting but that could be anything from writing webpages blog post
sales copies newsletters social media.

posts but it’s all kind of like ad hook
and the thing about this puppy is that he’s going to stay a puppy I’m not going
to take on too much copywriting work because it’s very labor intensive and
you really are selling time for money and that’s something that I wanted to
move away from in this lifestyle for me.

becoming a digital nomad and working for
myself was the opportunity to not have a cap on my income and stuff that
copywriting is always gonna prevent you from pushing through that ceiling my
copywriting income usually varies from about 300 to 600 pounds per month
depending on what’s going on and it’s.

not all travel my clients range from
fashion and Finance to insurance automobile and of course a little bit of
travel riches the thing I love most and as I said this puppy is going to stay a
puppy because I’m not really interested in growing my copywriting income I like
taking on new projects I like the.

challenge of it it’s fun to keep my work
varied but it’s not something that I want to be doing too much of so this
puppy is in a really good place and I’d like him to stay a puppy forever
my third and final puppy for client work is affiliate marketing affiliate
marketing is what I did right up till the day I quit my job in London my last
job in London was doing affiliate.

marketing full-time for one of the
biggest publishers in the UK so naturally that was kind of my main
source of income my biggest puppy in my first month or two of being a digital
nomad and I’ve kind of killed that puppy I don’t do any affiliate marketing
anymore because I kind of wanted to focus on my own affiliate marketing on
my own website and I will get to that in.

a bit but yeah I kind of killed that
puppy off because it’s very time consuming and you have to be very
involved and you can’t take on lots of clients doing that but in my first month
or two I made about four or five hundred pounds per month doing that night
apparently according to my spreadsheet I made 570 pounds in my first month doing
that affiliate marketing is basically.

another type of digital marketing and
it’s something people may not know about but when you click on a link from a
website and you buy a product the retailer gives the publisher a little
bit of commission so if I recommend some puppy food and you click on my link from
my website and you buy this puppy food.

I’ll probably get between 1 and 3% of
the total sale price so you normally make very little money but if you do it
well and you’re good at it you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing
and it’s also passive income you once you set it up you don’t really have to
do much and then we move on to my second.

litter of puppies and again this is what
I call like my me projects and I’ve got to stop doing this I’ve been blogging
for over five years I’ve been making money from blogging and my own websites
for over four years and yet for some reason I’m so reluctant to call it my
business or I don’t really see it as my.

real business and I really want that to
change and this month I’ve been working on making that change and so I’ve
started really focusing on treating my blog and all the related things as a
business and that’s partly because I just love it so much and one of the
great things about working for myself is.

having the time and
the flexibility to be able to do that and the other reason is because my me
income has started overtaking my client income every month and I see a great
opportunity there and it’s something I really love and feel passionate about so
why would I not go ahead with that why would I not make the most of that
opportunity and to go along with that.

I’ve also started investing more in my
blog and my own brand ala Joad and I’m not gonna cover expenses in this video
because honestly I don’t even know exactly what they are and I’m playing
around with a lot of stuff at the moment if you’d like to see that let me know
but I will most likely publish something.

over on my book I’ve even set up a brand
new mailing list for that so if you want to join that as well I will put that
below the mailing list itself is a great example of something I’ve just invested
in to try and sort of start seeing our child as a business so going back to the
money back to the puppies again there.

are three main puppies in this litter
and the first one again is affiliate marketing why not start with that this
is the smallest puppy this one is just a little teeny tiny newborn puppy as I
said I worked in affiliate marketing for one of the biggest publishers in the UK
and I saw how much money I could make.

for them and yeah I didn’t do it with my
own websites and to be honest I think that’s because doing it all day and then
coming home the last thing you want to do is do the same thing on your own
website you want to do the fun parts of running your website that’s why you
spend your evenings and your weekends.

doing it so until recently affiliate
marketing was basically non-existent on my blog I really did SEO even though I
know SEO and I sell it to clients and it’s what I do for some reason I
neglected to do it on my own websites so I’ve been changing that and a few months
ago I decided bright I’m gonna start.

from scratch with everything so that’s
what I’ve been working on a lot recently and the affiliate marketing in the first
month made me about thirty pounds not very much definitely not enough to live
on runny enough to live for like one day if that then in my second month I made
40 pounds a 33% increase but.

still not really enough to live on for
even a couple of days and then in the third month the last month is increased
nearly 500 percent its jumped up to about 220 pounds a month just in one
month which is still not enough to live on but you know I’m getting them getting
better at it and this is what I should.

have been doing all along and yeah at
least I’m doing it now anyway so that is that puppy is growing quite quickly and
I hope he grows up very very fast because I actually love affiliate
marketing it’s the reason I did it full-time and I love that job it was
hard to quit and yeah it’s great to be actually seeing it grow on my own
website even though the numbers are.

still small and it’s still very new it’s
something I’m really excited about and I think that’s really important when you
work for yourself you have to love what you do my second puppy in this category
and this has been sort of my main income from blogging for the last four years is
brand partnerships and collaborations.

and I’m putting this under one big
umbrella this could be anything from sponsored blog posts to social media
post to Instagram takeovers it could be anything that involves working with a
brand whether that’s an airline a tourism board a hotel and this puppy’s
kind of crazy he’s like all over the place like
bouncing he’s completely unpredictable.

and the income from this has varied
every month from like 300 pounds to over three thousand pounds per month and you
just never know what’s gonna happen what’s gonna fall through it’s not
really a reliable source of income but when it’s good it is good so yeah I
don’t know what’s gonna happen to that.

puppy he could just run away tomorrow or
he could just grow up and be the world’s biggest dog I have no idea and it’s kind
of fun it’s nice that I don’t depend on that income in any way I would be waking
up terrified every day if I did but it’s certainly a nice extra to have and I’m
like that puppy in this basket and this.

one’s just a little baby as well that is
my advertising revenue and I don’t really use ads on my site and the
thinking of maybe doing it maybe I don’t know I still don’t know how I feel about
it but at the same time I kind of expect it when I go on websites because I know
people have got to make money I know how.

much time and effort goes into
sustaining a blog and making it good so that’s something I’m considering right
now I’m only using Adsense Google Adsense and that comes from a few ads on
my blog most of it comes from YouTube and that’s been anywhere from like 40
pounds to 200 300 pounds per month I think my best month on YouTube was about
two hundred and fifty pounds but for.

some reason that’s dropped right down to
about 120 pounds a month now so not enough to live on and again I don’t know
what will happen with that because you cheap revenue seems to be going down and
obviously my channel is still very small and young but it is actually enough to
pay for say my food for the month and.

that’s it for my little pack of puppies
and dogs right now the final thing I want to talk about is the puppies I’m
hoping to adopt in the future so my goal is to kind of feed the affiliate puppy
until he gets really big and fat and he can be my top dog and my other puppy
that I want to bring in is products so.

like I’m in a place where I have a
little bit of time and I’m definitely comfortable enough that I can take a few
risks and I want to invest in the business and I want to try something new
I wanna I want to adopt another puppy and I really want to start creating my
own products whether that’s writing a.

book or creating a course I’m not
entirely sure yet if the affiliates go well since that’s my background and
something I know I can do it would make sense to kind of look into writing a
book for other bloggers to grow their affiliates since I can’t help each of
them and sell my services in that way that way I can share my knowledge and
make some money make some passive income.

from it but I’m not I’m not decided on
that yeah I guess I’ll update you when I am but right now there’s like a few
puppies that I have my eye on and I haven’t chosen which breed I want I’m
also considering maybe something to help other dish to nomads
maybe I can create some sort of resource or service that will help people who
want to live the same lifestyle as me or.

at least try it out and I want to create
something that’s really fairly priced and something really honest because I do
feel like the market is lacking that right now and maybe digital nomads the
word digital nomads gets a bad reputation because of it and I haven’t
figured out what that would be if you.

have any ideas let me know but in
anticipation of that I have started a whole new digital Nomad hub and section
over on my blog that I’m gonna be growing and I started a whole newsletter
for that as well so if you want to join that and hear about whatever it happens
to be what it ends up being I’d love to.

have you there I would put the link
below and that is it for this video so I have my six puppies which is great but
you know you can never have too many puppies right and I’m excited I’m
actually really excited to see what new puppies I can adopt maybe one day I’ll
have like a whole dog park of puppies.

and that would basically be the dream
and yeah that is it the other one point I really want to make last one I promise
is that this lifestyle really is not for everyone I took a risk I took a massive
risk because I knew that the reward would be worth it and I knew that I
wanted it and I knew that I was willing.

to work for it and it’s paid off but
it’s only really just started to pay off and it’s only just started to feel
secure I guess and it’s been an emotional ride it’s been the most
emotional eight months of my life it’s been intense and I think unless you
really want it it’s just like something you shouldn’t put yourself through and
that really is it for this video so like.

I said if you want to join my digital
Nomad newsletter I’ll put the link below if you’re not really interested in that
but you’re still watching and you want to join my regular newsletter I would
also put the link to my shiny new formatted newsletter below and if you
want to go read that post that link will.

be below as well as always feel free to
ask me any questions in the comments I hope this is kind of expert
and everything well I hope it’s kind of showing you where my income comes from
but if you have any questions about any of my income streams about any of my
puppies which sounds so wrong now I’m.

hearing it then just leave the question
below I do try to reply to every comment I’m slow sometimes sometimes I’m busy
but I do always reply to every single comment and yeah that’s it for this
video to you anybody who’s ever asked me I know a lot of you have asked me about
my income and how I make money or you.

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