The human component in a digital world. This doubled my income #HEARTNHUSTLE

The human component in a digital world. This doubled my income #HEARTNHUSTLE

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Another episode of #HEARTNHUSTLE #LIVEAKICKASSLIFE where our goal is to enlighten you to various ideas, concepts, strategies and overall sense of adventure to help you make money using your skills and creativity and live a kick ass life.

I’ve been fascinated with figurative out new ways to make money using my wits and never wanting to get a “REAL” job but more interested in testing myself to see how far we can push this thing called life. So far I haven’t had a steady job since 2002 and like to think that I’ve been retired since then since most Americans agree retirement is finally quitting your shit job and doing something you love. not worries about being super rich but everyday producing work to the best of my abilities and having a sense of the universe will take care of me if I take care of the universe. Hopefully this will inspire some of you you to take the plunge and start your own little side business and hopefully like me take on this most excellent journey of building your own small empire like a modern day Julius Cesar in your little slice of the world with your little slice of talent. Go forth an agent for awesomeness and do epic shit.

Leave a comment if this resonates with you as I call out to our tribe #HEARTNHUSTLEFAMILY If there are any topics that peak your interest or that we haven’t covered or if you want us to interview someone you think is awesome leave a comment and we’ll make it happen. Follow along with us on our next adventure. Thank you for hanging out with me and as my mentor #RSDMAX says “Today was a;ready epic, my life is already amazing but let’s see how far we can push this thing called life”. Live your life, no one makes it out alive and all we got while we lie on our death bed is the memories of what we did while we could

Keep on keepín on. Sex, drugs, art and alcohol (except if your under 21, then stay in school and don’t do drugs) If you like what we’re doing for the world and want to help us grow become a patron of the channel and be a part of the inner circle by joining us on Patreon for more behind the scenes adventures. This is where you can donate to the future growth of the vision if you feel that this video and others like it brought you value. Thank you in advance.

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