REFLECTING ON 2019 & PLANNING 2020 ♡ Udemy income, Amazon FBA, & Relationship priorities

REFLECTING ON 2019 & PLANNING 2020 ♡ Udemy income, Amazon FBA, & Relationship priorities


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Welcome to my a 2019 reflection and goal setting video. I know it’s tempting to plough forward with resolutions and goals but I think it’s also important to pause and reflect. You might think it’s been a slow year or a difficult one but I bet you had highlights and did more than you realised. I was amazed at how much I ticked off this year and I wouldn’t have given myself credit for it if I didn’t stop to plan out this video! I’m setting quite broad personal and relationship goals for 2020 but I’m still excited to make them all come true. I’d love to know how your 2019 went and what you’ve got planned next. Thank you so much for watching, and all your support through 2019!

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↣ Are you a full time Youtuber?
I work full time online as a ‘Digital Nomad’ which means I get to travel the world with my fiance (Ed) and not be tied to living in any specific country. I teach courses on Udemy (check out my profile here –, and run several companies, plus of course blogging and Youtube.

↣ When did you start blogging?
I created my blog in 2012 when I was living in America. I was thrifting so much that I wanted to start sharing my outfits online and inspiring other people to look in charity shops. Now it’s become all about my Digital Nomad journey and what it’s like to be a female nomad.

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Check out my playlist of advice to help you get started:

↣ Where’s your accent from?
I’m from the South of England but I currently live out of a suitcase travelling all over the world.

↣ Where is your favourite place in the world?
I fell deeply in love with Gili Air when we visited as a paradise getaway, but Chiang Mai is my favourite place to live. Plus of course, there’s no place like home (South Coast in England).

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