ITR 6 Uploading into Income tax Portal

ITR 6 Uploading into Income tax Portal

This video explains the steps on how to upload #ITR into the #efiling Income tax website.

Link for E-Filing Website:

If you are facing an error please get to know how to resolve it

ITR 6 Uploading into Income tax Portal

This video will help you in uploading your income tax return into the Income Tax portal. However, these steps will work only for machines running on the windows operating system, as the Apple OS does not support the IT portal yet. Now let us look at the steps involved in uploading your Income Tax Returns.

Steps for Uploading Income Tax Returns

1. Insert the digital signature pen drive into your system. Before doing so, check your inbox, for the VakilSearch email that explains which Director’s signature to use.
2. Download both the XML final and DSC utility.
3. Check whether you are able to open the DSC utility. If you cannot see the JAVA symbol, that means you have not installed JAVA on your system.
4. If so, open a browser, Google JAVA and go to the official website of Java to download and install it. Once Java is downloaded you’ll be able to open this file.
5. Open the file, and go to the tab Upload XML.
6. Click on Browse xml. And select the final xml which has been sent to you.
7. Click on the USB token., choose the respective director and enter the PIN number of the DSC.
8. Next, click on okay and also click on when the success pop-up comes up.
9.This signature file will be in the same folder in which you have saved the XML file. Now, to upload these files, go to the income tax e-filing portal.
10. Click on Registered User and log in with your credentials.
11.Once you log in, go to File Income Tax return and choose an appropriate assessment year- 2019-2020, and choose ITR 6 and filing type will be Original or revised return.
12. Do not choose the option Are you auditor under section 44 ab.
13. Click on continue, then I agree.
14. Next to Upload ITR XML file, click on Choose and then choose the xml file which has been sent to you via email.
15. The signature file is the one you have now generated.
16. Then, click on Submit.

That’s all you need to do! In case you face errors, go to the video which showcases common errors people face! Thank you!

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