5 Passive Income Ideas In India and High Paying Side Hustles [In Hindi]

5 Passive Income Ideas In India and High Paying Side Hustles [In Hindi]

How to make passive income in India online? How to create an online side hustle that earns you a smart passive income? In this video, I am going to answer these 2 very common questions that come to the mind of every other person in India. We try to explore a few business ideas and side hustles that would help in generating your wealth in the long run.

After watching this video, most of you would feel equipped and motivated to start your own side hustle to generate a smart passive income. You can generate this using your photography, coding, and cooking skills; or using your house’s extra space, or by volunteering. You can also take the help of a few online apps mentioned in the video.

Timestamps –
0:00​ Introduction
1:18​ Idea 1
2:21​ Idea 2
3:31 Idea 3
4:50 Idea 4
5:47 Idea 5
6:59 Conclusion

You can use the following links for better help in setting up your side businesses :
Stock Photography – https://contrastly.com/popular-stock-photography-sites/
Volunteership – https://www.centerwatch.com/clinical-trials/listings/location/international/India/
Home Cooked Food – https://www.homefoodi.com/join-us.php
AirBnb Rentals – https://www.airbnb.co.in/host/homes
Alexa Skills – https://developer.amazon.com/en-US/docs/alexa/ask-overviews/what-is-the-alexa-skills-kit.html

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