Passive Income Online: How I Moved to 5000$ A Month (My Marketing Strategies)

Passive Income Online: How I Moved to 5000$ A Month (My Marketing Strategies)

In This Video, I want to share with you My Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies that made me increase my Passive Income Online revenue to 5000$ in one year.

Last Year, I recorded a video about my top 3 Digital marketing strategies that made me 1000 $ per month on Udemy selling online courses.

And I said that after 1 Year I will be making 5000$ following these strategies. SO in this video, I will show you my Udemy Revenue after 8 months, and I will share with you what I do exactly to get more traffic, leads, and sales.

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this video may change your life eight months 
ago I created a small video and showed you my   earnings on udemy that day I showed you that I 
was earning around $1,000 to $1,200/month and   I said that after one year I will be earning 
$5,000 at least per month following my digital¬†¬† marketing strategies let’s take a look on the¬†
video okay friends let’s stop I think a lot on¬†¬†.

my udemy revenue report you can see here I 
start applying this strategy in March 2019   while I start getting at least $1,200 and you can 
see each month it’s increasing I hope this month¬†¬† I will reach around $1,500 and I’m planning to¬†
use this same strategies and techniques to reach¬†¬† at least $5,000 to $10,000 next year let’s take¬†
a look on my udemy revenue today after 8 months  .

you can see here we are in April 2020 and I 
made around $4,000 we can see here $3,000,   $2,000 or $3500 and so on so you can easily 
predict it after four months I will be earning   at least five thousand dollars so my digital 
marketing strategies worked exactly how I   planned to in this video I want to share with you 
my top 5 digital marketing strategy how exactly  .

I work to promote my courses and my online 
business stay tuned and follow up with me okay friends before we start please don’t forget¬†
subscribe now to my channel to get every new   update almost every day before I share with you 
my five digital marketing strategies just one¬†¬† simple point I’m not showing you my revenue here¬†
to tell you hey I’m doing $5,000/month I think you¬†¬†.

know me I’m here to give you some motivation I’m¬†
telling you you can build your online business you   can be successful just you need some patience you 
need to learn and apply this is exactly what you   need some patience and the passion to learn and 
you can build your online business at home you  .

can work only four or five hours a day from your 
own desk from your own home and live a happy and   comfortable life with your lovely family okay 
so let’s start and let’s share with you my five¬†¬† digital marketing strategies number one email¬†
marketing if you are following me you know that  .

I have full courses and playlists about email 
marketing why simply because email marketing¬†¬† gives you 20x revenue how’s this? when you pay¬†
$1 in email marketing you can make $20 with a   simple calculation you can send 10,000 emails for 
$1 if only one person bought your service for $20  .

you make $20 as a revenue when you pay for $1 
so simple you tell me we can send 10,000 emails   for only $1? yes when you build your own email 
marketing system like I explained in detail in   my videos and courses you can do this and make 
really big revenue and boost your business with  .

email marketing you can go to my website now here 
and go to free courses and start my free email¬†¬† marketing mastery course it’s totally free even¬†
you don’t need to register just go watch and learn¬†¬† how things work here is the course just open it¬†
and start learning then you can go to my YouTube  .

channel and see my email marketing playlist you 
will find a lot of videos free stuff real value   that help you boost your email marketing campaigns 
so this is the first strategy email marketing now   you may tell me how I can get 10,000 subscribers 
to promote to? from where I get these 10,000  .

leads? to make things also simple for you I shared 
with you my own case study how I collected 10,000   emails in only one month and for free with a free 
lead magnet you can check it also in description¬†¬† below so there’s number one email marketing really¬†
it’s very important to start with if you haven’t¬†¬†.

started email marketing today you are missing a 
lot in digital marketing the second strategy is   offering free services and courses if you go 
now to my website you can see I provide a lot   of free online services and free applications this 
boosted my visitors my online visitors like to 20X  .

if you go now to my free SEO and 
digital marketing tools you will find a lot of SEO   youtube email marketing tools all are free to use 
to help you boost your online business this is a   free service I provide for people do you know that 
only in one month my website ranking is now around  .

70,000 on Alexa? let’s go to Alexa rank which¬†
gives you the website ranking worldwide and if   I write now and run analysis 
you will see my website’s ranking worldwide¬†¬† 71,000 let me show you this I will open this small¬†
application my and we go to views this is a small  .

application to monitor my website analytics if I 
click on refresh now you can see I have 183,000   views in only from month 3 to now like 1 month 
or 50 days 180,000 views do you believe this this   really got me a lot of new visitors a lot of new 
people grew my audience you can see every day I  .

get like 7000, 6,000, 5,000 views on my service 
you can see I got around 16,000 registrations¬†¬† on this service in only this small period so it’s¬†
really very important to provide a free service a   free application a free ebook a free course this 
will make you build your audience get a lot of  .

more visitors promote your premium services you 
see here on my website if you go here and click   on any of these tools I can add advertisements 
here and promote my services on my website so   you can see 5,000 views per day people can see 
my ads and see my services so I get more and   more visitors I think the idea is somehow simple 
now you may tell me I’m a developer I don’t know¬†¬†.

how to build services provide applications or so 
on you can go to a website called   and go to PHP scripts here and search for services 
if you write here like SAAS services and search   for SAAS you will find a lot of services that you 
can buy for like $30 $40 and so on and host and  .

provide for free for your visitors so this will 
really give them value and you will turn them into   leads also you can check my video about online 
SAAS business I explained this in detail you can¬†¬† find it in the description below even if you don’t¬†
want to provide services or applications you don’t¬†¬†.

want all this you can provide free courses if you 
go now to udemy to my courses here let’s go to my¬†¬† public profile you can see that I provide here¬†
some free courses you can see this is free free   free free free all these are free courses gives me 
thousands and thousands of new students and help  .

me build my audience if you open like this course 
here email marketing mastery course and you go to   the last section the bonus lecture you will see 
here I can promote all my services my Facebook   groups my blog my website my YouTube channel I 
got thousands of visitors to my youtube channel  .

from udemy from my free courses so they link all 
together and you can build more and more audience   this really very important so provide something 
valuable and free to people let it be valuable so   people love your content and pay your premium 
content I hope the idea is somehow simple so  .

this strategy number two provide free services or 
courses or anything valuable to your audience the   third strategy which is really also very important 
is YouTube starting a YouTube channel look on my   youtube channel I have almost 15,000 subscribers 
it’s not that big deal but do you know that from¬†¬†.

YouTube I get 40% of my conversions? if you open 
any video any video you will see that in the¬†¬† description I’m promoting my premium courses¬†
here I explained this in detail in one of my   videos you can check in the description below so 
imagine that I get like 1000 views in a video and  .

only two or three people bought my course so 
I make like $60 from one video from only 1000   views YouTube is very important on my channel 
here you will find a playlist about youtube   I explained everything how to go to your channel 
to get more views and more subscribers also in   h-supertools I provide a youtube keyword tool to 
help you get more views and more subscribers so if  .

you don’t have a youtube channel go and start¬†
one now and create videos about your services   give really valuable information so people love 
you and then they will buy your premium content   YouTube is very important as I told you 40% of 
my conversions are from YouTube strategy number  .

four Facebook marketing I am NOT here to talk 
about Facebook ads and paying for Facebook ads¬†¬† no I’m talking about free Facebook marketing how¬†
I promote on Facebook? simply using my Facebook   page and using Facebook page messaging I explained 
this in detail in one of my videos you can check  .

in the description below this is very important 
I use an application a service called Xerochat   which I bought from code Canyon I explained this 
and how to install it in one of my videos you can   check also and in this application I have around 
2000 page subscribers to the messenger of the page  .

so I can send them a message anytime I want if 
you go now to my Facebook page inbox you can see   I have a lot of people who contacted me on my 
page so everyone contacts you on your page can   be your subscriber for this page messaging so 
you can send him a message later now I know in¬†¬† 2020 Facebook did some changes I’ll explain¬†
this soon a dedicated course about Facebook  .

marketing and how to promote using Facebook page 
messaging also you can check the video description   to learn about how I market and how this helped 
me grow my business so this is strategy number¬†¬† 4 the last strategy which I think it’s somehow¬†
the most important which is SEO having a blog  .

like my blog and ranking your articles on Google 
which will give you a lot of views a lot of new   visitors on the long run you can see this is 
my blog I always publish high valuable guides   on my blog and rank them using SEO and then I 
can get more free organic traffic and by the   way I started a new course on my channel about SEO 
it’s SEO mastery course I will publish new videos¬†¬†.

every week so you can learn how to rank your own 
website and get more free organic traffic from¬†¬† SEO so this is my five strategies I’m sharing it¬†
with you you see all strategies are explained on   my channel I always release new videos new topics 
new courses about all these strategies that helped  .

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