How to Earn Money From Mobile Phone? | Earn Online Income without Investment | Best Earning App

How to Earn Money From Mobile Phone? | Earn Online Income without Investment | Best Earning App

In this video you will get to know about Earning App to Earn Online Income without Investment.

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Can we use this mobile phone and earn money
which is a very big question which many people want to know. In today’s date, who
doesn’t want to earn money. But which is the reliable source Any mobile application which you can just download
and your account would get money or is there something which you can refer and earn money. Today I will tell you about one such app.

in this video with which from today you will download
and register on it, then you will get the money. I will also tell you that you can also earn a lot
of money. But I want one thing from you that you watch this video till the end. So that any detail is not missed by you. Get to know all the concepts then
we’ll talk about step by step, what you have to do.

how you will get the money and how much. Step-by-step let’s move forward. First I have told you this concept earlier too. But to tell you again
it is important there is something called affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing
very simply means that you recommend someone’s product or service. We have already talked
about this, there is no need to talk more about this. If we refer something.

then we are working for someone then that
company in return can give us money. But is there any company that if we just download the application
and register on it then for that registration we get money and how much let me tell you.
I will tell you about one such platform if you will register on it then you will straightaway get
200 rupee credit..

Now, what is this credit? How this will come into your account? I will tell you in detail we will move step by
step. Now let me tell you about a platform called five paisa you might have heard about
this platform or not. I will switch on screen recording of my phone so that my editor could easily show you. I have opened 5 paisa and click on user.

and if you go on refer and earn you will see some offers, very first there is a Kawasaki Ninja bike that you can
also get Ninja bike. How? let’s talk about it very first what is written on it understand that.
It is said if you will refer then how much money you will get read that here it is written that
if you refer it to the first person then you.

get 500 rupees and this can come directly
in your account, if you just refer it now the The first step to refer to is that
if we ourselves register on it then we get 200 credit now what is this credit? What company
do let’s understand then I will tell you about other things. 5 paisa is such a platform on
which you can buy shares you can do trading.

means if you want to invest in stock market
then 5paisa is one of the platform now by going there you will
open your Demat account if you open your Demat account then company straight away give
200 credit in your bank account now why am I saying credit, why am I not saying it money
because you cannot directly withdraw this.

money for this there is a condition. The company
says that we want to increase awareness. Awareness means people should get to know about Stock
Market investing people think of it as bubble. In starting we are ourself giving them money we cannot withdraw this
amount but with it they can purchase share.

now if you purchase any company shares of 200 or
any amount you want to purchase after that if you sell them, then you can take that money
in your account, for that, you would have to hold the shares for 30 days. Now what I told
you would have understand that you will get 200 but with that you are purchasing shares
or you can trade if you understood this after.

this is that, if after registering yourself
as we went in refer and earn section if you also go in your refer and earn section you will
see that here clearly it is written that copy your link and share it on WhatsApp Telegram
Facebook you can send it then what will happen as you will share the link whoever will open
the account with your link you will get 500.

rupees which you can directly withdraw in
your account plus if that person trade then 250 rupees more so basically 750 rupees you
will get after one refer. Will you get the money every time you refer? the answer is no. What you are going to get let’s know. After this the process for the first person after this as many people will
for example if you have 300 people on whatsapp and you.

send the link to 300 of them And 100 people open
the account then first you will get 750 then after that as many people will open the account
you will get 250 rupees in your account you will get 250 in your account + company give
you some additional benefits when you will download the app when you will register you
will get to know about everything you will.

get to know the details. Now as you saw the
offer that they are giving your Kawasaki Ninja bike. These offer come every month last month it was gold coin it was 50 gram biscuit company has given. This time company is saying that if someone performs
better then we will give them a Kawasaki Ninja bike how you will get the details when you
will register yourself. Now what.

you will have to do to register. Go in the description
box there is link of 5 paisa very easy process if you have Aadhar Card
and PAN card when you can very easily register on this as your Demat account will be opened
you can share this with many people everyone will get this 200 after that when you will
refer you will get 500 rupees that is plus.

250 and that is 750 rupees + you would get
250 on subsequent registration now the very big thing account opening is 100% free. Second any
Demat account opening company which is a brokerage company, No brokerage can deduct any amount
of money from your account. It’s a myth that if we will open the
account then we will face some charges there.

is nothing like that. If it will be charged
then it is on the account and if you don’t use it then no broker can deduct anything
from your account. So your money is hundred percent safe and you will get this money in
your account. For thousands of people we have made many videos on refer and earn, people have already
earned money and with different platforms.

any platform which is better for you we tell
you about it. Further also if we will get any companies offer and I feel you should
know we will tell you about that so right now what you are required to do. Simply go
on the description and comment box of this video click on the link, register yourself
after registering you will get 200 credits.

any number of people can register and
refer to as many people. You will earn money, Kawasaki is companies offer for this
month, next month it could be something else so it is totally up to you and this business
model which I am telling you. This is a completely zero investment model in for this you need one thing that you make your link and share it.

and you will get money. Now easier business
than this I don’t know if there is and if you know then you can tell me in the comments.
Finally if you button share this video so that many want to earn money but they don’t know how
they will do it while sitting at home with the mobile phone with just internet and that
too without any investment so when you will.

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