Creating Multiple Sources of Online Income | Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Creating Multiple Sources of Online Income | Digital Nomad Lifestyle

In this video I’ll go over how to create multiple sources of income within your business. We’ll go over software you can use to deliver remote services to your clients and how to grow your core business offerings, while expanding your online income.

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hey there folks uh today we’re going 
to talk about creating multiple   sources of income um we had a question come 
in from sabrina and i’m really excited about   this question because she is a certified 
financial planner and she wants to know how   to start to create some digital products for 
her her business we also had a question from  .

i think it was LD so i’m going to combine those 
two answers and hopefully we’re going to talk   about how to digitize some of these products 
and then the software you can use so LD said put a video together online see a lot 
of videos talking about businesses but   they don’t talk about the websites you can use to 
work from so LD I think you’re also talking about  .

how to do uh professional services so if i forget 
if you’re in the audience later on just remind me   and i’ll put that out there um but let’s start 
with our certified financial planner so for   sabrina we’re going to go through the software 
that you would need in addition to the ideas for  .

that so for my folks that are in professional 
service industries my attorneys doctors um   tax advisors uh financial people i know you have 
because you’re regulated there’s certain things   you can put online and certain things you can’t 
so of course before we talk about all this stuff  .

make sure that you push that through whatever you 
have to do to see if it’s okay to put it online   particularly if you work for some type of 
brokerage firm or that type of thing if it’s just   regular and it’s just you maybe the limitations on 
that are a little bit different but check that out  .

before you go through some of this online process 
so for the certified financial planner um first   thing i want you to do is check the publications 
that already exist so most of the publications   whether it’s a trade journal or whether it used to 
be various financial magazines they are all online  .

and you want to build your reputation and 
your brand and your name in that industry   and the easiest way to do that is to research the 
publications that fall with your niche within your   audience this is for every industry whether you’re 
in a medical field whether you’re a golfer i mean  .

there’s literally a trade publication and there is 
some type of magazine and thing for every industry   that exists i recommend you or get assistant to 
research what those publications are and you’re   going to pitch yourself either your story or 
providing some type of information to this online  .

publication so when we talk about kind of creating 
your online brand or creating your online money   you need to be associated with as many websites as 
possible this is going to help you with your seo   so if you’re on various reputable websites that 
are in your industry not only does it help you  .

with seo it’s also going to help your reputation 
where people are interested in working with you   so spend some time i don’t care what industry 
you’re in spend some time finding out what   those online publications are that you can pitch 
yourself to they are always looking for content  .

because we talked about content content is super 
important because people use it to make money   they use it for the ads hey there sandra 
i have your question coming up too sandra   um so be sure to research the online publications 
and you’re going to put yourself there okay   second thing i want you to do is determine what 
platform you want to be on to help you market  .

i am biased i am always going to tell people 
to start with youtube and again the reason why   i say start with youtube is because youtube is 
an internet versus an intranet and it’s owned   by google so the way they operate is more of um 
if you have the keywords necessary and if people   engage with the video it helps the algorithm 
and it gives the algorithm the assumption that  .

when people search for these key terms and they 
come to this particular video and they stay that   means this must be what they’re looking for so 
as a certified financial planner start to create   it doesn’t have to be youtube i’m just saying 
little bias on youtube um just start to create  .

content you’re going to create content of let’s 
say the 10 to 15 things that you hear often in   your practice what are some of the questions that 
people have what are some of the recommendations   you think people should be um taking in regards to 
financial planning or anything folks if you’re not  .

in financial planning just switch it to your 
industry okay so create that content so that   you will have something to distribute on whatever 
online platform you decide to use okay so whether   it’s i don’t know i don’t know about tick tock 
but i know some people are using it whether it’s  .

tick tock uh face face facebook is okay but just 
understand if you put your content on facebook   they’re going to require you or they’re going to 
limit your ability to reach your audience because   they want you to pay for it so i’m always going 
to recommend that you stick with uh websites that  .

are search specific your youtubes your pinterest 
your course thing like that and start to create   that content now once you create that content 
you are going to create a lot of you know i have   a digital what is it digital nomad toolkit the 
description the link is in this description that  .

this is how people get in touch with you people 
download this information and this is how you   can continue to market to them particularly 
as we’re getting ready to go into this um   really interested economy that we’re going to 
experience you need to be able to have access   to people who are interested in your contact 
directly because ad cost is going to increase  .

a variety of things can start changing but if 
you can communicate with your audience directly   you can save a lot of cost that way so we’re gonna 
talk about an email marketing software for those   of you who downloaded um the digital nomad toolkit 
if you haven’t again link is in the description  .

the the uh email marketing software i’m gonna i 
recommend that i use is different i’m not gonna   talk about that one because it’s not very 
user friendly and so from the comments and   stuff that you all been giving me you want 
something very tech easy so understand when   you’re first starting off that’s cool the tech 
can be very basic but as you want to automate  .

the process as you start to scale you are going 
to need to look at different software to make it   um usable and not drive you crazy with all the 
things that won’t connect together okay so we’re   going to stay in this one space but then we’re 
going to increase once that’s needed so for my  .

certified financial planner start creating the 
content okay then compile whether you want to do   a pdf where you want to do a free training however 
you want to do it but create something valuable   so that you can capture people’s email addresses 
and continue to market and have conversations  .

with them some of the software and i’m gonna 
show you my screen let’s bring this up oh   yeah let’s make her bigger okay so this is 
mailchimp and we talked about mailchimp before if   you new to this series you can look at some of the 
recordings mailchimp is a very easy user friendly   email marketing software it does not in my opinion 
integrate to a level um when you need to scale  .

but if you are just starting out mailchimp 
is great and then this is also convertkit   um so and again all the links to this stuff for 
the most part if not more are in the digital uh   toolkit that’s going to digital nomad 2k 
which is in the description box so in case   you don’t have to write notes it’s already there 
um that is what i would start for you to go ahead  .

and create something valuable you can do that 
over the weekend next weekend you want to put   your to-do list together you can go ahead start 
to research the publications in your industry   in finance start to think about how you can pitch 
to them and get featured in those magazines and  .

trade journals again the reason for that is 
because when they when your name is associated   with these things it helps you with seo and of 
course you’re going to bring them back to your   website when you’re on platforms like youtube and 
all the other social media platforms you’re going  .

to direct people to your free download again this 
allows you to continue to communicate with them   next we’re going to go to how you work 
with the individuals and automate that so   let’s say somebody downloaded your 
you know top things you need to do   in regards to retirement i don’t know pull 
that out of the air if they download that  .

in the email you’re welcome sequence you want to 
give them instructions as to how how do they work   with you okay so if they want to work with you 
what is the process and you want to automate that   process as much as possible so we’re going to look 
at um acuity so acuity is a scheduling software  .

there are a lot of scheduling softwares that 
exist right now okay so you have to pick   software that won’t stress you out that much 
okay so there’s calendar lead which i also like   um the reason why i choose acuity over the 
other ones is because it plays really nicely   with the other software i use personally to scale 
okay so if you feel like you look at acuity and  .

you’re like what is going on then look at 
calendar league because it’s a much easier   process so basically follow me with this flow 
so you have your your content that is going out   marketing for you you’re getting covered in 
various online publications whether you’re writing   articles or people are writing the articles 
about you you’re going to bring them back to  .

your website where you encourage them to download 
something that is important based on the industry   that they are you that you’re serving okay once 
they download that information now you’re going   to either provide a level of what um we do for a 
lot of clients which is educational marketing in  .

the area of finance that’s why i’m so excited that 
you asked this question sabrina because there’s   so much information that people need in regards 
to financial education you can have a wonderful   education sequence that goes out and email and 
every what second to third email just remind  .

people how do they work with you and automate that 
process by acuity or whatever count of whatever um   scheduling software you want to use okay again i 
use acuity but you could use if you want um once   so what we have is everything’s filtering things 
to your website the website is um having people uh  .

get their email that you’re delivering an 
educational email sequence of what content that   you created in that you’re telling people how to 
contact you that has a link okay when people go to   that link they come over here to calendar lee nope 
that’s not what this is called they go over here  .

to a cutie or whatever other software that you’re 
using for those of you who are in a different   industry and you want people to pay before they 
can schedule with you most of the scheduling   software will allow you to do that calendar 
will allow you to do that in addition to acuity   in the case of a financial planner you may want to 
do like a free 15 minute or whatever consultation  .

before you sign you sign them up as a client so 
again from the link they go the calendar link   then the other reason why i like acuity which i’m 
not sure if calendar lee does this once someone   sets an appointment with you on acuity it will 
connect to zoom okay and then it’ll create a link  .

for zoom and then it will automatically send the 
link for the meeting to the person who schedule it   so you don’t need an assistant in that part 
all of that was automated okay so from acuity   it goes to zoom zoom and zoom will send both you 
and the person um who is on the meeting with you  .

um so that everyone knows where they’re supposed 
to be at what time and all you have to do   is show up okay you show up and you do your 
pitch and that type of thing so this is for your   core business if you want to get more automated 
clients online but a lot of that is going to   depend on the content you created in order to 
get people to that funnel okay we good so far  .

all right so once we automated that to zoom you 
can schedule a lot of automation whether it be in   acuity or zoom to have follow-ups i want you 
to schedule your follow-up a lot of people   particularly in the service industry lose 
out on clients because they gonna follow up   you’re gonna have this whole meeting and 
you can follow up with your people so you  .

can automate that process again in your 
email software or in addition to your uh   your scheduling software okay we good all right 
so then after that um we’re going to talk about   some other let’s see which will you use your 
email marketing software okay so we did that   you can use acuity zoom got that got that okay 
core business okay so your core business is  .

a certified financial country which is kind 
of like any my consultants that’s going to   be your core business now what we want to do is 
create other products that revolve around your   core business so that you can make income off of 
those products as well and because they’re digital   you don’t necessarily have to be there now let’s 
talk about this uh illusion of passive income okay  .

you’re gonna have to do some work to create 
it like that’s just what this is it’s not   going to be you just people just pay you money 
you’re gonna have to set the processes up you’re   gonna have to set the software up and you’re 
going to have to create the content so let’s   talk about some software you can use to execute 
that but well let’s let’s just look at that okay  .

so we have zoom we already explained that this 
is cellify and again if you have not downloaded   the digital nomad toolkit that’s in cell file 
all the links to what i’m talking about today   are on on that link download that and that 
allows me to communicate back and forth with you   okay so sellify will actually let you sell 
physical products as well i haven’t used sellify  .

in that capacity i honestly feel like shopify is 
a lot better with physical products but the thing   that i love about sellify is for your for your 
e-products it does a couple things so let’s go   to features products integration where can i say 
about the products so if you have any pdf if you  .

want to do any ebooks this is what i like they 
have pdf stamping why is that important it just   helps a little bit you don’t necessarily need it 
let me make this bigger so you guys can see that   you don’t necessarily need pdf stamping but 
what that means is the person who purchases   your ebook they are registered on the ebook it 
prints it it stamps it so if somebody else has  .

a copy of it it’s going to have the person 
who actually purchased it on um the book so   that’s a good thing i mean if somebody 
wants your content they’re gonna take it   but it’s it’s just a good like little small 
security feature that you might like if you   have something of importance and intellectual 
property that you want to try to protect  .

then it’s a good look okay so sellify is great 
with that if you have any software or plugins   or anything that you want people to download and 
purchase it sellify is really really great with   digital products so again we’re talking about 
the example of our certified financial planner  .

her core products are the consulting or speaking 
to clients but now let’s talk about some other   products she can create whether it be ebooks on 
wealth creation or whatever part of certified   planning you want to focus on the whole 
wealth management and financial field is so   broad that for seo purposes you may want 
to just focus on certain topics like you  .

may just want to do retirement and work with 
people who are in retirement that does not   exclude you from working with other people 
we’re talking about when you first start out   google needs to understand in other search engines 
they need to understand what your content is about   and a lot of that comes with keywords and so 
when you attempt to create broad content it  .

makes it really difficult for search engines 
to know specifically what um your website is   about because remember their whole purpose is to 
get people on the platform in the case of google   have them search have a good user experience 
and immediately get what they want and that   will include selling some ads okay so you know 
anytime you do a google search at the top is ads  .

and then it’s organic listings so you’re going to 
um create some additional uh additional e-products   so that you can sell those on your website this 
can be an ebook that talks about whatever part of   financial planning you want to discuss you can 
have several ebooks okay you can break it down  .

you can write ebooks on um people preparing 
to you know put their kids through college   recommendations stuff on you know insurance plans 
you can run the gamut on this if you want to be   known for the specific individual in this area of 
wealth management or certified financial planning  .

just start creating content specifically with 
those keywords and in that in that area okay   so with that here comes all your products you 
can do um uh again we talked about the ebooks   you can do video courses you can do just a 
workshop so let’s talk about the software to pull   all this off so submitting some online you can 
do an online wealth summit many of you know i did  .

the uh moving abroad summit last october sabrina 
you’re a certified financial planner you can bring   various people together online so that people 
can so it can fulfill the overall um goal so   if it’s all about wealth management 
you can bring a tax attorney together   you can bring um what else are people using tax 
attorneys um accountants uh insurance people  .

you can bring all these people together so they 
can provide education for your audience and you   can charge people to attend or you can make it 
free and charge the various um experts that are   going to be presenting because ultimately it can 
help get them clients or you can have them sponsor  .

certain things you can do that a variety of ways 
and understand you still got your core business   okay so you got your core business you got your 
ebooks you got a wealth summit if you want to do   that if you want to do workshops if you want to do 
a one-day workshop and just invite people in who  .

want to learn about whatever random thing um you 
want to teach guys i hope you’re seeing how this   thing works regardless of your industry even 
though i’m talking about certified financial   planner it’s because the example that’s the 
example sabrina gave me but i want you to start um  .

i hope the wheels are turning how you can apply 
this in your own um your own business i’m sorry   i ain’t putting no phone on vibrate a nut in my 
apologies okay so we talked about how you can do   a wealth management summit or whatever summit 
that you feel would best serve your audience  .

so even if you don’t know what the content is at 
the moment that’s why it’s so important to get the   downloads and getting people’s um information so 
you can communicate with them those of you who are   on my list i’m emailing you i’m telling you reply 
back to this email tell me what your questions are  .

so that i know that so i can create content 
for you so this is what you’re going to do   with the industry that you belong to okay so we 
have you can do summits what else i have here oh   now software affiliate uh programs um the easiest 
way i know online everyone’s like oh you can   do all this affiliate marketing many people do 
affiliate marketing with amazon and that type of  .

thing for my professional service people you guys 
are in a really good position because a lot of   times you’re using software to run your business 
effectively or software out there that could   help your clients and most software offers 
affiliate programs affiliate programs through   software is some of my favorite options because 
some of them will give you um a monthly commission  .

for every month that the client is on there and 
if this is software that you like and you stand by   it’s a win-win because um in most industries 
you’re always using certain type of software to   pull it off and even if you start creating science 
if you start creating content on how to use that  .

software effectively in your industry because like 
we talked about before a lot of these software   companies don’t market well and so now your name 
can end up being associated with the software just   based off of seo and then you can end up getting 
brand deals because the software sees that people  .

are now paying attention because of content you 
made so again we’ve got your core business we’ve   got your digital products whatever you know 
workshop ebooks uh courses you want to do on   that we got potential brand deals and we also have 
affiliate marketing so we see we’re talking about  .

five different ways here and i’m what i want you 
to understand is how to have the software can help   you pull this off what software did i leave off 
on i’ll have fun sullify let me see which okay now   let’s say you get a group of clients and you want 
to train them over the course of four weeks you  .

know however long you can use software to create 
these various online um educational platforms now   um many of you know i have the uh portuguese 
uh class here and i use of course software   to pull that off a lot of the software that 
exists for um online platforms uh for teaching   are special okay they do some things really good 
and they do other things really badly okay but  .

don’t let that stop you so the two most notable 
ones um are teachable and take some time to   check out teachable to see if you like teachable 
versus the one that i use which is thinkific um   think if it like most of the 
software that i tend to choose   in my world in business is i look 
for software that plays nicely  .

with other software i use because i like 
things to be automated in my business most of these have a um free trial period i 
encourage you test all this stuff out go log   in create account with the software see how it 
feels for you personally no one can tell you   what software feels good to you um and based on 
your goals you might want something completely  .

completely different i’m telling you why i 
choose what i choose okay so check it out do   a little free um trial for think uh teachable 
and thinkific see which user interface you like   better which one seems to be easier for you to use 
and go that route now again we’re talking about a  .

certified financial planner she now can do courses 
based on specific content that she wants to do   and have people purchase uh pay for that okay so 
that’s the online course section and i think we’re   up to create content your website ah now we talked 
about this yesterday creating content is super  .

super important it is your 24 hour seven days a 
week sales person the more content you put out   there in the world the easier it is for people 
to find you and want to work with you or buy   or buy your products okay so i’m going to 
encourage you to start writing content for   your personal or your business your personal your 
business website and so a lot of businesses miss  .

out on this they’ll just put they may put some 
blog articles and they may put some old blog   articles there but once you start getting people 
to your website once you get about 35 000 monthly   views um and that doesn’t happen overnight you 
have to start creating the content you have to  .

start creating great content and good content um 
once you get about 35 000 views um monthly now   you open your business to yet another revenue 
stream in which you can charge for advertising   most advertis most advertisers want to see at 
least 35 000 on the low end now you can sign up  .

for something like google adsense which will let 
you put ads on your website and they’re pretty   random and the user experience honestly looks 
really janky it’s true um it looks janky and it   looks it is what it is and it’s not much made it’s 
not much conversion for your website for you to uh  .

affect the usability for your customers 
just to make a couple pennies it’s not   gonna really be worth it so concentrate on 
writing quality content for your website   so that you can start to get ranked in the search 
engines and so now google is sending more people   to you and the more people they send then you 
can use advertising as another revenue stream  .

for your business but again you need about 35 000 
or more a month in order to pull that off okay   all right so we talk about teachable and so 
now membership sites membership sites are   awesome because you can basically lower your 
price point if you want to and you don’t need   a lot of people to make it profitable you can 
use the um software that i was just talking about  .

teachable and thinkific to create membership sites 
or if you have um y’all know i love wordpress if   you have wordpress there’s a bunch of different 
software that will connect with wordpress that   will allow you to hide certain content from people 
who didn’t pay for membership so there’s a lot  .

of software um for membership sites and if you 
want maybe um later on during this series i will   do some with that um but memberships are great 
because again you charge a monthly fee and then   you don’t have to worry about um getting clients 
over and over again that monthly fee of people who  .

are interested because you’re giving them content 
they pay you every single month so every month   you already come into the black with that you know 
what i’m saying so membership sites are wonderful   there are a lot of commitment um so think about 
that but i’m hoping that what you’re seeing  .

is even though you have your core business you 
can have a variety of different e-businesses or   e-products so that they are going on being 
so in the background while you’re still   concentrating on your core business 
all my professional service people   you definitely need to be doing even 
if you’re a dentist if you’re a dentist  .

you need to be creating content you can 
create books to let people know you can   you can do all this um you can have workshops you 
can you all of this is for everybody but for the   professional service folks sometimes you don’t 
think in a e-digital type of way because just   probably because you weren’t trained to do that so 
what i’m trying to encourage you is to think that  .

way so that god forbid if you can’t be available 
for a month you still have all your other digital   products going that you can still make income from 
your service in addition to all of these ancillary   types of products continue to contribute to 
your brand they can trip they contribute to  .

um people wanting to work with you but again none 
of this stuff works regardless of the software   or any of this if you don’t create information 
out in the world so that people know that they   need to work with you if you’re quiet and 
you’re not telling people about your business   they’re not going to learn about it so i 
can show you all the software in the world  .

but if you don’t put your stuff out there or 
sit down over the weekend and think about what   your content strategy is going to be or what you 
want to execute or what you want to be known for   um it’s going to be really challenging to pull 
this off okay sorry does that make sense guys if  .

you have any questions if you can do me a favor 
and just put q in the chat that way i’ll know   it’s a question versus someone just communicating 
all right it’s sunday we slowly need sunday okay   good morning sandra okay should you get some 
kind of copywriting or licensing before posting  .

a copy on sellify i would recommend it i would 
recommend anything that you would do to protect   yourself for actual book go ahead and do that on 
um if you’re gonna sell it for a pdf uh it’s not   necessary if you are um it really depends on 
how serious your stuff is for sabrina she’s a  .

certified financial planner and if she has some 
strategies that um she really wants to protect   i would probably recommend more like a video 
course versus a pdf so for me there’s certain   things that you know i’ll go ahead and 
put out there on youtube with no problem   but there’s other things that when i’m 
actually in a course that people pay for  .

that is you know that’s actually not the goods i 
give goods out here too but that’s when i’m really   gonna make sure that the people who invest in it 
are going to get everything that they need and so   for certified financial planner you might want 
to push that more on the video courses than pdfs  .

but you can do pdf guides you can 
do um any printables so for example   even if you have like let’s say a spreadsheet 
let’s say you have a personal finance spreadsheet   um or for business or what have you that would be 
super super helpful and would adjust a learning   curve and make something super easy for your 
clients you can sell that you can lock down an  .

excel sheet with all the um formulas 
and everything already in it   put it on your website to sell for your clients 
and look that’s on the website being sold   as a digital product as a certified financial 
planner without you having to do anything but   understand the key important thing was that you 
created content that drew people to it to know to  .

buy it so i don’t want anyone listening to the 
sound of my voice to focus so much on the tech   that they don’t create the product like you 
don’t create the content that will get you to   the product you you don’t have anything to sell 
that but you spend so much time on the tech and   researching that that at the end of it you get 
exhausted you know because you spent so much time  .

and then you just don’t make a move you don’t do 
any of this okay so that ain’t what i want for   you all right so i think we are good there all 
right sandra i also have your question sandra   sandra emailed me a question hey guys if you want 
to communicate with me directly go ahead download  .

the digital nomad toolkit in the um description 
box and you’re going to get an email with the   toolkit in addition to um my email so we can 
communicate back and forth because i’m going live   around this time for i don’t know how long 
and i need your questions i know what type of   content to create for you and know where you’re 
stuck so let me go back to the question okay  .

so am i familiar with third party selling amazon 
or other sites yes and sandra i’m glad that you’re   here so that you can elaborate on that question 
for me i am familiar with it um what about it   uh can you sell content how-to documents 
on etsy and how would you market it on ig   okay so you can sell it on content you can sell 
it on etsy um an etsy etsy is a good place for  .

people who don’t yet have an audience because etsy 
already has an audience and people peruse through   etsy and they may find you that way so etsy is a 
good look particularly just starting off but what   i’m always going to encourage you to do is to 
build your own personal brand so that you don’t  .

need sites like etsy to um to market yourself 
because it eats into your profit when you guys are   selling like actual goods and opposed to digital 
goods there’s a component there’s there’s massive   uh there’s a bunch of stuff that can affect your 
overall bottom line so you have shipping you have  .

the um commission that’s going to be paid to 
whatever platform you’re on you have you have   customer service you just got a lot going on with 
physical products not to say it’s not profitable   because but it is it’s just work and i think um 
when it comes to shipping and drop shipping people  .

don’t understand how much work it is because it’s 
all this stuff out here on the internet saying   how easy it is and you can make all this money but 
people aren’t looking at the actual steps involved   for it so yes you can sell on etsy i’m going 
to encourage you to also sell on your website  .

because if you’re producing content like if 
you’re talking about instagram and sandra i’m   not sure what you’re thinking about selling if you 
want to put type that in the comments let me know   um like we talked about yesterday getting 
an organic instagram is a bit of chat   is a bit of a challenge in this day and 
age a lot of platforms that just start out  .

if you jump on it when it just starts out you 
can get the um followers and things that you   need right now but for people who are starting 
new instagrams at this moment facebook will limit   your reach with no problem they will require you 
to pay for ads and that type of thing i built my  .

instagram reach from youtube um and you can 
so that’s just what that is so you can put   pictures of the items like we talked about before 
kind of creating content if it’s if it’s clothes   again put some models in it so people can see 
how it is on a real body you’ve seen these um   advertisements on instagram and that type 
of thing but their accounts might be older  .

all right so with instagram um i would definitely 
recommend pinterest pinterest is you can create   some pinterest boards you can start to create 
that content because pinterest is search based   instagram and facebook are not so 
it’s not to say it’s impossible   um i’m just going to push you into 
the direction that you can get  .

excuse me you can get leads sooner for those of 
you if you haven’t met me before this brand that   you’re looking at is basically a year old um and 
it’s not huge but it’s enough to be profitable   and that’s because it’s youtube that’s because 
youtube is search based and we can do instagram  .

but i’m always gonna push youtube so uh what else 
was your question on that you said should you   have separate websites for each business and have 
them as subsidiaries listed under a parent company   named for tax purposes all right i know i’ll be 
doing no tax advice but uh taxes are not going to  .

like what your brand name is you can do it doing 
business as or whatever uh but the website is   basically what your customers are going to see 
the backend of how you have your business set up   is a bit irrelevant to them like when you go to 
amazon you don’t know if you know it’s a s corp a  .

c corp a loc if it’s you know the parent company 
is this like in the in the front end of the   website all they need to know is that brand and 
how it’s corporately structured in the back end   is a bit irrelevant um what you need to do in 
regards to um how to set it up for taxes again i’m  .

always going to recommend that you talk to a tax 
professional because taxes are never going to be   a blanket statement so they may say if you’re just 
starting off based on the level of expenses that   you have that maybe you want to do a pass-through 
entity like a s-corp or pass-through llc or maybe  .

you know so very in what you want to do with your 
life like if you’re planning forward you might   say your tax advisor may say a c court might be 
better um but how it looks on the front end on the   website it’s going to be a bit irrelevant to what 
you’re doing in the back in regards to your taxes  .

if i understood your question correctly now should 
you have separate websites for each business   um it really depends how much the uh content that 
you’re selling relates with each other um so in   the case of sabrina that she’s a certified 
financial planner she may have some ebooks   and she may have some courses and she may have 
um you know some other things does she need to  .

create a website for all of those different things 
not necessarily um but if you’re doing something   like let’s say you sell dog food and you also 
sell flowers you probably need two different   websites uh because you don’t want to create a 
very confusing uh experience for the people who  .

are going to interact with you you want people 
to be able to make a um informed decision   very quickly you got about three seconds 
to get people when they’re on your website   and after that like it’s a wrap okay all right you 
answered it regarding drop shipping i see people   with their own stories okay um i see people with 
their own stories um on amazon and i assume they  .

have a drop shipper to deliver to their clients 
um sometimes some people are mailing it themselves   some people are out there with inventory in 
their house you know um there are drop shipping   uh mail centers that you can mail all your content 
to the center and nail ship it which is the the  .

method that i prefer but they take a commission 
so amazon’s gonna say so you can send it directly   to amazon and amazon will store it for you so 
that’s kind of like one of the amazon programs   they’ll store for you um or you can uh pay a 
lesser commission and you can get the business  .

from amazon and then you can mail it yourself all 
of it just depends on so many things how much your   product is how much the commission which are you 
know what your revenue like it’s it’s a series of   math and things you need to look into in 
order to make even for pricing the product um  .

it’s a lot with drop shipping that some 
individuals aren’t necessarily being fully   honest about and they gas people up like oh 
this is so easy you can make a zillion dollars   in forever and you know it is it is what it is all 
right okay question what are one ways to repurpose   content for further reach what are one 
ways to repurpose content for further reach  .

i’m not always sure let me let me try 
to answer what i think you’re asking   and then if that’s wrong just let me know um 
but somewhat okay some ways to repurpose content   okay right so let’s say we take this um this 
training that i’m doing right now right let’s say   well which i’m probably going to end up doing i’m 
end up cutting this up because it’s too long for  .

any other platform i’m going to cut it up 
and i’ll probably put some on instagram   and maybe something somewhere else when you 
are creating content oh maybe that’s what   one of the training should be how to create 
content huh sorry um when you create content   stick with the format that is less annoying for 
you okay so if you don’t feel like being on camera  .

okay i get it um but understand you don’t have to 
be on camera in order to be on youtube so you can   do a voiceover get a mic do a presentation educate 
your people you don’t have to show your face   um but it does help people connect with you 
a little bit better but it’s not necessary  .

so if you are avoiding youtube for that reason you 
don’t have to show your face um so you but if you   rather do a podcast and a lot of people 
doing podcasts now you can do a podcast you   can do a variety of different things and you’re 
basically just going to slice it up with either   if you’re doing video video software if you’re 
doing um podcasts i think audacity is a free.

audio software you can use and you cut this 
up and you display it in various places to   repurpose that content the thing is when you 
repurpose content you still have to remember   that each of the platforms have a different 
ecosystem like people operate differently like the   way people absorb content on instagram isn’t the 
same way that people absorb it on youtube and um  .

facebook or tick tock or whatever else pinterest 
whatever else is that’s out there so just be   mindful of that but yeah just if you want like 
if okay so if you guys are working like a nine   to five you like this creating content thing 
is a lot i don’t have time i get it um what you   can consider doing let’s say on the weekend you 
do especially for my uh my certified financial  .

planner sabrina go ahead prepare a training let’s 
say on a saturday you’re going to prepare a very   um effective and valuable training okay you can do 
it for hour if you want to take the whole weekend   and shoot let’s say for two hours you can cut 
those up in the small segments and distribute them  .

all out in the cyber spirit again so think of it 
like back in the day when we used to have radio   somebody wanted to um people wanted to have 
their album on every radio station so that   brought people back to buy the album that’s the 
same thing you’re doing with your personal brand   now if you’re just starting off you don’t have to 
be everywhere just stick to the place where your  .

audience is more likely located and that way um 
you can do it i just lost my train of thought   did i answer your question love cause 
i just got distracted okay let’s see   uh i drop [ __ ] my toc products and i live 
in vietnam have been here for two years   awesome mia okay so if you have any questions just 
go uh just put them put a cue by it so i know if  .

you have questions or if i need to answer it pay 
taxes okay so if we don’t have any questions guys   i’m out of here i’m gonna roll out um don’t forget 
to if you haven’t already download the digital   nomad toolkit at the bottom you’ll get an email 
let me know what your issues are or what questions  .

you have and you know we’ll take care of it i have 
a training on that i’ll be here tomorrow same bat   channel um but again send me your questions so 
i know where the struggle is okay so let me see   that i get everybody’s questions i think i did 
any cues all right folks we outta here thank you.

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