How I Built 14 Streams of Income – Passive, Online, & Location Independent.

How I Built 14 Streams of Income – Passive, Online, & Location Independent.

In this video I go through all 14 sources of income that I earn monthly earning me over $100,000 a year in total. Including both online passive income, as well as active income that I work for. Some passive income streams make just $100 a month but add up over the years, while others make $3,000-$5,000 or more each and every month. Check out my monthly income reports here:

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JohnnyFD –

hey this is Johnny FD and I’m really excited 
to make this video because I got inspired by a   couple other youtubers with how many income 
streams they have I think one of the videos   said you know my seven streams of income or my 
six streams of income and I was really curious   how many streams income do I actually have 
because if the last of five years I’ve been  .

an entrepreneur I’ve been traveling the world 
and I’ve been building businesses from this   very laptop this is a 2013 MacBook Air and 
I’ve built every single business I’ve ever   made on this laptop and today I’m going to go 
through each and every single stream of income kind of how I built the businesses my very first 
dream was my Kindle books so I actually have two  .

books now one is called 12 weeks in Thailand a 
good life on the cheap and one it’s called life   changes quick I first published those as PDF and 
sort of through my blog and then I started selling   it through Amazon and now Amazon does all the 
marketing for me so that’s income stream number  .

one on average I make anywhere between 50 to 100 
dollars a month now but my best month was over   $200 and actually the first month I made $600 my 
second income stream is freelance writing a lot   of you don’t realize this but I get contacted by a 
lot of people to guest post or write for them and  .

you normally I just ignore it because there’s not 
really a big reason for me to but once in a while   there’s an interesting topic and a big audience 
for me to get in front of so for example there’s   an ex packaging that has reached out to me a bunch 
of times asking me to write about either blogging  .

or drop shipping or e-commerce or just living 
as an expat and they normally pay me between   100 to 150 dollars per article and it’s kind of 
fun to write like I actually enjoy writing it   sometimes I go double the the ward minimum just 
because I’m in the flow and I’m enjoying writing   it and not only does it pay me per article but 
also I get a bigger audience because they link  .

back to me as far as freelancing I have also 
designed and made logos or even made websites   probably the biggest site I’ve ever made was 
for a CrossFit gym and these vary so usually   on an average and make up let’s say between a 
hundred two hundred fifty dollars a month but   if I’m making a website if I’m making logos my 
best months have been five hundred dollars plus  .

so my third input stream is from you to me it’s an 
online platform where anyone can create a course   and actually my best selling course has nothing 
to do with business or travel it’s called small   talk to networking lately I’ve been making just 
around 100 hours a month from these courses but  .

they do all the advertising for me they do all 
the marketing all the customer service so it’s   really easy passive income but my best months made 
well over a thousand dollars and actually every   January I make about a thousand dollars because 
a lot of people are buying these courses because  .

then they jump into new year’s resolutions 
or you know because of this big udemy sales now my fourth term income which has been 
my biggest income for the last five years   is dropshipping so I’ve created a lot of 
e-commerce stores where I’m physically not   buying the inventory I’m just drop shipping it 
from my manufacturer who’s either in Oregon or  .

California or kind of throughout the US and I sell 
the US customers I know there’s a lot of different   types of drop shipping for me I do high-ticket 
drop shipping from directly from the manufacturer   so I’m not shipping from China I’m not shipping 
something on Amazon I’m shipping I’m selling on  .

my own website and having a shipped directly from 
the manufacturer which is the way I prefer to do   it because this creates a real brand that you can 
sell later for most of my stores I make anywhere   between one and three thousand dollars a month my 
best month in profit it was about seven thousand  .

dollars and that was on twenty five thousand 
dollars with the sales and when I sell the   store which I’ve done now three times I’ve made 
anywhere between $60,000 you know or a little   bit less when I when I share with my partners but 
those are big paydays now because I’m pretty vocal  .

about the businesses I build a lot of people come 
to me with questions and normally if you just ask   you know one question I’m happy to answer and you 
know to Facebook or on a forum summer but when   some people need kind of more help so they set 
up for a coaching call I honestly don’t really  .

like doing coaching calls because it’s a big use 
of my time and in those 45 minutes for that hour   I could have been working on my own business and 
making money instead so that’s why I charge one   hundred seventy-five dollars an hour that way the 
only people who actually sign up for are a little  .

bit serious or they you know they really know what 
they want they’re not gonna waste my time or their   time so in general I usually have about two or 
three coaching calls per month from various people   and that pays you know anywhere between 300 to 400 
dollars a month another big stream income of mine  .

is to affiliate commissions so I could monetize my 
email list my blog in many many different ways but   I really like affiliate partnerships by sharing 
things that I personally use myself whether it’s   a link to this microphone which I think is the 
best USB microphone out there or to a course  .

that I took that taught me how to either create 
video courses or to start an ecommerce store or   even the software I use the web hosting I use the 
1-800 number I use all the things that I found to   be the best versions out there if they have an 
affiliate program I will share that whenever I’m  .

helping someone or writing a blog post or even 
creating a video about how to get started with   something in general and make anywhere between two 
and three thousand dollars a month from affiliate   commissions but my best months unlike a big launch 
or something I made over ten thousand dollars.

so I’m a big fan of double dipping so because I 
started making so much money through affiliate   marketing affiliate commissions people want 
to know how they can build their brand their   their blog to get a lot of traffic especially 
because all mine is free traffic people also   want to know how to build up an email list how to 
build up their brand and actually had out how to  .

get started with affiliate marketing that isn’t 
just you know hit or miss it’s really building   a life long stream of income so because of that 
I created a course called income boss and that   goes step-by-step through you know how to build 
a blog from scratch or brand from scratch how  .

to monetize it and how to get signed up for the 
best affiliate offers and how to actually get   the traffic and promote it for that course I make 
anywhere between you know three hundred to five   hundred dollars a month on average but all my 
best months I made you know a couple thousand  .

dollars especially during the launches or or 
whenever there’s big update and I sent an email   saying there’s a new case study on there so in 
the best month I made five thousand dollars from   the course on the worst months I usually make 
you know a few hundred bucks so income stream   number eight is real estate and I’m I’ve always 
been a big fan of owning we all stay or you know  .

having cash flowing properties or having money 
come in and I used to save up money so I can buy   a house and then I realized hey it’s in a buying 
a house for myself to live in and being stuck in   one place why not just travel and have income 
producing real estate assets and make money  .

from that so I’m a big fan of having everything 
hands-off have everything being ran through a   property manager or a fund and that way I never 
have to physically fly anywhere I never have to   deal with unclogging toilets or evicting someone 
I let the funds I left the managers do that so I  .

have a bunch of different real estate assets yeah 
through things like pure Street yield Street fund   rise building mogul HP and you name it and on 
average I’m a net profit about a thousand five   hundred a month just from the the the interest 
collected or the dividends collected but then I  .

also have some appreciation that’s not good 
in there so after a few years maybe five 10   20 years the value of some funds will go up as 
well because some of them are shares of REITs   or shares of like apartment buildings I own parts 
of so the cash flow right now is about a thousand   five hundred a month and that keeps growing but 
the equity is also growing and for me it’s about  .

50/50 equity 50/50 interest so you can calculate 
that I make about three thousand dollars a month   from that I just don’t see yet another form of 
passive income that I make through investments   is with index funds I buy all my next ones do 
Vanguard they’re very low cost and the way I have  .

generating the money to even buy these is every 
time I sell chopsticks tour for 60 grand I buy   60 grand worth of index funds some in total I have 
over two hundred thousand dollars with index funds   and that makes me on average about seven percent 
per year maybe even up to ten percent and part of  .

that is the dividends that they pay out and then 
also the growth so it’s kind of hard to calculate   exactly how much it’s worth but on average I make 
about a thousand dollars a month just from these   index funds if you calculate the the average 
growth as well as the dividends and it pays  .

out and sometimes it actually pays out a thousand 
dollars in just dividends but that only happens   you know maybe one quarter of the year my tenth 
stream income or live events so I really like   putting on live in-person events because I really 
believe that the in-person networking especially  .

two paid events where people plan ahead they fly 
in they buy ticket you know maybe they stay at   the hotel that you know the venue is a door nearby 
and they’re really there to grow their business or   themselves this is the best type of networking 
out there and that’s why I really like hosting  .

the Nomad summit every year and now we also have 
an event for the invest like a boss’d conference   as well and these conferences there they’re not 
really a great moneymaker in the beginning because   it takes many many years to build up and it’s 
a big investment you know you let you have to  .

put down ten or twenty thousand dollar deposits 
that are non-refundable even then doesn’t happen   it doesn’t go well so if I really calculate how 
much I’ve actually made from it I would say you   know maybe between a thousand to a thousand five 
hundred dollars a month when you average it out  .

over the year because we only have the events 
once or twice a year sometimes we just break   even some husband make money but it is another 
income for me but really I do because I really   love doing it another thing I really like doing 
is hosting the travel like a boss and the nest   like a boss podcast it’s something that I would 
do for free just because I really really enjoy  .

sitting down and interviewing successful people 
we’ve had on the CEO of a lot of big investment   companies like Roth foreign or better men or 
really mogul and that’s how we get ideas on what   to invest our own money in I’ve also interviewed 
a lot of successful entrepreneurs and it’s been  .

a great way to network with people sometimes 
we have a podcast sponsors so I would average   anywhere between 300 to 600 dollars a month 
on average of sponsorship money but we don’t   always have a sponsor so sometimes is actually a 
negative when I pay my editor to edit the podcast another passion project and the 12th shipment 
income is my youtube channel so I really like  .

making these videos I really enjoy making 
travel videos if you look I’ve been ton of   scuba diving videos or my own more type 
videos which is what I started with but   also I like sharing business and business tips 
because I get a lot of ideas I look at a lot   of you know connections from this so yes I 
make money from YouTube ads but no it’s not  .

a ton of money right now I make about $150 
a month from YouTube ads there the revenue   share but it’s not bad because honestly if I 
really had to I would probably have to I would   probably pay a service $150 a month just 
to host my videos if YouTube wasn’t around and my last board my 13th a stream of income I 
would just call other investments you know whether  .

it’s things like Bitcoin or forex trading or I 
have a bunch of money in Marcus which is an online   savings account that pays 2.25 percent as kind of 
a six month emergency fund all these things also   generates some money not a ton I would say you 
know hundred bucks a mother so but we need really  .

add up these thirteen different categories and 
if you really break them down like you know for   example I have more than one book I have more than 
one dropshipping store I have more than one type   of investment I actually have some investments 
that I talked about invest like a boss that I  .

didn’t really mention here just because they’re a 
little bit kind of off the wall but when you add   all these up it ends up being really really good 
money and I’m very diversified so never have to   worry about any one thing going down so in general 
I have more than 13 streams of income most of  .

their passive there’s only a few that are active 
income like hosting the live events we’re doing   the podcast which is weekly but even then these 
things end up you know being recorded so they are   kind of lifelong and this is a big difference 
between my corporate job that I had before I  .

moved you know out to Thailand or actually now 
I’m actually in Lithuania in in Europe so this   allows me to travel the world and make money 
online through actually this laptop which I   would like to upgrade but Apple isn’t making great 
laptops anymore so I’m kind of waiting for them to  .

get their act together I hope you’re listening to 
this so if you have any questions about any of my   income streams feel free to ask below or search my 
YouTube channel I’ve gone you know in depth every   single month on my income reports as well as my 
expense reports and I’ve also got in depth on most  .

of the businesses that I’ve talked about here but 
feel free to leave a comment if you have any other   questions in total I would say I’m making anywhere 
between five thousand to ten thousand dollars a   month and I’m doing all this while traveling the 
world and actually on my best months usually when  .

I’m you know in one place working you know 40 plus 
hours a week really grinding launching something   new or I’m really focusing on building my 
businesses sometimes I make $20,000 room   or more so my best year I make $200,000 a year 
actually my very best year if you include when   I sold my java shaming stores I made three hundred 
and twenty five thousand dollars and that was in  .

2016 and then two thousand and maybe 2017 and then 
it fluctuates anywhere between one and two hundred   thousand dollars and what’s really nice is my 
costs are very low because I spent half the year   in Thailand I spent another half a year in in the 
cheaper places in Europe that I really enjoy and I  .

don’t have big fixed expenses at home I don’t have 
a you know a mortgage or a car everything i buy i   buy assets that produce me money so if you want to 
know more about that listen to the invest like a   boss podcasts subscribe to this channel for more 
updates and if you want me to go in-depth with  .

anything that I talked about today just leave a 
comment below tell me why you don’t learn more   about I’m happy to share hopefully I’ll see some 
in the world and good luck let me know how many   streams of income you have right now and what you 
would like to add to your portfolio see you guys.

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