YEP! It is possible to make money online, so here are the 7 Ways I actually make money online AND 4 secrets for managing multiple income streams that no one has ever told you!

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The 7 Ways I Actually Make Money Online
1. Digital Downloads via www.TheCharmedShop.com
2. Digital Courses & Consulting
3. YouTube
4. RewardStyle
5. Bluchic
6. Skimlinks

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Whenever I discussed the topic of my
online business with anyone for my community your friends or family
ultimately a question that I’m always asked is about how people actually make
money online and I realize this is a topic of online entrepreneurship that I
cover every so often on my channel but today I wanted to give you guys some
real concrete details on the seven ways.

that I actually make money online so if
you are interested in knowing how I make money through my online business perhaps
because this is a goal that you would like to set for yourself in the new year
or if you’re just curious to see the different waves and options that people
can make money online then this video is.

for you hello my Charmed Ones and
welcome back to my channel for another video and if this is your first time
with me I would just like to say welcome my name is Alexis but I’m also known as
miss trenchcoat all across the Internet I’m an online entrepreneur who designs
and sells digital productivity tools to.

help you work smarter not harder
so if that sounds interesting to you I’ll leave some links down below in the
description box where you can check out more of my work online and feel free to
download some of my latest free productivity tools over at the charm
shop comm so as I mentioned in the intro today I’m going to be sharing with you
guys the 7 ways that I actually make.

money online now of course there’s more
than 7 ways for people to make money online and these are the methods that I
use within a my own business to make my business income now I also want to share
with you guys within this video for secrets for successfully managing
multiple income streams because I.

realized that this is also a very
important topic to talk about when we’re talking about online business is
actually successfully managing all the different streams of income that you
have you may think wow like seven streams of income is kind of like having
seven different jobs right so it does come with its own set of challenges that
I think not a lot of people talk about.

really the challenges that come from
managing multiple income streams and really the secrets to finding success
with multiple income streams because it is very easy to get overwhelmed and
or to put in way too much effort in one area and neglect all of the rest so that
is what I want to talk about with you.

guys today
now if this topic of building an online business or creating online income
streams is something that you want more information in because perhaps you are
someone who would like to start your own online business then I have a free
resource for you if you click down below in the description box I’ve actually put
together a free online business resource.

guide with some of my best content and
recommendations to help you get started on a strong foot if this is something
you’re interested in so feel free to click the link down below you’ll be
transferred over to my shop and you can download the resource guide there for
free so without further ado let’s go.

ahead and jump in to the 7 ways that I
actually make money online and those 4 secrets for finding success with
managing multiple income streams the first way that I make money online is
through my digital products that I sell over at the charm shop calm so as some
of you may know I sell a lot of different digital downloads such as
printable planners and workbooks and.

different decor items that you can print
out digital products that you can use for your productivity or your business
so this accounts for the biggest portion of my income and it is for the most part
a source of passive income so something you’re going to hear me talk about
throughout this video is passive and.

active income and that’s basically the
type of income that you’re making in terms of the action that you have to
take when it comes to my digital products obviously once I’ve made them
once they’re there forever and I can sell them over and over and over again
so that is a passive income stream where.

through my shop the charm shop com
you’re able to check out and get these items on demand without me ever needing
to get involved so this is a passive income stream
the second way that I make money online is through my classes and private
consulting so a good example of this with the empire building which is my
online business program where I have.

many modules and worksheets that I’ve
created and resources that have been put together to build this online business
program but then it also has an element of consulting with me because there is a
private Facebook group or you can ask me questions and get feedback from me as
well as others in the community so this.

is actually kind of an example of an
active income stream specifically any of my programs where I do have consulting
options or one-on-one calls as part of the option because it means that I
actively have to get involved in order to produce the product the third way that I make money online
is through YouTube yes YouTube as you.

are watching me here through YouTube
this is something that I consider both the passive and active income stream I
say that because once I’ve made a video it’s up on YouTube you know until I take
it down forever and it is continuously generating income for me in terms of
number one marketing for my business if.

it happens to be a business related
video or a Productivity related video something that actually is showcasing my
products or my services then that is kind of one way that YouTube makes money
for me and the second way is through ad revenue so I do make a fair amount of
money from YouTube through our revenue.

which is wonderful so in one way YouTube
is a passive income stream for me because once a video is up it is there
and it’s generating income however I also consider it an active income stream
in some ways because in order to keep my following growing and my numbers moving
in a positive direction I do need to.

commit to making regular videos so this
is something where I can make one video and it’s earning me money over and over
and over again but as a whole being a youtuber is a situation where you need
to be making videos consistently so it is active as well the next way that I make money online is
through Amazon affiliates so if you are.

not aware the website amazon.com has an
affiliate program which basically means that I can provide links to anything on
Amazon’s website that they sell and it’s a tracking link that indicates to Amazon
that I was the source of the recommendation for you to come to their
website and visit a particular product.

so similar to the way that in large
department stores if you’re helped by a sales associate they may earn a
commission on what you purchased Amazon is very similar to that and any
affiliate network is very similar to that which means that the price of the
goods do not increase for the consumer however a small commission is given to
the person who is linked back to making.

that sale so that is another passive
income stream for me because really all I have to do is use those links and
there’s not much work on my end and they’re always there generating income
for me now the fifth way that I make money
online is through another popular affiliate network known as reward style
again because it’s an affiliate network.

it is a passive income stream for me and
this is just another large affiliate network that actually gets me access to
creating tracking links for a variety of different websites online a lot of
different stores department stores and even little boutique stores online so
reward style is a very big affiliate.

network within the lifestyle community
and I’m part of that as well the next way that I make income online
is from another affiliate network blue chic which is actually the company that
I use that designs my wordpress theme so I am a very big proponent of this
company because I absolutely love their.

products I think that if you’re someone
who is trying to create a custom website and you’re interested in using WordPress
that blue chic is an excellent way to get a beautifully well-designed
theme without having someone totally customize a website from the ground up
for you which can cost you thousands of.

dollars the blue chic themes are
beautiful very functional they’re always being updated and they are very very
affordable so if you’re interested in using one of their themes
it’s the themes that I use for all of my websites I’ll leave a link down below
where you guys can check them out as well and the seventh and final way that
I earn income online for my business is.

through another affiliate like business
known as Skimlinks which is another passive income stream
so essentially Skimlinks almost does what I do when it comes to Amazon or
rewards style or blue sheet when I’m using those affiliate links however
Skimlinks basically reads through my website and inserts links for me so it
is a way that I can almost seamlessly.

earn extra revenue as well in places
that I may not have expected so that is the seventh and final way that I earn
income online okay and now those four secrets are for
finding success with multiple income streams online secret number one
although most of my income comes from passive streams I still need to actively
promote those streams via my content the.

better I do at my promotion the more
people I reach and the more income I generate so in order to manage my
streams effectively I keep an editorial and marketing calendar where I have my
promotion and content ideas mapped out so I am consistently promoting
throughout the year secret number two if you’re someone who is looking to make
money online it’s a good idea to have as.

many streams especially passive ones as
possible because not all your streams will perform the same month-over-month
for example although I sell a good amount of planner inserts on a monthly
basis there are just certain times of year like the end of summer through fall
when those sales skyrocket because.

people are looking for new planners when
you first start out you may not know how a stream will perform and what will be
the best and worst times but eventually you will see the patterns and can use
this information to balance out your promotion so you are promoting what
sells best during its high traffic.

period also having many streams of
income actually becomes a safeguard for your income especially if you’re someone
who like me runs their online business full-time I can always expect a certain
minimum income each month from all of my streams together but of course I also
make more during certain times so having.

more income streams gives me a buffer to
keep my income consistent secret number three online conversion rates are very
low three percent is a good average this means that if you make a youtube video
promoting a product you can expect that about 3% of the audience may buy so if
your video gets 100 views you can expect.

3 sales if your video did a good job
promoting your product if you get more Congrats that’s amazing
but if you get less you may need to re-evaluate your content to see why it
wasn’t converting viewers into sales secret number 4 is that income streams
don’t magically perform well overnight yes certain content topics when executed
well will have high conversion rates but.

for most content
and online platforms it takes time to build your audience and build up that
consistently high income I remember when I first became a YouTube partner it took
me months to hit the revenue threshold for a payment but eventually those
checks came quicker and quicker until they became a monthly occurrence don’t
give up too soon because you don’t see.

the results you want rome wasn’t built
in a day and there are no overnight success stories
yes content can go viral but have you ever noticed that the content that blows
up isn’t promoting anything and the creator doesn’t really have a business
concept in place it’s dumb luck and most people aren’t prepared to leverage that
sort of massive attention when it hits.

so don’t be afraid to grow slow as long
as you’re making positive momentum you’re headed in the right direction ok
so those are all of the ways that I currently make money online to generate
income for my online business I hope that that gave you a little bit of
insight and some options that you may.

want to explore if you are interested in
starting your own online business and I hope that those tips that I gave you
those secrets for managing multiple income streams successfully were also
something that you can actually apply in your own situation moving forward for
your own success now I would love to.

hear from you about which one of the
income streams that perhaps I shared and I realize that some of them were a
little bit similar but if there is one that you would like me to explore a
little bit more moving forward in a future video or in future content I
would love to know which one is maybe something you are most interested in or
something that is really baffling you.

the most and you’re not really sure how
to use it or incorporate it into your own business situation so leave me a
comment down below and let me know about that if you enjoyed this video please
make sure to give it a thumbs up feel free to share it on social media and
don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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