Biweekly Single Income Digital Budgeting | 1st September Paycheck | Family of 4 | Low Income

Biweekly Single Income Digital Budgeting | 1st September Paycheck | Family of 4 | Low Income

In this video I will go in details of my budgeting strategy as a bi-weekly pay, part-time employee currently working overtime if needed by employer. My income alone covers fixed and variable expenses (not unusual) and debt. This is my 1st paycheck of the month of September.

Transferred Debt?

Etsy downloadable Budget Template

Etsy Opening -Digital download

Excel Sheet Tips and DEMO

Time stamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:17 Income breakdown
0:28 50% 30% 20%
0:45 Bills
2:21 20 % and some goes to credit union
2:41 30% wants-
4:17 essential variable expenses(cash envelopes)
4:37 non essential variable expenses (sinking funds)
6:38 Copy & Paste Values to Denomination

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Hey guys, Welcome to my channel. I will be uploading budgeting videos on my journey to be debt “free” along with sharing expenses, sinking funds, some saving tips and most fun of it all cash stuffing. I’m completely new to using cash as my source of payment, hopefully this method (which I’ve seen it does wonders) will help me on that journey. I’m a mom of 2 toddlers (at this moment) wife, homeowner, part time employee, if you would like to see more please subscribe to my channel for more related content. Thank you ❤


My Introductory video in spanish

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