Digital Dollar 2021 | Universal Basic Income | Tamil Pokkisham | Vicky | TP

Digital Dollar 2021 | Universal Basic Income | Tamil Pokkisham | Vicky | TP


நல்லதை பகிர்வோம் நல்ல சமுதாயத்தை உருவாக்குவோம்!
தினமும் உங்கள் 10 நிமிடம் ஒதுக்குங்கள்
மாற்றத்தை நாம் தொடங்கிவைக்கலாம்…

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Many are scared because of what’s happening in the world. The videos and post make us question ourselves about our lives. We understand that you feel this way. The videos and posts are not to make people scared, but to ensure our people’s future. This will post will explain how to do it. In the last post, we discussed that many could lose their jobs. We also promised to discuss Digital Dollar and UBI which is going to come soon..

What’s the connection between these two? This post will be hard to understand in 2020. But when you hear the same news which is discussed in this topic in the future you will be amazed. Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. The first things to discuss is Fear.
How are we going to live in the coming days?.

Many are worried about money. Children can go to schools next year. So we are not worried about Studies. We worry about our jobs because if we work we get the salary. So we are all running in search of money. So the people who have a lot of money control the world. So people who have oil resources can control the World Politics. But the people who have money can control the Masses..

What is the connection between this money, Digital Dollar and UBI(Universal basic income)? This question is very new. We worked hard to collect this data and it was even harder to understand the concept. This post is very essential for us. UBI. Spain has decided to permanently establish Universal basic income in the coming days. This news is from today. Yesterday news was France and South Korea are going to establish digital currency..

The pilot program is running now. In South Korea, for 22 months this Pilot program will be held. So after 22 months that is December 2021 Digital Currency will be supplied to the whole country. Let’s take away the fear now when it comes to Digital Currency. Normal people live their lives worrying about money..

How can we fight against Dominant forces? Humanity. Tamil Pokkisham will help people who are in need of money. The channel will help people by donating them Rs50000. So the channel will take care of ten families salaries for two months. You can also help the people in need. A Viewer commented that he drives an auto and runs his family. So said that he was unable to earn money for his family. We also helped an Auto man buy food for his family..

This is how we should fight against Dominant forces. People are scared now. We are the ones who can take away their fear. The people who have savings. People who have money can help people in need. We can worry about the jobs later. But we should be aware of the situation which is going to come. So the main issue here is money. Now we should understand the meaning of Universal Basic Income..

Nearly for 10 years, the world is speaking about this UBI. The citizens of the country who are above 18 yrs old will be paid a sum of money on a monthly basis. In Italy, they have said that after the pandemic many will go jobless, the economic crisis will happen and people will not have any money. So the people who are above 18 yrs old will be paid the amount..

The money will be given to even Bill gates or a person who is a beggar. This is called Universal Basic Income. Many countries are now thinking to implement this system. How can they afford the money? When it comes to a govt it will be hard to give everyone money. People may change into lazy persons. There are issues with this system also. Many jobs which exist today will not be available after ten years. Everything will be operated by machines. AI will be used..

Will, there be work for humans if there is an AI? No. A Machine can do the work of 100 workers. It is believed that when that time comes UBI will help the people. This might look like a good system. How can people receive money? Whether its money or Digital Currency. We already discussed that South Korea is going to change to Digital Currency. China is now trying to change their money Yuan into Digital Currency. America is going to introduce the FED coin and Fed vault. All are digital currency..

Lets us explain this in detail. So in America, the money which may be in paper or coin. The money which is deposited in banks and in rotation. Physical money is now 1.75 Trillion Dollars. But Savings bank deposits and money market funds, The Digital Currency is America is 15 Trillion Dollars. So the physical money is only 1.75 Trillion but Digital money is 90% higher..

Where did the digital money come from? This is debts. In America, it is 90% Digital money but throughout the world, it is only 8%. In India, many of us use Physical money. Only some in the population use Digital Currency. Corona Virus is turning things around. In China, through Paper money the virus was spreading. So they decided to disinfect the money and also destroy the cash which contained the virus. There are reports that the virus may spread through money in India and throughout the world. So all countries will change to Digital Currency..

When we talk about Digital currency we should know about Cryptocurrency. For people who don’t about this take this example. We are going to deposit 5 lakh rupees as paper money. So after you deposit in a bank and they give you a passbook about the deposit that is called Digital Currency. So if a person wants to lend money from us. We will write a check and give it to that person..

The Cheque book converts itself into a Digital Currency. The Physical money which we deposited will be given to another person as a loan. So the bank doesn’t have that physical money in its deposits. So the money changes hands many times. But it will be in Digital Currency. This cycle will continue throughout the world. There will be no accounts for this Digital Currency..

Why do they want to change it as Digital Currency? Money has been changed into debt now. They cant print money anymore. So if they print it they have to show accounts. So the world will know how much money actually exists. We have reached a critical point now when the economy goes down, The Federal Reserve system cant print more money. So if they want to give away debts they should do it in Negative interest. This will be hard to understand. Please search for the terms..

In the upcoming posts, we will discuss more on Digital Currency and Bitcoin. What is the difference between Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency? Who is promoting Digital Currency? Please search these in google. Please search for it as you may find much truth about this Digital Currency. Your doubts will be clarified when we upload the next post. But your thinking and your actions will be based on the post..

The reason is in the future there will be no money only Digital Currency. In India also they will bring Universal basic income. There is no other way to it. Will time give us the answer or whether we should search for it ourselves? Tomorrow’s Post will be an important topic. Please wait for it. Please read this post once or twice to understand. We have made this post so tough to understand. Please wait for the post tomorrow..

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