Travel and Income: Los Angeles, CA as a Digital Nomad

Travel and Income: Los Angeles, CA as a Digital Nomad

Costs of living and income from Los Angeles, California compared to cheaper digital nomad hot spots such as Chiang Mai, Thailand and Odessa, Ukraine, read more here:

This was the first time in almost three years since I’ve been writing my monthly income reports that I’m this late and almost considered skipping it all together. Honestly for the past year or so I haven’t been that focused on how much money I make, or even tracking my expenses as I’m focused on building up bigger long term projects like bringing the Nomad Summit to the USA even though I knew it would be a ton of work and might not make any money the first year. However, I keep getting messages from people telling me how much my monthly reports inspire them to keep going and how grateful they are that someone out there is being as transparent as I am showing real numbers. It’s funny that I just talked about this over dinner with a friend a few days ago in Las Vegas, someone who I assume is super rich as she’s always flying first or business class everywhere and staying in 5 star hotels. She said that she doesn’t want to come across as bragging ever so she never talks about or shares numbers, and just shows the lifestyle instead.

This sparked a conversation as I mentioned that I wished everyone would just share their numbers as without it, I always either assume someone has or makes way more than I thought, or way less. It’s honestly really difficult to tell. With her I’d be willing to bet it’s a lot as she didn’t even blink an eye paying $57.99 to join as us at the Wynn Buffet to to say hi and catch up, even though she had just got back from a labor day BBQ and had eaten already and only had room for dessert. But even then, I have no idea if she makes $10,000 a month or $100,000. Or if it’s every month, sometimes, or even if it’s half of that and she just lives above her means as many people do. That’s why I will continue to share my income and expense reports as I really wish others will start doing the same, and so everyone following along in the journey of entrepreneurship as a location independent digital nomad can have a realistic expectation of how much it actually costs and what people are actually earning in net profit each and every month compared to what they are spending. But as a spoiler, this month’s expenses are going to be pretty high as California and Vegas is way more expensive than Chiang Mai or even Odessa, Ukraine.

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