D7 Visa Portugal 2021: Residency With Passive Income (Lawyer Q&A)

D7 Visa Portugal 2021: Residency With Passive Income (Lawyer Q&A)

D7 Visa Portugal 2021

I talk with immigration lawyer Sandra Jardim Fernandes, about moving to Portugal in 2021 using the D7 ‘passive income’ visa.

00:00 Intro
00:50 With D7 visa and residency, can I live in Portugal while running a limited company in another country?
01:09 Can people who are resident with the D7 visa work for Portuguese companies as well as remotely?
01:45 What are some common reasons for rejection of a D7 visa application?
05:24 What’s the process for starting a D7 visa application?
06:44 How does your team support D7 vis applications, and what’s your success rate?
09:55 Which professional activities are D7 residents allowed to conduct in Portugal?
10:37 What are the next steps after arriving in Portugal with a D7 visa?
15:23 For couples, do you recommend applying for individual D7 visas, or using the EU family reunification route?
16:35 Does Portugal immigration prefer D7 applicants to have permanent remote work contracts, or is freelance income considered equally ok?
18:12 Are UK qualifications still recognized in Portugal post-Brexit?
19:23 Can a person still get a D7 visa with a previous offence on their record?

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