Earn Passive Income | Active V/s Passive Income Options

Earn Passive Income | Active V/s Passive Income Options

Learn to Earn Passive Income from this Video

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in our latest video, we talk about if you don’t want to be
stuck between border life crisis and midlife crisis then you have to build an additional
source of income and today in this video we are talking about when you are understanding
income then you need to understand that Income is of two types one is active income and
one is passive income now what is active and.

passive income and why to build passive income
is important and how you can build it this you are going to learn in this video when
we are going to talk about Income I know you have interest about income and how to grow
it so if you like this video do share this video so that we can help a lot more people
so that they could build up passive income.

now let’s start with active income that what
is this active income basically means that Income which we earn by our hard
work the income which is dependent upon our efforts if we will do the work first then we
will get the income then that Income is active income somewhere or the other to earn this
active income with our time means time equals.

to money if we give it a 2 hours then we get
money according to us if we give it 4 hours then we earned according to 4 hours this is
called active income but here there is a shortcoming if a person is good for example if your world’s
best doctor you could see maximum of 10 patients but for instance, if you get 1000 patients
in a day then can you give treatment to 1,000.

patients the answer is no because you have
limited time so if you want to be able to give treatment to 1000 people so the fees
you would have been charged from them you won’t get that hence you won’t
get the money also now when people understood this concept they knew they have to build
passive income also so if you don’t work also.

then also you would on income means a doctor
can’t see 1000 patients then what he can do thinking that is important because they need
money so here above skills and time there is concept leverage means that even if you
don’t work then also your work is happening now what doctor did he opened up a hospital
and hired another doctors he started giving.

them salary started to charge from people
and an ecosystem was made you see it as a hospital but if I talk about business terms
then I say the passive income generation system now this passive income generation system
is launched by the person in life can do what he can achieve freedom and Life goal is not
earning money Life goal is enjoying life and.

the person can do only when he has passive
income when he has financial freedom because I know that to achieve financial freedom it
is very important that is why I want to train you that you become financially free and for
that understand passive income passive income means that even if you don’t work there is
money and in simple language even if you are.

sleeping and then also you are getting money
that means you are getting passive income so how you can build passive income that is
a very interesting topic so to explain you this income model there is a small story this
story is about Ram and Shyam both are friends but both do a very important work that they
don’t do anything they waste time so they.

think they need to do something as they are growing
up they need to earn money so what to do now they live in a village thinks what to do so Ram
says that in this village women get water from above the hill from the stream they take
the pot and bring it back so there is a very much need of water in our village so
why not we sell water filled in pots in.

a village we have to go up above the hill
only so we will do this and we will start getting income now they start that but after
some days Ram gets tired Ram says that I can’t go again and again we have to make a system
so that water itself come into the village so he goes to a potter and sees that he
has a tube in which there is a pipe and with that pipe, as he opens.

up he gets water so he thinks if the pipe
is this long can it reach from the mountain to the village when he asks that potter then
to Ram potter says that it is possible but it would take time Ram says that I am
ready to take time just help me now he ask Sham that is he is interested now Sham says
how is it possible to make such big pipe line.

I will do which I am doing Shyam does not
help Ram but in Ram one thing was clear that when it would come itself our efforts
would be for the life so why not take some months and make a pipeline now he works with
the potter many months are gone by but after that pipeline is ready and the day
the pipeline is ready business of sham is off because.

as with the pipeline he opens up the tap the
water comes in to fill up as many pots as you want so here the concept is that he spread
the pipeline with which water is coming properly now the water is coming properly so you
can sell as many pots as you want this is called a passive income generation system
now how you can do this story I had in.

9th standard when I was in 9th standard at
that time I went to a network marketing seminar and there I got to know that people earn passive
income like this I heard this passive income word in 9th standard now I came from 9th to
12th and after 12th when I started doing this work then I started teaching I used to teach
communication skills and personality development.

training and when people used to come to me
for personality development I got many students now the same thing that doctor got patients
I also got many students so what I did I open the open Institute and in that Institute I
used to sit in my director cabin used to see from the camera that teachers are teaching
and are the teaching good or not know if teachers.

are teaching good then am I doing hard work
no I am not doing hard work I did hard work was to build up the system and then teacher
started to teach then what I get passive income when I understood that I am getting passive
income I opened four Institute when I was 18 years old then from 18 years old I am building
a passive income what I did I can give you.

options so I opened the multiple Institute
even if I was not working I was getting money this is the first concept of passive income
after that what I did the money I earned with that I invested in online online e learning
platform if today I am getting students near by me but the student who is living in Chennai
or Gujarat or Kolkata if he also wants training.

then how would he get it so for that we decide
the online platform with that my students increased now even if I am sleeping at night
then also I am getting enrollment now this is also passive income now when I earn the
money I started to invest in real estate for example, I give property on rent so the
rent I’m getting is passive income so I again.

got passive income along with it I did a network
marketing I understood network marketing and build up a team as the team started to work
even if I wasn’t doing the work I was getting the money when I was in college then only
I had a team of thousands of people below me so think at that time when people were
confused about their career at that time I.

was building a passive income earned money
I started to invest in stocks recently in last month how I did it in double and trouble
within weeks I will show you with proof I invested in Burger King there price
was 60 rupees when Burger King IPO was launched than today it is of 190 in how many time within
weeks so here from 60 to 192 can see the money.

is tripled now I have financial knowledge
that is why I am not saying everyone’s money get tripled the person who gets a second example
I invested in bectorfood which is cremica company you would have eaten biscuits so I
knew that this would grow for that I researched and I invested my money so I knew that their
money would get double and exactly that happened.

if 250 rupees price get 500 then it is called double after IPO you
can see the price it is 500 Plus so here’s what I did it was doubled now for this double
what did I do I just invested but I got passive income because here I had money that is why
I invested so what I am doing in that what you can do today if I have multiple books
the when they are sold the royalty from them.

do I work from them that is again my passive
income I have online courses then also what is it passive income so in life I have learnt
one thing that work actively until you don’t get passive income you have to make a passive
income model when I have invested in multiple business model but as a silent partner now
silent partner means that even if I am not.

working those people are working those who
are my business partner and if our profits coming then I am getting the profits so I
am getting the profit as a silent business partner again what is this this is passive
income so I told you things which practically I have done in my life today you are watching
this YouTube video this would be running whole.

life on this YouTube ads if you are watching
ads on Facebook then also I am getting the money Indian passive income so in life I understood
one thing that you have to do the work that even if I am not doing the work then also
I would get the money because if we would keep on doing the work we would be tired we
need to live the life to fullest then you.

need to build passive income and all the business
that I did and from where ever I get the passive income there you can see two things that what
two things you need for this from money makes money is made for real estate investing you need
the money for business for stock investment you need money but where you don’t need money

is you need expertise to make videos you need
expertise you need to have knowledge and skills you need to know how to speak if you have
skills then also you can earn money but there is one field that I would recommend you through
my career there is one field where even if you don’t have money and even if you don’t
have expertise then also you can enter when.

in my career starting chose network marketing
professional at that time I saw that in this profession people don’t need a lot of money
a lot of expertise so why not here you see this as a passive income opportunity once
you build up the team that team is multiplying and you are getting the turnover and with
that turnovers percentage you are getting.

as a passive income so why not to build passive
income so why not do you want to build passive income if yes then contact the person who
has shared this video so that you could start understanding passive income and earning along
with this if you’re in in network marketing you use online digital marketing do recruitment
you want to make your chatbot lead generation.

to automatic joining process so there is a
learning process that I would recommend you whose name is the digital marketing revolution
right now this course you are getting and pre-launch offers for starting 300 participates
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growth could not be stopped by anyone so what
you are required to do just call on this number shown on your screen ask that if there are
seats in pre-launch offer if yes then join and finally, you start to focus on passive
income and build passive income as much as you want for the details of this course there
is a link in in this direction and comment.

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