Digital Access for students in low-income schools – Bhumi Fellowship

Digital Access for students in low-income schools – Bhumi Fellowship

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the largest disruption of education in history. Children in low-income schools severely impacted, having the least access to the hardware and connectivity required for distance learning solutions implemented during school closures.

Efforts of BNP Paribas coming together with Bhumi Fellowship, remind us that change is possible, that we have a responsibility to turn the hard-won lessons of this pandemic into a more equal future for all.
We thank you for donating tablets and enabling online education for 198 children at five of our schools in Chennai. This resource will enable our Bhumi Fellows to connect and help these children continue their learning.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we found it very difficult without sending children to School. Because of this, it was very challenging to teach the lessons at home. Without School, we found it very challenging to educate them. Continuity in contacting the students was challenging. During the beginning of the pandemic, we found it really difficult.

to connect with the children. Good Morning Miss. *Child reciting Tamil Lessons* After receiving the Tablet, the children are studying well and finding it easy. Bhumi distributed the Tablet to us and it felt like a Dream! Our son was very happy and I told him he’s got the Tablet to continue his education during this pandemic..

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