How To Create 5 Streams Of Passive Income For Your Digital Marketing Agency

How To Create 5 Streams Of Passive Income For Your Digital Marketing Agency

How To Create 5 Streams Of Passive Income For Your Digital Marketing Agency
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what’s up you guys jason wardrop here and in¬†
today’s video i’m going to break down how to¬†¬† create five streams of income for your digital¬†
marketing agency which this is super cool because   most digital marketing agencies and what 
most people preach on youtube it’s just¬†¬† one single stream of income and then you just go¬†
get five clients 10 clients 20 clients or whatever  .

but the truth is what happens if something happens 
to that one stream of income you actually have   zero business whereas if you have five streams of 
income you have a rock solid foundation and if you   lose one stream of income you still have four 
other streams of income that you have a strong  .

solid foundation on right so if you guys are brand 
new here my name is jason wardrop about six years   ago i started my own marketing agency turn it into 
a software company scale that up to over fifteen   000 clients and basically i have this youtube 
channel to show you guys everything that i’ve¬†¬†.

done everything that’s worked and basically how¬†
you can literally copy my business for the things¬†¬† that have actually worked so let’s break down¬†
this whole model of how you can actually create   five streams of income from your digital marketing 
agency by focusing on one single business without  .

having to create five different businesses because 
that is absolutely insane and you don’t need to do¬†¬† that so it all starts with a simple sales funnel¬†
okay and so let’s just break this down right here¬†¬† so we’re gonna have this first page right here¬†
where what i do and what i highly recommend you do  .

because it works extremely well for every business 
i’ve seen implement this is create a challenge¬†¬† for your clients so it depends on your client¬†
but you might do a lead generation challenge or   a client acquisition challenge or an appointment 
setting challenge an acquisition channel or an  .

automation challenge something like that you 
look at the fitness industry with weight loss   challenges have worked so well time and time again 
they still work and this is going to be something   low ticket so maybe as low as seven dollars or as 
high as 197 dollars but you wanted to be sub 200  .

and this is just a one time purchase but the idea 
is you’re getting a high volume of purchases on¬†¬† this initial product offering okay and this is¬†
digitized so it’s not having to go through and¬†¬† you’re not having to go through and fulfill on any¬†
of the sales that happen on this initial purchase  .

now one of the greatest things that ever happened 
to sales funnels is what is called an order form   bump and this is basically if you do not have an 
order form bump this is basically saying no to   free money so what an order form bump is when you 
go through and you put in your credit card details  .

right here let’s say this is seven bucks just to¬†
make it easy and then an order form bombs like¬†¬† hey you’re buying this lead generation challenge¬†
how would you like the email and sms follow-up   templates that we use to convert more of those 
leads into actual booked appointments you get the  .

copy and paste templates all that stuff just check 
this box right here and we’ll add it to your order¬†¬† and let’s say this is 47 bucks okay so right¬†
there your order value went from seven dollars   to 47 and this is a second stream of income right 
there that you’ve created just with this simple¬†¬†.

sales page right then what we like to do is 
obviously you’ve probably seen sales funnels¬†¬† you’ve got the upsells the down sales all that¬†
stuff the truth is nowadays people are pretty   familiar with the concept of sales funnels 
and like ah not another upsell another upsell   and so people used to do like eight upsells or 
something like that crazy whereas i don’t like¬†¬†.

to go through and do that because what happens 
is you have your buyers your best clients they   start to get pissed off and you start offering too 
many upsells so what i do is i offer just one more¬†¬† upsell right here and what i’ve done over the last¬†
six years i’ve actually grown a software company¬†¬†.

and before a couple months ago it wasn’t really¬†
possible for just the everyday average person to   go through and start their own software company 
but now pretty cool technology has come out and   you can go through and start your own software 
company where you can offer an annual plan to  .

that software for let’s say 497 dollars maybe it’s¬†
a 99 per month software subscription and you’re¬†¬† like hey instead of paying 1200 over the next year¬†
let’s pay 4.97 right now you’ll get upgrade to an¬†¬† annual account and so right now you just bumped¬†
your whole initial sales funnel from seven bucks  .

to 47 that’s 54 plus 497 that’s like 550 roughly¬†
right so you’ve got three core streams of income¬†¬† but then we’re getting them on to a software¬†
right any digital type of training to go   through and market your business grow your 
business online you’re going to need to use¬†¬† some type of software and up until a few months¬†
ago you had to be an affiliate for that software  .

well the cool thing is is i and i show you guys 
how to do this in my launcher business challenge i   have a link down below in the description as well 
as in the top comment go through and check that   out how you can start your own software company 
and literally get monthly recurring commissions  .

not commissions actually revenue because you’re¬†
not to split that revenue with anybody else you   keep 100 of the profits right here on this monthly 
software subscription okay so now you’ve got¬†¬† the digital products right here the annual upgrade¬†
you’ve got the monthly software subscription we’re¬†¬†.

able to go through and stack that revenue and 
you can get 100 200 300 people paying you 100 200   every single month and the great thing about 
this is you’re not just spending hours and¬†¬† hours of your own time for the fulfillment¬†
because we’re leveraging software tools and¬†¬† systems to do the fulfillment for you so even¬†
if you have no tech skills no prior experience  .

this model actually works a lot better because 
it’s a rely on you okay it doesn’t matter if you¬†¬† have skills or you don’t have skills the software¬†
the tools the technology is what is actually going   to be getting results for you okay so we could 
have some advanced expert marketer or some like  .

low-level brand new beginner and they’re going¬†
to get the same results because it’s the tools¬†¬† that are getting the results right and then¬†
from here once we get people onto this software   we can upgrade them once you want to to more of a 
done-for-you model where you’re going through and¬†¬†.

maybe running facebook ads or doing seo or google 
ads or some of these other done-for-you services   that you can actually increase the value of that 
client over time all right so now we’ve got one¬†¬† two three four five different streams of income¬†
right here and the cool thing about this is with  .

the traditional marketing agency model everyone’s¬†
focused over here they’re charging something like¬†¬† 2k per month and saying hey for 2 000 a month¬†
we’ll do your facebook ads google ads we’ll do all¬†¬† this crazy stuff and we’ll get you some amazing¬†
results well what happens here after three months  .

these people cancelled and why do they cancel 
after three months because most of these marketing   agency gurus teach you to go through and get an 
initial three-month contract right that’s what¬†¬† they teach you and so then after the three-month¬†
contract’s up they cancel because they’re like¬†¬†.

ah even if they saw results two thousand dollars 
per month for a small business owner is just too   much right whereas if you can come down here 
and charge anywhere from 99 to maybe even 299   per month for the software and tools because the 
truth is even if you’re paying 2 000 per month¬†¬†.

to you as the marketing agency owner this client 
still needs to go get software and tools right   so kind of the old traditional model you refer 
them to the software you have them go sign up   they would pay additional money for that software 
maybe you’re getting a little affiliate kit back¬†¬†.

kick back every single month 20 to 30 percent of 
the the sign up costs but now with this new model   you can focus on saying hey go sign up for these 
software this software these tools right here   which are your own tool set so instead of getting 
20 to 30 percent here of the 99 to 299 a month  .

you collect 100 of that and then if they cancel 
this service up here guess what they’re still¬†¬† on your software so you’re still getting paid¬†
every single month and also at the same time¬†¬† you don’t have to charge a crazy crazy amount¬†
here because you’re making margins right here so¬†¬† one client that i have that i’ve gone through and¬†
taught this whole model to one amazing setup that  .

she’s doing is she’s doing this whole initial¬†
sales funnel right here then what she’s doing¬†¬† is she’s charging 197 per month to her clients¬†
for her own white label software all right and   guys i show you guys how to get this all set up 
um everything a to z so don’t worry you don’t have¬†¬†.

to have any tech skills or anything like that or 
raise money from venture capitalists or anything   like that so she charged the 197 a month and then 
if they want the done-for-you service it’s 4.97 a¬†¬† month for the facebook ads right and so it seems¬†
extremely cheap to go through and offer 4.97 for  .

the done-for-you facebook ads but then she’s¬†
also making the 200 right here so it’s actually¬†¬† 700 per month and she’s making per done for you¬†
client and so she’s able to actually go through¬†¬† and scale that and then she’s also got dozens of¬†
people just paying her the 197 per month for the  .

tool set right so then that way she’s able to¬†
focus more over time on getting more clients up   here as opposed to getting six to eight clients 
maxing out and then having to feel spend all of¬†¬† her time on the fulfillment because she’s got¬†
to spend eight to ten hours every single week¬†¬† on each and every client just because they’re so¬†
demanding because they’re paying you so much and¬†¬†.

at that point it’s really hard to scale because¬†
you can’t go hire the right people and train the¬†¬† right people to do the fulfillment for you because¬†
you’re so busy doing the fulfillment yourself and¬†¬† then when you lose a client then you’re so busy¬†
focusing on client acquisition right and so that  .

is the problem with the traditional marketing 
agency model whereas if we convert more to this¬†¬† model we’re able to create multiple streams of¬†
income we’re able to get a lot more stability¬†¬† and we’re actually able to net a lot more every¬†
single month so if you guys are interested in this  .

whole model i’m actually having a launch your¬†
business challenge think about this right here   this challenge right doing the exact same thing 
the same model so i actually eat my own dog food¬†¬† and i’m going to show you guys how to get this¬†
all set up okay this is not some like 90 minute  .

webinar it’s not some 2000 course or program i’ve¬†
got a link to the launch your business challenge   down in the description as well as in the top 
comment you guys can go check that out get in get   started see exactly how you can copy my entire 
business model and see how i got over 15 000  .

clients leveraging this exact system i’ll show¬†
you the organic client acquisition strategies¬†¬† how to get clients for free starting out if you’re¬†
a beginner and you have zero money to get started   and then as you start to go through and grow 
things i’ll show you how to scale the client¬†¬†.

acquisition strategy strategies alright so anyway 
guys i hope this video was helpful as far as   going through and creating a more sustainable 
marketing agency for your own business if it   was make sure you smash that like button if 
you’re brand new here make sure you subscribe¬†¬† i launch new videos every single week on how to¬†
generate more leads make more money and grow your  .

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