Make PASSIVE INCOME Selling PRINTS as a Photographer

Make PASSIVE INCOME Selling PRINTS as a Photographer

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Just so you all know, this was filmed way before the shelter in place orders for COVID-19. Please follow all guidelines for staying safe!

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MY GEAR (shot everything in this video with this gear!)

My Camera:
My Backup Camera:
Dual Harness Camera Strap:
Easy Rig Stabilizer:
All My Lenses:
My Whole Constant Light Setup:
Battery for Constant Light:
Variable ND Filter:
Pro Mist Filter:
7-Inch Monitor:
Monitor Arm:
Monitor Batteries:
Camera Cage:
Rail Mount:
Top Handle:
Top Handle Release:
Shotgun Mic:
Cold Shoe Mount:
CFAST Memory Card:
My 5TB Hard Drive:

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My Favorite Photo Presets:
Older Version of my Favorite Photo Presets:


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