Dubai 5 High Income Business IDEA || Opportunity After Lockdown & Corona Virus In UAE

Dubai  5  High Income Business IDEA  || Opportunity After Lockdown & Corona Virus In UAE

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After Lockdown and Corona Virus. The new business will grow in Dubai start these businesses to ger high income This video is related to high-income business Ideas you can start after the lockdown as Retail Wholesale Online E-Commerce Import Export. At Present situation of India is not favorable for business.
however, there are businesses will grow and flourish after the lockdown is like
Digital Marketing
Online Marketing Agency
Social Media Marketing Agency
Digital Marketer full-time part-time freelancer digital Marketing Institutes
online grocery business
online delivery business
logistics & transport

Online Grocery Delivery. Demand is 2000% but supply is only 60%. So you can start an online grocery business.
Wholesale And Online Business of
Health Care Products – Masks, Sanitizers, Health care Instruments
Export Business
Courier and Delivery Service
Manufacturing MSME
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So today I will share with you the five business ideas So you can properly plan In terms of your business and if you are thinking about investing About which segment and markets, in the industry So make sure you watch the whole video Welcome to another vlog We’ll start today’s vlog It will be really interesting.

Because in this vlog, I will give you five business ideas Which, after all of these COVID and lockdown issues Have a lot of potential to boom in Dubai A good businessman is someone Who is flexible Who can redefine their business Depending on the market situation and time And can start again with their business strategies and planning.

As per the market condition Todays vlog is for everyone Who wishes to invest in Dubai Whoever wants to start fresh after all the issues that came with COVID And want to do business that is profitable So in this vlog, I will Give you five business ideas That after this lockdown situation Are growing rapidly in Dubai.

And that have good potential in the future So you should definitely watch till the end Because this video is packed full of information And you can plan things for the future Things like investments In Dubai or in the UAE So this is a very important video for you All businessmen want to select a business in which their profit will the maximum it can be.

So the question is After this situation with the pandemic, which business can we select In which our profit can be at its maximum In this situation and market Here you need to understand two things If you are in Dubai’s market or in the UAE You either do business in Luxury goods and services Thats an industry or you can do business that.

Is for essential goods Stuff that is used in everyday life do business with them So these five ideas I have for you They are in the essential goods and services So which basic things can you take And those things Have an ever increasing demand in the market And those businesses can be set up The profit can be maximised.

And the business can grow well Number one If you have anything to do with the education industry Then these days in the UAE and in the whole Gulf The websites that are doing the best Those are the education based websites Whether they are web based or software based Guys, this business and market Is rising rapidly at the moment.

Because look, all of this lockdown and social distancing If you want to maintain it Then parents wouldn’t want their kids To like go outside, to help maintain the social distance So for that, lots of education platforms are being selected, which are online And loads of universities In the UAE and, All of those universities are making new portals.

So all students can access classes online So this is an industry In which you guys can come to. Think about which strategies you can use In which we can make online education more convenient So we can get the maximum amount of people from the market, for our business Ok, Number two The medical industry.

So those in the medical industry For them this current market Is a massive market segment an opportunity to do business As per the situation, the people in the market Are shifting towards the medical side If you import Or export anything from this market Then this business could be really profitable.

For example, as you know. These days, masks, sanitisers are being used a lot So you can use these opportunities to do business Because their demand in the market is really high So medical and pharmaceutical equipment have a really high demand, you can come and do business So, the business in third place is online shopping.

As you all know, during lockdown Everyone was sat at home and no one could go out So this has kinda become a habit So these day if anyone wants to buy anything They can quickly, conveniently look online The prices are there and they can compare So this field, this business of online shopping Is also rapidly increasing in the UAE and the Gulf region.

the online shopping industry, at this time is is rising in the UAE Business number four All of the industries in the market right now To connect them all A new industry is being introduced to the UAE market And is also rising fast That is the delivery industry Delivery services In this, cargo services have been used to import and export.

But now in the domestic, local market To deliver any goods or services door to door Because again of the social distancing So for that, now companies are hiring third parties or outside companies Who can offer delivery services for them So this is a very big segment in which you can plan strategies.

And work in it Because in the future this market will again rise And those who invest in it Those who make proper business companies And come with a proper business plan
Those are the ones going far Because now, people’s mindset Regarding the market, has now changed And the consumer goods Or even the services are being delivered.

Through a delivery channel So keeping this channel in mind, you can plan a business It can either have goods or services Or any delivery either through a small business Or even on a bike, or if you want to set up a big business Do it through cars It depends on you But this is a good segment Which can offer you good business opportunities, in the future in the gulf region.

Which market industry is fifth?? Digital marketing Digital marketing agencies Those who work in digital marketing They know very well that this market Is currently Booming! And will continue rising This is because these days, the big companies Or even the smaller ones the mode of marketing that everyone is using.

Is changing According to the situation So they are now hiring those companies Who can give them proper branding Properly advertise for them Now advertisement can either be Outdoors as in they do it outside One advertisement is social media based And that online based advertisement And online marketing.

Some very big companies. Those million dollar companies There are lots of companies that keep them afloat They do that work for them Now keeping this industry in mind You can think about starting a company in which Digital marketing Social media marketing Or is based on a social media platform Which can do marketing for any big company.

Ok, so you heard that a good businessman is that one who Can keep themselves flexible in the market Because a market situation can change suddenly Market situation will never be favourable A businessman will keep that in mind And is prepared for every situation You must have seen that this situation now with COVID.

Lots of businesses have closed And not just in the Gulf region or in UAE But this happened across the entire world What was the reason for this The businesses that were in the market, their demand dropped Firstly some people When people dont have enough money for food. They wont be attracted to the luxury things.

And the businesses for the luxury goods They will drop Those who need necessities will deal with them first So a businessman will understand this That if you want to survive in business You will have to keep yourself flexible Whichever market situation occurs Your business, your strategies Your business planning.

Should be redefined according to the market situation If you want to survive in the market So you should definitely share this video 🙂 With you friends, family Because it could be that someone could be planning To start a business Or to redefine a business in the UAE And this video may have loads of helpful information.

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