Mere Apne Episode 11 [Subtitle Eng] – 26th September 2021 – ARY Digital Drama

Mere Apne Episode 11 [Subtitle Eng] – 26th September 2021 – ARY Digital Drama


Mere Apne | Love, Sacrifice And Ordeals

‘Mere Apne’ is a story based on exchange marriages (Watta-Satta) within a family and how relationships suffer because of it.

Written By: Qurat-ul-Ain Akhter & Dilawar Khan

Directed By: Mohsin Mirza & Tehseen Khan

Ali Abbas
Hajra Yameen
Zainab Shabbir
Waseem Abbas
Tanveer Jamal
Firdous Jamal
Ayesha Khan
Arez Ahmed
Agha Mustafa
Zoya Nasir
Anaya Ali
Humera Bano
Hina Sheikh
Usama Khan
Mariyam Pervaiz

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You did the right thing by telling everyone about our honeymoon. Everyone was so happy, especially mother and father Yes, they’re our parents, obviously they’d be happy when they see us spending time together happily Yes you’re right, our happiness depends on them Listen Umar I was thinking of keeping this dress, the color is so pretty, I haven’t even worn it yet.

Madam will you take these formal dresses to Turkey? You know I don’t wear western clothes I know, but let’s do one thing, I’ll take you shopping, you can take your time and shop according the the climate over there You can even get some western clothes, whichever you feel comfortable in I’ll have to keep all these clothes back?.

You’ll have to leave them over here But do one thing, take me along packed inside I should pack you inside my suitcase? Yes You won’t fit inside How mean, but I’ll be a good human and a good husband and I’ll help you clear out this mess which you’ve created over here Guys this would go down in history as the moment when a husband helped his wife sort out her clothes.

Really? And this will also go down in history as the day when a husband wore this dress to Turkey, how do I look? The lipstick will be of my choice Really? Yes What color Red Come on now let’s keep the clothes inside and clear up this mess Thank you Here is tea for you Oh wow, how did you know that I’m craving tea right now.

We have been together since thirty years now If still I don’t understand such things then what’s the use of spending so much time together? You’re right Iqbal I want to talk to you about something I’ve always listened to what you’ve had to say, please go ahead I was thinking If Hamza and Ramsha can also go for a holiday like Neha and Umar.

It would be nice Well they’re are children, why would we have any objection if they spend good time together But this is something which they will have to decide themselves Iqbal, whatever Hamza did with Ramsha on the reception is all in front of you I don’t think his financial situation would allow him to do such things.

I was wondering if we could give them a honeymoon package as a gift, how would that seem? Look, I’m well aware of Hamza’s situation But we should not do anything which would make him feel inferior If we keep reminding him about his status it won’t be good for our daughter I would like if you don’t interfere in their personal matters.

It would be better for them And Hamza is her husband. Both of them should know how to live their lives according to what they can afford That’s the biggest success of a married life Tea? Thank you You’ve become so occupied with your office work. You’ve taken all the responsibilities on yourself Why don’t you involve Usama with your work, he has become quite smart, isn’t it?.

Usama will do the next project with us Wow that’s great Tell me, did you return the rings to mother? Which rings? You know very well which rings I’m talking about Shumaila And if you still haven’t returned them to mother then go go right now and tell her all the details which you told me Go on Kashif, what do you want?.

The matter which is still between the two of us, I should go and announce it outside? I can’t do that Look, I’ve told you that I’ll tell mother everything when the time is right, trust me If somebody sees me returning the rings right now, what would they think about us We will have to justify in front of so many people.

Don’t worry, we’ll do exactly as you want, have your tea I’ll talk to mother Mother did you call me? Yes dear, I have something important to talk about, please sit down Okay In fact, I need an important favor from you Please tell me mother, I will try to do the best I can God bless you son Son I’m a bit disturbed..

Umar and Neha are going for a holiday, I’m very happy about it But I noticed sadness of Ramsha’s face I’m a mother, that’s why I can feel her distress without her saying it And you know Hamza’s situation, I don’t think he can afford all this right now Mother if you don’t mind then we can pay for their trip.

I’m sure Hamza wouldn’t have any issue with that either Yes dear, I gave the same suggestion to your father But he clearly refused, he thinks I’m interfering in Ramsha’s life But dear I can barely watch the sadness on Ramsha’s face If father has refused then how can I help you? I want you to gift Hamza and Ramsha a honeymoon package on your own behalf.

and your father doesn’t find out about that Son, can you do that? Mother, for you I will do whatever I can If our doll wants to go on a holiday, she will. You can relax Would you like some tea? Yes I’ll go and tell, you don’t worry Shumaila? Mother? Where’s mother I can’t find her Mother give me a cup of tea.

You’ll be able to find your mother if you open your eyes This is no way to ask your mother for tea, what kind of behavior is this? Your wife is here now, call her and tell her to make tea for you let us see if this rich daughter in law knows how to do anything around this house or not Hamza Dear this is no time to wake up from sleep.

This is not the way, at least change your habits now as you’re married Look at Ramsha, she wakes up so early. She roams around the house and gets bored You should spend time with her, take her out. It’s only been a few days since you two got married This is the time you should spend together and understand each other.

Mother, when I go to the room she starts complaining. When I come outside you start speaking her language Can I even sit peacefully in this house or not? No you can’t Oh come to your senses How long will you keep serving your wife at home? Go and look at the shop’s condition The locks of the shop would have rusted by now.

Go open the shop And go get your hands on your rich father in law’s wealth so that even we can feel that we’ve brought a rich daughter in law to our home Father, do you ever have anything else to talk about or not? No Do you want me to beg in front of uncle? A person can’t even have tea peacefully in this house.

Why do you have to talk so harshly all the time? At least let us have a calm environment in the house for a few days, we’ve brought a daughter in law in our house let everyone settle down a little
let everyone stay in peace You’re right, the peace of this house has been ruined because of me The rest are all innocent.

Because of your behavior my children do not respect me And if you continue like this even your daughter in law will treat me like this and throw me out one day Then you’ll be satisfied no greeting or anything, mother give me a cup of tea, rude person Greetings brother Kashif Yes I’ve already done what you asked for, I’ve talked to the travel agent.

just give the money to Ramsha Yes whatever destination she decides I will take care of the arrangements No I won’t be able to join you, I’m going to a friend’s place please give my regards to Ramsha, I will call her later. Okay good bye Wow! it looks so pretty on my hand. and Kashif wants me to return it to mother.

So that it creates a scene in front of Neha and I get humiliated in front of everyone But Kashif won’t let me wear this ring either Why don’t I sell this ring That’s what I should do We were just talking about you people a while ago How are sister and brother doing? Why didn’t Neha and Umar come? Aunty they’re busy with their preparations..

Uncle you tell me, aunty was telling me you were unwell a few days ago, are you better now? Did you know that I’m unwell?
but you didn’t ask about it You’re asking me after so long when I’ve already recovered, that’s so funny Son these things are just a part of life, you tell me what would you like to have, tea or cold drink?.

Hamza, go and tell Ramsha that Kashif is here There’s Ramsha, Ramsha look brother Kashif is here Greetings, how are you? Greetings my doll, how are you? You’ve come alone? You should have brought sister along and brother Umar and Neha, and where is Usama? He didn’t even bother to call me My doll everyone misses you a lot.

Aren’t you going to ask your brother for tea or cold drink? I’ll go make tea So Hamza, what are you occupied in these days? Brother Kashif, so far I was busy with the wedding Now that I’m free I’m thinking of going back to work from tomorrow Why so soon? you should rest for a few more days Look I have something important to discuss with the two of you..

I wanted to give you both a gift for your wedding, but since we were all so busy I couldn’t do it I was feeling bad so I’ve brought a gift for you This is a honeymoon package for the two of you, just select whichever country you want to go to No brother Kashif you don’t need to do this Take it Hamza.

Brother Kashif you didn’t need to do this. You know I was asking Ramsha just yesterday if she wants to go for a honeymoon, isn’t it Ramsha? Well that means I came at the right time if I was any later then my gift would have gone to waste Thank you so much, I’ll get tea for you So what are you thinking, where do you want to go?.

I’ll talk to Ramsha. We’ll do as she wants That’s good Rabia, you completely forgot about your sister You cut off all the connections, we don’t have anyone besides the two of us for each other If we won’t keep contact then who will we share our problems with? No sister, why would I do that, you’re the only one I have..

I just thought you’d be busy so it wouldn’t be appropriate to disturb you Marium, where is Shumaila? She’s in her room, she’s coming By the way aunty, I can’t see your new daughter in law around What’s the matter, before whenever we used to visit she’d be following you around, now that’s she’s a daughter in law we can’t see her anywhere, what’s the matter?.

Neha and Umar have gone for shopping, they’re busy preparing for their honeymoon Wow sister, you’re really spoiling your daughter in law. Are these two the only ones going or did Hamza realize he needs to do something for our Ramsha as well? Yes, Hamza and Ramsha are also going, why wouldn’t they? Thank God Naheed paid some attention to her daughter in law.

otherwise I was so worried after the way they treated Ramsha on the reception You’ve got a big heart sister that even after witnessing so much you’ve kept Neha as the queen of this house otherwise, if someone’s daughter is treated in this manner even then that person stays quiet. Doesn’t happen like that nowadays.

Have your tea Rabia Dear give some biscuits to mother Okay doll, I’m going to go now Let me know if you ever need anything Thank you so much brother that you came here I miss you all so much Honestly we all miss you too One more thing, don’t tell father about my visit here I won’t tell him Good bye Wait a minute, what’s the hurry? show me what your brother in law gave you?.

Brother Kashif already told it’s money for our honeymoon And you’re going to go for your honeymoon with this money like a shameless man How does that make me a shameless man? There was nothing to be ashamed of with Neha and Umar were going? Infact, you were proud that your daughter would be enjoying there.

And Now when I want to enjoy in similar way, you are asking me to be ashamed? What has happened? Why are you screaming? let me tell you This son of yours is going to enjoy his trip on money given by his brother in law. You have given birth to such a shameless child Why don’t you be blunt and say that your child is like you.

You have done this your whole life. You aren’t liking it because your child is doing the same? Hamza? Behave yourself. You are talking to your father One minute. One minute .. Children like you .. who are fed on their father’s income even after being an adult aren’t in a position to do such things This attitude doesn’t suit you.

Firstly, give me back the money that I spent on your wedding Later, you can go to celebrate your honeymoon. Give this money to me. Huh! Honeymoon. Give me the money Umm .. father .. mother .. Greetings sir Greetings! Brother Aslam, is brother Kashif back? No sir, he isn’t back yet Okay! Where is everyone else?.

umm .. sir Umar has gone out with his bride and big boss is in his room Okay Yes Can you take out some stuff lying in my car? Also ask Lubna to make me coffee Okay sir Send it upstairs Okay sir Mehmood Hmm? He gave this money to his sister, not you What would that child think about us? And .. if brother and sister would find out then it will create a big problem.

Firstly, your nephew made a mistake and now you are supporting him? This is out of manners. Give and take is done among elders not among children Her father in law was sitting in front of you. Aren’t you ashamed that you were giving money to your sister and asking them to go on a honeymoon What has happened? It doesn’t look reasonable. It isn’t good.

They have no shame Now keep this money safe. I’ll go to bank tomorrow and deposit it in bank. I don’t want to keep them in home. Infact, I’ll not give it to you but keep it with myself Ramsha, you are absolutely right. Father shouldn’t have done this Please stop crying I’ll talk to mother to talk to father.

You know about father. He’s a greedy man. He can’t see anything else than money Ramsha, don’t get angry with me at least Please stop crying Hamza .. please leave me alone right now I don’t want to talk to anyone You .. you please go from here Please! Ramsha .. Hamza, please ! Please I stopped him so much from doing this much shopping but he still didn’t listen.

Look, I have got so many warm clothes. Where will I wear them in Karachi? My child, you shouldn’t have taken wedding dresses with you and one has to buy useful things Umar my child, when is your flight? Mother, flight is at 10 o’ clock and I’m requesting you to ask madam to get ready at time. Otherwise I will leave alone.

Have you seen how much he annoys me You don’t even scold him Okay my child, carry on your packing. I’m coming Umar, what was the need of buying a leather jacket? It looks good Let me try How does it look? Really nice Will you put on this leather jacket on Shalwar Kamiz? Don’t lose any chance How are you my child?.

Is my doll happy now? Hmm? Mother, there is no happiness left in your princess’s life Mother, I’m too worried A lot of injustice is happening to me in this house. It’s very wrong Ramsha, my child .. what happened? My child, you are crying? Ramsha my child, why are you crying? Did you and Hamza have a fight?.

My child I sent Kashif to your place. Didn’t Kashif come? Brother Kashif came. He gave us money for our honeymoon and left But uncle snatched all the money from us What? What are you saying, Ramsha? What exactly happened? Tell me in detail What happened there? Mother, brother Kashif came to hand over money …

Mother, there is no happiness left in your princess’s life Mother, I’m too worried A lot of injustice is happening to me in this house. It’s very wrong Thank God, Naheed thought a little about her daughter in law at least What she did to her daughter in law during the reception, I was worried about Ramsha seeing that..

Your heart is too big After so much, you still treat Neha as a princess Otherwise if you treat anyone’s daughter like this their family doesn’t sit quietly. It never happens in today’s world Umar, I have made list of all the places where we have to go. I think we should make a list everyone’s gifts too.

Who wants what. We don’t know so lets ask Hmm Hmm? Umar? Hey? Hello? Hey, atleast give us sometime .. Hey idiot, don’t do this. I will work the whole night today so that I can give the complete time to my Mrs. tomorrow. This whole time belongs to your Mrs. anyway Have it all Are you fine? No one looks at me, or asks me, or love me..

You envy us? Don’t put an evil eye Fine, what do you want? At least tell your sister in law about it. Ask him Go ahead A girl .. to get married. I have such a small demand Can you see .. he wants to get married Not again. He has asked me around 600 times and whenever I get serious about some girl, he says he doesn’t want to.

Coward! No? If you really want to then ask him about the girl. Which kind of girl? Go ahead Which one? There is no rush. I was just randomly saying it. See .. I know him very well. He’s a coward. A coward Hey listen, please ask Ramsha what she wants Yes I will .. and you .. hello? Hmm? Why have you sent me a long list whatsapp? What do I have to buy from this?.

Umm .. haven’t you seen it? Do not miss anything from that. Right? Impossible! Fine, I’ll bring everything but in return you have to do one thing for me. You have to take care of Ramsha. Okay? Yes! Mother, your blood pressure is very high. Why are you so worried? Please, give her juice Yes! Have the juice.

Mother please! Father, lets take mother to hospital. Let me call doctor too No! I don’t want to go anywhere. Wake Umar up. Bring him to me. I’m being very anxious Hey! They have a flight early in the morning tomorrow. Why are you giving them stress? They’d be more worried seeing you in this condition..

I don’t know anything. Call Umar and Osama I want my 3 sons to sit in front of me. I want them here. I don’t want anything else Call them quickly. Call them. I’m being anxious Shumaila, please go and call Umar and Osama Right Call my sons and ask them to sit with me Have juice at least I’m being anxious.

Have it Call Umar. Call Osama Have a little Osama? Is everything fine? What happened? Man, mama isn’t well. She’s calling you We explained to her that we are there but she was anxious. If she is very sick then lets take her to doctor No! Brother Kashif has called doctor. He’s coming here. You come …

Lets go! We should be with her Come. Lets go quickly Her blood pressure is now normal. There is nothing to worry about. Usually blood pressure shoots up due to tiredness She’d be fine if she’d rest. I have prescribed some medicines. Keep giving her regularly. She’ll be better with time Fine doctor! Thank you.

Mother, what happened? You were fine until last night. Why is your blood pressure so high suddenly? Nothing has happened Doctor said that there is nothing to worry about. Don’t you all worry. Just take care of you We will take care of mother but if you have any stress or problem then please share it with us..

We’ll sort it out There is no worry. She will be fine by tomorrow morning if she’d rest. Right mother? Don’t you worry Yes sister Lets go Come! Take care of yourself. Good night Good night Hamza? Hamza? What is it mother? Let me sleep My child, why are you lying here? Go and sleep in your room. Go Ask this from your dear niece.

She’s crazy. She has locked the door and slept What? She has locked the room? What happened? Why is he lying over here? Is everything fine? Why is there so much noise? You go and knock the door again. If she won’t open it then I’ll talk to her. Go Will you tell me what has happened? This all happened because of you.

Why? What did you think you could behave whatever way you want with Ramsha and she won’t protest? I’m scared what if she tells all this to brother? What will I do then? What have I done that you are taunting me too much? What has happened? Respectable families have some rules. Such huge amount is carried by an elder of the house.

I’ll see who’d question me? Did I do something illegal? Make me breakfast and hand me over the newspaper Umar, are your preparations done? You have a flight in some time Neha is in the kitchen since morning. God knows what special is she making? It seems that you’d only eat food make by your wife now.

Its not like this sister. I was making breakfast for mother She takes so much care about us, that she has forgotten to take care of herself Mother please, eat it. And tell me what else do I give you? Neha is absolutely right Hmm Yes mother, you’d have to take care of mother now. And if you won’t eat then I’ll feed you forcefully.

You have put this much effort unreasonably You and Umar will leave now, then maid will be making everything Then there is no need to waste your time Anyways, leave this Are you both ready? I’ll ask driver to take out car Why is driver needed? I’ll drop them myself Actually, I and Umar aren’t going to Turkey. We have canceled our plan.

Mother isn’t well. How can we go? Umar? Why have you canceled it? You had already taken leaves? Yes brother, I had. But Neha isn’t going so what will I do there alone? So, I’m rejoining the office from today Fine .. but you shouldn’t have canceled your plan like this We .. we all are there to take care of mother.

You .. you should follow your plan. Who knows if you get chance again or not No! When she’d be fine, we’ll go then We can go any time Neha is right. We can go anytime. Honeymoon can be celebrated anytime Look mother Father was right We haven’t brought daughter in law in this home, but our own daughter.

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