how I manage my money 💵 ‏‏‎ ‎income , expenses , budget , etc || personal finance in my 20s

how I manage my money  💵   ‏‏‎ ‎income , expenses , budget , etc || personal finance in my 20s

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In this video, I show you guys how I keep track of my finances in my 20s , so everything from my income , expenses , budget , net income , and some of the information that I need to do my taxes with when that time comes around ( business expenses , business income ). Honestly, when I was first learning about how to track my money … I found it to be a little bit overwhelming even though it felt like it should have been really easy . Turns out, once you’ve set up your system , it can be super straight forward and then it’s just a matter of including this into your end of month routine . I kind of wish they taught us a bit more about how to manage finances in school, but hey I guess the internet is a good place to learn. I’m by no means an expert, and this is just what I do , but thought it would still be helpful to some of you or at least give you ideas on how to manage your money! I used microsoft excel for my spreadsheets … but you can totally use something like Google sheets as well 🙂

✩ Timestamps ✩
0:00 – Intro
0:40 – What do I use? + important info about my file
1:49 – Personal Finances Sheet : Income
2:20 – Nordgreen
5:40 – Personal Finances Sheet: Income
6:25 – Personal Finances Sheet: Expenses
9:26 – Personal Finances Sheet: Budget
10:05 – Personal Finances Sheet: Net Income
10:39 – Personal Finances Sheet: Bank Accounts
11:27 – Personal Finances Sheet: Credit Cards
11:58 – Business Finances Sheet: Business Income
14:00 – Business Finances Sheet: Business Expenses
15:25 – Outro


Update (August 2021): Since some of you requested it, here’s a google sheets template that you can use for your own finances:
All you have to do is hit “File — Make a Copy” and you’ll have your own copy to edit. I left it the same as it is in the video, so obviously rename things according to your own financial needs (change streams of income, some expenses might not apply to you, different bank accounts, etc.).
If you want it as an Excel File on your computer instead of Google Sheets, just hit “File – Download – Microsoft Excel”. I hope that’s somewhat helpful to those of you requesting it – might help speed things up! I do recommend you still follow along with the video to understand some of it 🙂

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