5 Passive Income Ideas: How I Make Rs. 7,000/Day as a 19 Year Old

5 Passive Income Ideas: How I Make Rs. 7,000/Day as a 19 Year Old

In this video, I talk about the 5 passive income sources that you can get started with in 2021. As always, I only talk about what I have personal experience with and these are proven passive income sources that you can start building.

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Also, just keep in mind, there is no such thing as not doing anything and expecting money to land in your account, this is no get rich quick scheme. Each of these income streams will take real hard work to build up in the beginning. But once you’ve done that, it takes little to no effort to maintain it later on. I see a lot of people making videos on how to make passive income and so I wanted to share my own experience in making passive income. Hope this helped you.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – Create Content Online(Videos or Blogs) & Earn Passive Income through Adsense
2:47 – Earn Passive Income by Investing
5:30 – Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing
7:11 – Earn Passive Income by Selling Digital Courses
8:37 – Earn Passive Income by Selling Digital Products like ebooks, design templates, etc.
10:00 – Outro

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How I Make Rs. 7,000/Day as a 19 Year Old
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Hey everyone, I’m Ishan Sharma. And in this video we’ll be
talking about the five passive income ideas that you can get
started with in 2021 and you can make a decent income doing. So, now two things to understand. Number one, what is passive
income? Passive income is basically you putting
in the effort in the beginning and then.

reaping the rewards afterwards. That is, what passive income is
about. Please get this thing clear, number two, can you actually make a
full time income, just on passive income? No, you cannot. You cannot 100% rely on these
sources, you need to have your main thing. And on the side you can start
this off..

And then let’s say, one, two, three, four
years down the lane, you can then start to reap the rewards of the work that you’ve
done on your passive income sources. So that being said, hit the like button
and subscribe to this Channel And let’s get started with
the first stream of income. And this is going to be to
create content online..

The way this works is that you
would be having like a Blog website, or you’ll be having a
YouTube channel. The secret here is to create
Evergreen content. I will Give you an example. I made a video called as how
to get Coursera courses for free. I posted that video one year
ago and that video is still.

getting views every single day. And hence, I’m still getting the
AdSense revenue from that video. I have numerous other videos on
my channel that follow the same rule initially, they’ll get
some views and then every single day, they’ll continue to
get more and more views and that’s how you generate, a passive
source of income from those videos..

I don’t have to work on those
videos now. Initially, I posted them, I
edited I recorded I posted that video but now I don’t need to
do anything and whenever the ad place you
get paid from Google AdSense. So that’s how this thing works make
Evergreen content as much as you can. That is the secret sauce of getting
to that passive income Source..

Even if I don’t post videos on
my channel, I will continue to get that passive source of
income. So that’s what you need to
understand. How difficult is it for you to get
started with content creation? It’s not difficult. A lot of you already have a
phone so you can just start recording yourself, or you can
start typing your blog.

and how Difficult, is it
for you to monetize it? That can be hard. For me
personally, I made 80 videos for 180 days and then I got to
that date on which I got my first AdSense paycheck, and that
was one dollar for that particular day. So that’s how this thing works. You need to understand that in the
beginning, you will not make Revenue.

because people are just not
watching your videos and it takes time for you to, you know,
get into that level that people are watching your
videos every single day. And that is what you need to
understand. It’s more about doing what you
actually enjoy it. Right. I like, talking about
freelancing at like talking.

about software development. So that’s why I make videos on
this and I will do it even before I was getting paid. So find something that you
truly like to talk about. And then that would definitely
help you get monetized. And you will be able to create
this passive source of income. Moving on, to the next part, we
have passive investing.

the second source of income that
you can get started with. Now, this is an example of
letting your money work for you for most people out there, they
just put their money. Into their savings account. And because of inflation, their
money loses value. Every single year in the last
one year, the inflation in.

India was about 4.29%, and my savings account pays me about 3%,
interest rate that basically just means that my income,
whatever I have stored in that bank lost about one percent of
its value. So that’s what you need to
understand. It doesn’t feel like you’re
losing value because let’s say you’re having 10,000 and then a
year later, you still have 10,000..

But the problem is that whatever
you wanted to buy From that 10,000 rupees has actually
increased in its value and its price. So that’s what you need to keep
in mind, the idea behind passive investing
is very simple. You would invest into a passive Index Fund,
or you can also invest into mutual funds,.

the idea here is to just invest
and hold, okay. That’s all you need to do. Don’t need to worry about the
everyday fluctuations of the stock market. Historically, investing into the
stock market has beaten inflation and you get roughly 8 to 10 percent
annual return on what you have invested. Now, you might be thinking
that I don’t have the knowledge,.

Nor the money about where to
invest and how to get started. That is where you can check out
the Spenny app which is a simple application that you can
use, that will automatically invest the
spare change that you have whenever you make a transaction
using your card or using your UPI. I now, the best part is that you don’t
need to make the conscious effort.

of investing every single month, you don’t even need to know. Where should you be investing? All you have to do is to Simply
make a transaction and it will be happening. Automatically, one simple example,
let’s say you go to buy Coffee. and the coffee cost you
about 54 rupees. Then what will happen is that
from your bank account?.

If you have connected Spenny,
with your bank account, it will be deducting 60 rupees. Okay, 54 will go to the coffee
vendor and the rest 6 rupees will be invested into
a simple mutual fund, which is safe and will give you a consistent 7 to
10% interest. It will basically round off the transaction
to the nearest 10 and invest the rest..

Spare change that you have
automatically into a mutual fund. Now, you might be thinking that using
these penny we are not investing too much but that is where compounding
comes into picture If your age is less than 25 and you invest
50 Rupees every single day then you will have an investment worth
50 lakh Rupees by the time you are 60..

And in the words of Ankur warikoo,
this is the magic of compounding. Investing small amounts when
you are, young is a lot better than investing large sums when
you are older. Just because of that
compounding curve, that you’ll be able to create a few wait
for the long-term. You can check out the link in
description to download the Spenny app.

and start Investment
Journey. Now, moving on to the third
passive income ideas that you can get started with is going
to be affiliate marketing or affiliate sales or referral sales,
whatever you want to call it. There are so many affiliate
programs that you can join. And you can start recommending
the products, to your friends,.

to your colleagues, and you can
start making passive income using that A very simple example that
I will give you is of vigrx. They have this referral program
in which you just need to copy the link, the referral
link that they will give you of your account and you can send
that to someone else. And say that you can actually
log in using this.

and you can make your
account on vigrx. You can start trading in cryptocurrency whenever they make a transaction, you
get 50% of the commission, and I think that’s an incredible strategy
that they have created. I think this is a really lucrative referral
program that you can get started with there are other programs as well..

Like you have the Amazon
affiliate program or you have the UpStock referral program and a bunch of
other things that you can get started with. And this would be great because
you’re not telling someone to buy something from you or you’re
basically providing value to the people. So they use your link and then
they get started..

They get value in return.
And you also get that passive source of income. I’ll leave some links in
description. If you want to learn more about
it. If you already have an audience
that you can mark it to, that would be even amazing because
then you don’t need to worry about where will the people
come from?.

That will be clicking on your
link. They will basically come from
watching your video or reading your blog. That would be the best way to
start affiliate marketing. How easy it is for you to get
started. It’s very simple. You don’t need to have an
audience. In the beginning, you don’t
need to wait, like I did, when.

I was creating content, I can
simply just put my link, you can click there and you can get started with buying
something and I will get that commission. That’s how that works. Moving on to the fourth idea
that you can get started with in, this is going to be to sell
a digital course. Whenever you have learned a
particular skill, whenever you.

have some value that you can
provide to other people, you can start building a course
and you can sell that. there are a lot of people that sell
some scammy courses. I’m not talking about that
genuinely providing value to people that will help them. to, Let’s say, get some new skill
or advance in their career.

or learn about something new. The idea here is to create a
course in the beginning, and once you have made the course,
and you can start marketing it, using Facebook ads, using a lot
of other options, email, marketing, and so many other
things that you can do. And the best part is that you
make the course and that’s it,.

then you forward it to the
Facebook ads manager, and then they will do the rest and you can actually make a pretty good
source of income by doing this. You don’t need to worry about
anything. Once you have I’ve set up the
Facebook ads manager, it will automatically keep recommending
your course to other people..

And when they buy it, you get
paid. That’s how this thing works. I hope you will try these
things out. Make sure that you hit the like button
and subscribe to this channel as well. If you are getting some value
out of this, you can also try to have your live classes,
but this would not be the same impact that you can have..

When you have a recorded course
that you can sell to other people I’ll some links and description. If you want to learn more about how
do you sell courses online, What tech do you need to use what,
you know, how to make a Website. How do you upload the video that you
have and how do you get started with that said, let’s move on to the
fifth passive income idea..

The last passive income idea,
and this is going to be to create a digital product or to
write an e-book. I will give you my own personal
example, with writing an e-book, I wrote an e-book called as
crush it on LinkedIn. I provide that book to everyone
for free, but you can actually start selling
that to people..

And again, as I just said similar
to what you did with digital courses, you can actually make pretty good income
selling the Ebook that you have the idea here is to, first of all,
write the book and then you can start publishing
it using Kindle Direct publishing. And once you have done that, then it’s all about,
you know, just recommending it to other people.

putting it out on Amazon using
some strategies with which Amazon can start recommending
that to other people. And then you can definitely do
Facebook ads to promote that book for more and more people
to try out. This is the idea of selling
your digital products. You can also try to sell canva
design templates,.

A lot of businesses. A lot of
influences are on the lookout. of these great a statically looking
templates that they can use for their own social media and that would
be a great way for you to get started with. I myself have seen a lot of
people selling these. I have also tried contacting
them. I will be doing a podcast
interview with them soon.

In which they will be explaining
exactly how can you make the template and how can you start
setting the template? This would be a great way for
you to make passive income. Right. You just make it once and then you
start selling it on platforms like etsy. Then you also have Facebook ads,
obviously, as I just said,.

okay guys, that’s pretty much it. These are the five passive income
ideas that you can get started with. I hope you got to learn
something from this complete video. I just want it to be authentic
about this. It’s a lot hard to get started
with passive income in the beginning, unless you’re going out with, you
know, affiliate marketing or something..

Then it is actually quite
easier. Make sure that you share this
video with your friends. Follow me on Instagram at
@ishantsharma7390, comment, and let me know what
you think about this video. What other videos should I be
making? And you can also check
out the Spenny app. I think it’s a great way to get
started with investment Journey..

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