4 Top Ways to Make Passive Income with Crypto (I Earn $2,685 per Month)

4 Top Ways to Make Passive Income with Crypto (I Earn $2,685 per Month)

In this video, I’m showing you the 4 top ways to make passive income with cryptocurrencies in 2021. If you want to know how to make money with crypto, try out these 4 strategies that anyone can do! And make sure to watch until the end for a full explanation and walkthrough of how these methods work.

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I personally made $2,685 passive income last month using crypto (previous months even more), and I wanted to reveal the best ways for you to do the same. Whether you have bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, GUSD, or pretty much any other coin, you can make money. And even you currently don’t have any crypto, 2 of these methods will still work!

0:00 – Introduction
00:17 – Crypto Affiliate marketing (my strategies)
00:41 – Walkthrough of the Coinbase refer a friend program
01:38 – Walkthrough of the Coinbase official affiliate program
03:38 – Crypto lending using BlockFi (up to 8.6% APY)
04:21 – Walkthrough of BlockFi’s website and interest rates
06:34 – My BlockFi dashboard and earnings
07:43 – Bitcoin mining
10:14 – Staking
10:40 – Taking you through crypto.com’s staking rewards page
12:22 – How much I have made and outro

I’m not a financial advisor so this shouldn’t be considered financial advice. Please do your own due diligence before investing in anything – and consider investing for the long term as a safer approach to investing.

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