Creative Passive Income as a Digital Nomad – Johnny FD [2019]

Creative Passive Income as a Digital Nomad – Johnny FD [2019]

Nomad Summit founder and serial entrepreneur Johnny FD spoke at the Nomad Summit Cancún 2019 about one of his biggest passions: How to actually be successful as a nomad by creating multiple passive income streams.

Johnny shared the 12 ways he’s made passive income online, generating over $200K!! (who wouldn’t want to hear that?!)

For those of you may not yet know Johnny, he’s the founder of the Nomad Summit conference and the Travel Like a Boss Podcast.

Johnny FD quit his high-paying corporate job in 2008 to move to Thailand to become a scuba instructor and Muay Thai fighter. It wasn’t until 2013 that he opened his first eCommerce store, which he sold for $60,000 three years later. Ever since, he’s spending his time creating multiple streams of income, living the digital nomad life and sharing his journey with others. Johnny has managed to retire and become financially free at age 35. He now spends his days scuba diving, traveling the world, and working on passion projects that he loves.

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Johnny’s talk is titled: How to Actually Be Successful as a Nomad by Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams and was filmed live at the Nomad Summit 2019 in Cancún, Mexico.

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