Earning From #ShareMarket | Make Money in Stock Market | Passive Income | #GoSelfMadeUniversity

Earning From #ShareMarket | Make Money in Stock Market | Passive Income | #GoSelfMadeUniversity

In this video you will get to know the real condition of Indian Economy, what is happening in United States of America & China, how is it going to affect our #ShareMarket and possible reasons for #MarketCrash!

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Wipro share price 02:26
10,000 become 15crore 05:53
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Well, a question must have come to your
mind: how much wealth can be made by investing in the stock market. How much money can come
by investing in the stock market? Well if you ask this question to the experts, then
they will give you a lot of examples. They have a lot of examples , they will say that
look at Warren Buffett, he is the fourth richest.

person in the world. Who has become rich
by investing in the stock market and they will say that talk about India Investors,
you see Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who has earned more than 20 thousand crores from the stock
market . Talk about Radhakrishnan Damani , he has earned crores
from the share market. But they are very big.

people. Perhaps a common man could not relate
to these people. Tell me whether a person from a village can become rich by investing
money in the stock market. Do you have any success stories? Let me tell you the real success story of
a human being today. The one who had invested only ₹ 10000 ,only ₹ 10000 and he purchased
only 100 shared for ₹ 10000. He got only.

a Hundred shares for ₹ 10000 means one share
of ₹ 100 and he has earned ₹ 1500 crore by investing ₹ 10000. According to today’s
data from the share market. And he purchased only one company’s share. Now which person
am I talking about, there is a person called, Mohammad Anwar and from where he belonged, You will google by yourself and which company.

share he has purchased, because if you will also google
it yourself you will relate to the facts. You just write
Mohammed Anwar Wipro here and many articles will come in front of you. You will find that
there is a village in Maharashtra named Amalner Where the resident of Amalner still has
more than 3000 crores shares. There are also.

people from such villages and here I am opening
an article in front of you. The information in the article is a Little outdated. This
is a 2019 article. So we will calculate according to today, then in this article, you will learn
who Mohammad Anwar is, his father died. His father used to do farming. The land was distributed
among all the brothers, and they sold part.

of their land, then when they sold the land,
how much money did they get. They got ₹ 80000 and he did not know how to invest. He had
children, He had a wife but did not know about the investment and did not know about the
stock market at all. and he was not ready to invest all his money, because if Someone
has ₹ 80000, should he put it all in the.

stock market? The answer was no.
But what happened is Wipro, if you google a little, then from where it started, Wipro
has started from Jalgaon District in Maharashtra, it is a big company. But there is also a small
village, named Amalner. A company started from there. so the villagers of that village
had shares of Wipro. Now when Wipro started.

to grow, the company came to know that the
price of our shares is going to increase. So take back the shares from those who have
the shares, then when the shares are taken back .
A broker named Satish Shah was sent to that village. He went to that village from Mumbai
and he talked to Mohammad Anwar. he said that.

I have to take back the shares from the people
of this village, you help me. We will have to go home. We have to knock on the gates
and we will have to take back shares from the people. People did not give even then,
but Mohammad Anwar helped. Satish Shah said that the shares of Wipro are going to increase.
Then you buy 100 shares, it will cost ₹ 10000,.

but you will benefit a lot. Now he accepted
the advice that I have ₹ 80000 and I invest ₹ 10000. He invested ₹ 10000. He Invested
in 1980 and magic happened after that, but did not happen in a year. But what happened,
In 1981, the company declared the bonus in the ratio of 1:1 . The shares of Anwar’s got
200. After that in 1985, they got a bonus.

of 1:1, shares got 400. After that, in 1986
the company split the shares At the rate of ₹ 10 then Anwar got 4000 shares. And similarly
continued to grow. In 1997 , Anwar had 1,92,000 shares in the ratio of 2:1 . Now , in 1999
, the company split shares again at the rate of ₹ 2, Anwar got 9,60,000 shares ..

Now in the same way, in 2019, according to
the 1:3 ratio , the company gave a bonus to the shareholders , and the bonus received
here in the ratio of 1:3, Anwar got shares of 2 crores 56 lakhs. Means Anwar has 2 crores
56 lakh shares. Now the calculation is old here. It is said that in 2019, Anwar had shares
of 679 crore shares at the rate of 265 shares..

But if Anwar has such shares now . You Just
look at the current market value of today. look at today’s current market value, you
will see that the share of Wipro is ₹ 515, so you can calculate it yourself. You can
do this on your own calculator . Here is what I have done for you 515 * 2,56,00000 , it
is almost 1300 crores . But you were saying.

1500 crores. The answer is how it is 1500
crore. I told you in the last video. If you choose the option of Dividend Paying Stocks,
then you also get the dividend, so here I tell you how much dividend was paid to Anwar,
I will show you, so you search for it by yourself. I will show it in writing.
Here, the market price of the shares of 1300.

crore straight today and other things, a dividend
of around 200 crores was also given . 200 crores of dividend by investing ₹ 10000. Have you understood the power of the dividend
in the last video. Another example I gave you is that if you choose such stocks, which
give you a dividend, then there is no need.

to sell those stocks . Your expenses and if
you want to retire, you can retire on the income of dividend, Wipro is a very good example,
and it is not just about Wipro. You see here how 10000 becomes fifteen hundred crores.
What do people do ? You see, Anwar has a share of ₹ 100 , Satish Shah said that there is
a share of ₹ 100 and it will grow. If Anwar.

has sold that share after it cost ₹ 200.
That my money became 10000 to 20000, what would have happened , there had never been
fifteen hundred crores here. This is what people do wrong, they do not hold. what do
you do when you buy real estate, you take the property, forget it. How many years did
this person spend? It was invested in 1980.

and 2021 going on today. He waited for 40
years , then this happened. In 40 years, an investment of 10000 becomes fifteen hundred
crores. But today people don’t have patience for 40 years. You don’t want to be rich, you
don’t want to be Millionaire, You have to spend crores of rupees. But if you want to
get rich from the stock market, then you have.

to do value investing. Warren Buffett teaches
us many more things now. If you take the example of Warren Buffet , he said that you should
buy shares when the share price is below its intrinsic value and then it will bounce back
a hundred percent. I have told you this rule before. Now what is this intrinsic value,
what is the P/E ratio , Much more remains.

to be learned in the upcoming videos . Today I have told you a real-life story. A
person who earned ₹ 150000000 by investing ₹ 10000, how much you want to earn. Tell
me this in the comment, because I get boost up that many people want to earn, then teach
them more. Now how you will buy shares, you.

should know that you need a Demat account
to buy shares. You open your account, I give you a link in the description and comment
box of the upstox . There is an offer for today, you are getting a free Demat account
on upstox. Otherwise, there are charges of Demat account and the Second thing is that
if you will open the account by clicking on.

the link in the description and in the comment
box and , then you will get free digital gold. If you want gold , you can open the account
by clicking on the link , you will get free digital gold either you can sell it and get
your money in the account that’s your choice finally I am telling you one more thing that
share this video that people will get to know.

that there are people who become rich
by investing , otherwise what people do you money come to them and they spend it instantly.
They will go and bring new clothes, bring a new car and bring a mobile phone and that
will be spent, then if Anwar spends instead of investing ₹ 10000
, it would never become fifteen hundred crores.

of rupees. Now think about this and tell me
in the comment below that if he invested 11000 instead of ₹ 10000, what would be his net
worth today. This is the question for you how much he would have benefited. Comment
below and tell us by calculating yourself, only by investing ₹ 1000 more, then what
will be the compounding . I have to check.

your information too, how much do you understand
and how much interest you are taking. Finally, If you are watching this video on
Facebook then immediately follow us and if you are watching on YouTube then subscribe
and Click on notifications Bell . I will see you in the next video tell me the time you
open your Demat account today you are getting.

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