The Relationship Between Income and Marketing – Robert Syslo Jr

The Relationship Between Income and Marketing – Robert Syslo Jr

In this video, I will be talking to you about the relationship between income and marketing and how that correlates to your brand and what you are doing.
Today I will be talking to you about what you need to start doing in order to get a return on your ad spend in your business and give you some personal tips/techniques that I have applied with “Syslo Ventures”.

•You need to be able to create a unique experience centered around yourself, the company, and all the parts that you create in your business.

• One technique I personally use is that I like to showcase the products or services we offer and give you an insight into that experience.

A majority of my overall business comes from Social Media, and the importance of that is that it is directly connected to the revenue, because usually when the revenue goes up it’s because they were promoting more.

I have personally come to show what I do in my day-to-day life so that when my clients see it, they get interested and start to ask questions, I do this for the following reasons.

1. Long-Term Promotional Play
2. Generates Organic Leads
3.Controlling My Reputation

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