Instagram Income Hacks – Episode #64 w/ Nehemiah Davis

Instagram Income Hacks – Episode #64 w/ Nehemiah Davis

Entrepreneur, Award-winning author, and philanthropist Nehemiah Davis Stops by to talk Jet setting, building a legacy empire, and spending money on your brand. 

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Show Notes:

1:16 Exposure

3:38 Intro to Nehemiah

5:12 Philanthropy: Serving Your Way To Success

12:07 The Track Record To success

14:50 If You Stay in It Long Enough, You Become It

19:10 Investing In Your Brand

24:18 Free Content & Value Content

27:07 Difference Between FB and Youtube

27:48 The Follow up

29:09 Step By Step Process Of Gaining Traction

38:20 The Down-Sale, Thank You, Page, Automation, Funnel

40:45 Why Didn’t I Do It Sooner

42:05 Bought Lessons

44:09 Family Dynamics

46:45 Why Have Multiple Mentors

49:08 COVID and Eventspace

54:24 Running The Business From A Distance

55:50 Scalability

57:35 Listening For The Gem In Everything

59:50 Creating One Time and Never Do It Again

1:03:35 What You Do For Fun

1:06:42 Next Steps

1:08:30 Leaving It All On The Table: Legacy

1:15:54 Podcast Predictions

1:17:46 Q & A

1:21:20 Final Thoughts

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