Digital Real Estate and Generational Wealth | The Next Billion Dollar Social Media Platform

Digital Real Estate and Generational Wealth | The Next Billion Dollar Social Media Platform

A close friend of mine by the name of Ernest Dancy is building the next billion dollar social media platform, and on this podcast episode we’re discussing how that ties into digital real estate and generational wealth. Plenty of jewels dropped in this podcast episode. Check it out!

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0:00 Prelude
0:37 Intro
3:37 About Ernest Dancy
6:36 How did your acting career go?
8:17 Did your cousin have an impact on your movie career?
9:05 What was the name of your cousinโ€™s movie?
9:28 Are you currently working in Hollywood now?
9:54 What is the head of the literary division?
10:31 How do you make money doing that?
12:51 Do most people in Hollywood have a passive income play?
18:07 What is Plug Me In?
18:44 What is an MVP?
24:19 How are you using your platform to build generational wealth?
30:44 How does your social media platform differ from the others?
35:38 So this is not the type of app to go viral on?
35:47 Is it similar to several platforms all rolled in one?
37:30 How will the platform help you build generational wealth?
51:29 How to Contact Ernest Dancy
58:05 Last words from Ernest Dancy
58:48 Closing comments

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