What Are High Income Skills? The 3 Most IMPORTANT To Learn

What Are High Income Skills? The 3 Most IMPORTANT To Learn

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What Are High Income Skills? I’ll explain to you what they are and what the 3 most important skills are that you need to learn!

You can learn high income skills without a degree and completely crush it. They are a beautiful thing and allow you to earn more than $10k/month very sustainable. In this video I share with you the best high income skills to learn.

FREE RIGHT NOW: Click https://www.jcapitaltraining.com/fjobs-yt?utm_campaign=fkjbsmc&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_term=his to download my new book “F*ck Jobs”

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Jason Capital was rejected by every good college. So he took a $100 birthday gift from his mom and became a millionaire from scratch in 9 months using High-Income Skills at only 24 years old. His story has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance and CNBC.

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In terms of learning communication
skills you know it’s not something that stops having skills is extremely
important but now let’s just talk about high income skills you must learn a
choir and stack the high incomes go so what are the high income skills so right
here this is a stack of our American.

Eagle silver gold coins each one of
these is valued at about one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars now a
high-income skill is any skill that anyone truly can learn that will allow
them to make ten thousand dollars or more per month from anywhere in the
world from their home wherever that might be sluts five one two three four
five six seven so that’s about ninety.

five hundred dollars right here of gold
coins if I throw one more on there now we’re about ten thousand eight hundred
if you master hiding some skill then it is you who can earn ten thousand dollars
a month or more from your laptop or from anywhere in the world because you’ve
mastered the high income skills now I’ve.

been working on this for the last 12
years I’ve taught over a million people this kind of stuff in those last 12
years over 100 countries and I have learned that there’s only three high
income skills that matter more than any other if you master these three well you
can have a lot more gold coins coming.

into your bank account and actually less
time there’s other high income skills to I’m gonna cover those in these video I
want to talk about what we call the big three high income skills now number one
is copy copy is it’s the words right it’s the messaging it’s the words that
you say your Facebook ad your Google ad.

your social media poster caption on
Instagram your Instagram story it’s all the words that you choose and those
words either get people to do things and give you money or it gets them to do the
opposite now when I first learned copywriting from my dorm room I taught
myself I wasn’t taught at some big.

agency or to some fancy school I read it
in about books and then I practice it I’ll taught it myself and I became a
millionaire by the time I was 24 thanks to copywriting since then another one of
my students 25 years old he lives in Las Vegas his name is Tom taught him
copywriting and in the very first month.

he actually made eleven thousand dollars
which is about that much actually I think it’s yeah I think it’s about that
much thanks to one high income skill that I promise you you could probably
learn I say probably because frankly everyone’s going to be good at copy but
all a large majority population can be.

especially if you like words or if you
like writing or if you like reading so let’s high income skill number one ended
by the way is the number one high income skill of all of them it’s the gold medal
of high income skills number two is closing right converting
people from prospect to customer whether.

it’s closing on the phone closing from
the platform to an audience or closing on stage you’re closing on a video an
Instagram story a Facebook ad anything like that and here’s why you need to
learn closing why is it that you can’t just walk up to anyone you want tell
them exactly what you want from them and.

then they do it well why not all right
what if there was a girl you really liked and you just didn’t know her but
you thought she’s attractive you walk up to her and you say hey here’s what I’d
like to do like you take you out for dinner tonight I have a really really
good time and then we go back to my.

place and we you know right and what do
you think she’s going to say to you probably not the response that you want
why because we need persuasion in our lives human beings don’t just like to be
told what to do they need to be coaxed and persuaded and there needs to be all
this kind of stuff to it that’s what.

closing is closing is persuasion it’s
the ability to influence somebody now I spend that actually this past weekend in
Las Vegas with Grant Cardone two of his top salespeople two of his top closers
and they were telling me then a grants team at his office in Miami they have 22
people on the sales floor closing all.

day long and collectively they do
multiple six figures in sales every single day from that forum thanks to the
one high income skill of closing right for me to show how much money they make
per day with those 22 people closing with the high income skill I would need
a lot more gold coins we have some more.

over here but I’m not going to pull them
all out right but how many more gold coins that’s how powerful that
high-income skill can be now high income skill number three of the big three is
speaking the words it’s how you express your tonality your energy right right
now in 2019 video is 80% of the Internet.

in less than 12 months studies show it
will be 95% of the internet will be video if you aren’t speaking on video
expressing your business getting your brand your name out there on video you
will be left behind you will be blockbuster in a world of
flix let’s not let that happen so we really want to get good at this high
income skill of speaking I’m working on.

speaking more and more every single day
and I encourage all of my students and all my clients to be working on it to do
to speaking here thanks to speaking two years ago I made seven hundred and
seventy thousand dollars in one hour speaking from the stage so it’s a very
very lucrative skill if you can learn it.

and frankly great thing about speaking
is speakers are made they are not born so if you think you’re not a very good
speaker right now if you think you’re not good at storytelling you’re
uncomfortable on camera I want you to know it’s not that you’re not good at
speaking yet it’s that you are unfamiliar with speaking and how do you
go from unfamiliar to familiar with.

anything you simply practice it so those
are the big three high income skills again high income scale any skill that
will allow you to earn $10,000 a month or more from anywhere in the world you
go to any market place yes you’re trading time for money but it’s time for
a lot of money two hundred dollars an.

hour three hundred dollars an hour
that’s what the high income skills are now it would be unethical of me not to
tell you about the other high income skills that are out there I just told
you the most the big three the three most important ones my copy closing
speaking all the ones out there that are.

good affiliate marketing networking is
actually a high income school if you can just be a connector you can connect
people you can make a lot of money I have a buddy who last year he’s great at
connecting he knows hundreds of real estate agents and he would connect this
agent to that agent buyers to sellers.

and he would just get a finder’s fee on
all the deals that they made how’d that go for him he made seven hundred and
fourteen thousand dollars last year just in these referral fees because he is so
good at connecting and networking now that is a high income scale other
high-income skills video content video.

editing is a high income skill even
coding is a high income skill even being a really good masseuse is a high income
scope you’re a really good masseuse right I was in Las Vegas this past
weekend I got a massage it was two hundred and eighty six dollars for a
one-hour massage so a masseuse can make a lot of money in an hour because they
got good at the skill if there’s one.

thing you get from this video more than
gold coins more than all this other stuff is that if you can just master one
of these high income skills I mean getting the top 5% of your
field at the high income skill you should never go hungry again you should
never earn less than $10,000 a month again and you should never have to feel
like you can’t control your income like.

you can’t feed yourself and your family
because once you get the skills the high income skills they will drive you to the
income and the life that you want so I hope that cleared up for you exactly
what our high-income skills how you how you can learn them how they’re gonna
help you change your life I think high.

income skills much better investment
than uh like like literally high income skills you make $10,000 a month or more
real money or you can invest 100 grand I’m looking for a piece of paper I can’t
find a piece of paper imagine I’m holding a piece of paper 100
grand for a college degree that frankly doesn’t guarantee anything at all kind
of a commodity because while everyone’s.

got one now but not everyone’s got high
income skills we’re living in a time where those who mess with these skills
can actually have a huge advantage over those who don’t you make a lot of money
in a short time there might be an economic recession or a crash coming
it’s time for you to step you’re high.

income skills up to I don’t know just up
step them up all right I’m Jason capital those are gold coins
you are a fucking rock star and I will see you very soon hey why don’t you have
the time you want for yourself yet why does your job keep letting you down it’s
because you haven’t developed the high.

income skills yet to create your own
high income empire for yourself and your family so at the link below
you now have me as your personal mentor completely free for the next seven days
you have a free user name and password I’m gonna get started with you right
away and if you love it it’s only ten dollars a month after that are you
paying more for Spotify and I promise.

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