How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – From ZERO To Passive Income

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – From ZERO To Passive Income

– What affiliate marketing is

– How affiliate marketing works

– How to start affiliate marketing for beginners

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0:00 Video intro – What you will learn in this video
0:45 Explain new digital economy
1:56 What affiliate marketing is
3:01 2 Reasons affiliate marketing is the best business model for beginners
3:35 How affiliate marketing works
5:01 How to start affiliate marketing / Step 1: Pick a niche and products to promote
5:30 3 evergreen niches: Wealth, health, relationship
6:49 How to find products to promote in affiliate marketing
8:17 How to start affiliate marketing / Step 2: Pick a social media platform to build influence
10:01 How to get started in affiliate marketing / Step 3: Automate business with sales funnel and Email marketing
11:40 How to get started in affiliate marketing / Step 4: Create content
13:02 How to get started in affiliate marketing / Step 5: Create traffic with organic and paid ads


What’s affiliate marketing?

In simple words… You recommend products that are already selling and, when people buy it from your referral link, you get a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is the best business model:

1. You don’t need to learn the whole business process. You only focus on learning digital marketing.

2. There’s a minimal risk. You don’t have to invest in inventory, hire a team, create a product…

How Does It Work?

When you decide what you want to promote, you sign up for their affiliate program.

The company will give you a unique link that tracks YOUR referrals to them.

Every single affiliate, will receive a specific link with a tracking cookie so, when people click in miss, is to collect their audience email address.

How To Get Started

1. Pick a niche and products in the niche:

Wealth, health and relationship are the evergreen niches.

Some subniches examples:

Wealth: work from home, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, trading.

Health: weight loss, diabetes, healthy eating, physical exercises.

Relationship: Online dating, better sex life, wedding, divorce.

How can I find products to promote?

– Google




2. Pick a social media platform

Where you build influence and audience.

3. Automate your business

Sales Funnel

Email Marketing

The goal is to build your name, your influence in the niche you picked.

4. Create content
Content is the key to build a genuine audience.

Audience is real people following you.

Creating content and publishing them will be your daily income producing activity!

Learn, create content, publish!

5. Creating traffic to your links

There are 2 ways to create traffic: organically or paid.

Organic is more fun, when people find you on social media, like your content and start following you.

Paid – self-explained here – is when you pay ads to reach people.

As you can see, affiliate marketing not in complicated,

BUT This is not a get rich fast scheme either!

Like any real business, it takes time, consistency, and work.

See you in my next video!

no previous experience? no tech skills? no 
products on your own? Don’t worry! affiliate   marketing is the business model for you to launch 
your entrance in the online world if you just   heard about affiliate marketing and you’re curious 
to know a little bit more about it you’re in the  .

right place my friend in this video you learn what 
affiliate marketing is how it works and how you   can get it started hi vanessa here and welcome to 
my channel where you don’t only learn how to make   money online but how to build digital estate so 
you can live your own version of laptop lifestyle.

we can’t deny that we have been going 
through some really crazy times right   and you have to agree with me that these past 
events have brought more people online more people   shopping online in fact u.s e-commerce growth has 
jumped more than 30 percent accelerating online   shopping by nearly two years and experts 
are saying that we are not going backwards  .

believe me friend this online thing is just 
getting started this shift is creating endless   new opportunities to go out there and make an 
insane amount of money without big investments   and obstacles like it was before so while more 
and more people will be watching online content   shopping online consuming online 
where are you in this process  .

are you a person that is able to monetize with 
all the resources you have been given to live   life on your own terms or a person stuck in a 
job where you’re told how much you can get paid   when you can take time off and leave paycheck 
by paycheck if you’re like me somebody who wants   to take advantage of this new digital economy 
affiliate marketing is the business model for you.

in simple words you recommend products that are 
already selling and when people buy it from your   referral you get a commission it’s like a 
partnership between a company that has the   products and you the best part you only do the 
marketing the company will deal with the whole   business process such as customer support worry 
about shipping refund emailing your job is simply  .

to send people their way so for example you use 
the software to record and edit your videos you   love how it’s user friendly and you tell your 
friends they trust your word and they buy it   under your referral the company will pay you a 
commission for bringing people to their door just  .

in case you’re curious i use camtsia it’s a great 
software that you can use in mac and windows i’ll   leave the link in the description in case you want 
to check it out now back to affiliate marketing   so basically you find products that are proven 
to sell and you put in front of people with  .

the desire to buy it so in my humble opinion 
affiliate marketing is the best business model   to start your journey as an online entrepreneur 
because of two main reasons number one you don’t   need to worry about the whole business process 
you focus only on learning digital marketing   after you master it and you want to create your 
own product you already know how to sell it  .

two there is a minimal risk you don’t have to 
invest in inventory hiring a team create a product   and you can make up 80 percent commissions 
just for referring other people’s product to start when you decide what product you 
want to promote you just sign up for their   affiliate program the company will give you a 
unique link they will track your referrals to  .

them every single affiliate will receive a 
specific link with a tracking cookie so when   people click in this link and go to their website 
the company will know who referred them and when   they buy something under your referral you get 
paid your entire job as an affiliate marketer   is to get individuals to click your link and take 
them to the company’s website the company will  .

take over from there and finalize the sale for 
you the key to become a for affiliate marketing   and increase your sales is to build an audience 
you can promote products by using blog facebook   instagram any platform that you can connect with 
a large amount of people doing that you’ll be able  .

to present your unique link in front of your 
audience and hopefully they’re going to start   clicking it an important thing to do that some 
affiliates miss is to collect their audience email   address it’s essential to do that because at any 
time the platform can decide to close your account  .

if that happens and you don’t have their contact 
information you’re gonna lose all the audience   that you work so hard to create think about it the 
email address the only thing that you really own   online and you are legally allowed to contact 
them unless they unsubscribe from your list  .

so to get started the first step is to pick an 
issue on the products to promote this should be   the fun part because you can turn a passion into 
your business or maybe you can turn your expenses   into income if you’re using something and it helps 
you somehow it might help somebody else as well  .

right they just need to know about the product 
and your job as an affiliate marketer is to show   them the product and how it’s useful for them if 
you don’t know what niche to pick wealth health   and relationship are the evergreen niches some 
subniches examples in wealth are work from home  .

affiliate marketing drop shipping trading in 
health you can think about weight loss diabetes   health eating physical exercise and some 
examples for relationship are online dating   better sex life wedding divorce more you niche 
down in the beginning better for you to target   your audience but keep in mind you want a niche 
with room to expand over time let’s say you’re in  .

the health niche and you decide to focus on weight 
loss there are many types of exercises and diets   let’s say you pick low carb diet you learn 
everything about it and become an expert in this   specific topic by doing that you can direct all 
your content to people looking for this specific  .

diet people will search for you because they know 
you have all the information about this particular   topic and they will trust you when you offer a low 
carb diet plan but you still have room to expand   your business because you can combine physical 
exercises and supplements with the diet and trust  .

me people buy anything from you after you build 
trust and credibility now you must be wondering   how you can find product to promote it’s different 
for every niche but there are four places you can   go for ideas one you can go to google and search 
for things like best affiliate program for your  .

niche of choice two you can go to just 
go to shop by department and check for some ideas   three you can go to i mean if they 
made a dummies book about it it may be a great   niche to be in right and number four you can 
go to i have never promoted   any product from clickbank mostly because the 
payout is not very high and i have never used  .

any products from them every company has their 
own regulations for their affiliate program   so make sure you read them and follow them so you 
don’t get kick out from the program some companies   let anyone to become their affiliate and they’re 
gonna give you the link right away while other  .

companies may ask you to fill out an application 
have a previews experience and audience i just   want you to keep in mind that influence comes 
first income second people are not gonna buy from   you the first time they see you if you don’t get 
accepted the first time just keep creating content  .

publishing them and building audience then 
you can apply again if it’s a product that   you really want to have in your portfolio 
step number two pick a social media platform   here’s where you’re gonna build your influence and 
promote your unique links learn about one platform   its rules and algorithms to maximize your results 
there each platform has a different type of  .

audience and content format for example instagram 
is more about pictures visual content short posts   it’s a great network designed for sharing pictures 
on the other hand facebook is more for business   mind people they like reading long posts and 
they join groups of their interests facebook  .

it’s a great platform to set up an event for 
customers to reply for the invitation for example   i personally like youtube surprise surprise and 
blogging because they both have the same strategy   create search-based niche content around proven 
and profitable topics which means that people  .

will look for your video or articles instead of 
you trying to find and connect with them online   also a well-planned video and article will work 
for you for years to come while a post will get   lost on social media neverland walls in a few 
days yeah you might spend a little bit more time  .

in writing a script for your video or writing an 
article but you don’t need to be posting engaging   every day like on tiktok or other platforms in 
order to keep your engagement so if you don’t want   to become a social media slave you might want to 
invest your time and energy on what really matters  .

when it comes to build digital estate step number 
three automate your business do you remember when   i told you to collect your audience emails yeah 
here’s when it comes in hand before sending people   to the affiliate company’s link it’s recommended 
to create a sales funnel with a bridge page  .

i highly recommend you to make a short intro 
video showing your face introducing yourself   and pre-framing your customers to what’s coming 
before taking them to the company’s link it’s how   you brand your business instead of just making 
commissions products come and go today you’re   promoting one thing tomorrow maybe promoting 
something else the goal is to build your name your  .

influence in the niche you picked with a bridge 
page you’re able to offer free training some free   tips maybe a check listing exchange over their 
email address after you collect their email with   the sales funnel you send them to the company’s 
website the email goes to your email database  .

so whatever was your free offer it’s gonna be 
automatically sent to their inbox after that   you create email campaigns to follow up with your 
audience keep them informed about your new videos   or articles always reminding them that you’re here 
for them using sales funnels and email marketing  .

it’s how you warm up your audience and increase 
your sales it’s how you can make money even when   you are not working i use clickfunnels to build 
my sales funnel and get response to build my email   marketing campaigns i will link their pages in 
the description in case you want to check them  .

out step number four create content content is 
the key to build a genuine audience and understand   the audience it’s real people following you to 
attract them you need to create valuable content   all around your niche making you the expert 
about the topic then when you put out an   offer people take it because of the content you 
already gave them for free upfront so yes you’re  .

gonna become a content creator creating content 
and publishing them will be your daily income   production activities so i have two big tips for 
you here one done is better than perfect publish   your content even if you think you can improve 
it for example if you’re making a video and  .

you think it’s not that great you may think you 
don’t look good or maybe you sound like a robot   publish it anyway with time you master your 
message and it becomes natural but you have   to start remember you don’t need to be great to 
start but you need to start to be great right   my second tip is knowledge is only powerful when 
it’s applied if you just spend time learning and  .

not applying what you learn you’re not gonna 
go anywhere learn create content and publish it   it’s how this business works and how you’re gonna 
build know like and trust to start making sales   step number five create traffic to your links 
there are two ways to create traffic organic   and paid organic it’s more fun when people find 
you on social media like your content and start  .

following you it may take a little bit longer but 
it’s the way that you build a relationship with   your audience paid kinds self-explained here it’s 
when you pay ads to reach people i would recommend   you to start organically learn the process 
start getting results learn how to direct ads  .

and then when you start making money invest this 
money in ads you must understand that paid ads are   great to collect emails so you can follow up later 
just because people click the ad it doesn’t mean   that they’re gonna buy right away you must have 
your business up and running with sales funnel  .

and email marketing to make paid ads to work for 
real got it and that’s it as you can see affiliate   marketing is not complicated but it’s not a get 
fast rich scheme either like any real business   it takes time consistency and work but scaling 
this business within six months to one year if  .

you dedicate to the process it’s totally durable 
it was a short overview of the affiliate marketing   process so you can get familiar with this online 
business model if you want to fast track your   journey i highly suggest you to check out the 
free 3-day training i’m linking the description  .

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