Mere Apne Episode 10 [Subtitle Eng] – 25th September 2021 – ARY Digital Drama

Mere Apne Episode 10 [Subtitle Eng] – 25th September 2021 – ARY Digital Drama


Mere Apne | Love, Sacrifice And Ordeals

‘Mere Apne’ is a story based on exchange marriages (Watta-Satta) within a family and how relationships suffer because of it.

Written By: Qurat-ul-Ain Akhter & Dilawar Khan

Directed By: Mohsin Mirza & Tehseen Khan

Ali Abbas
Hajra Yameen
Zainab Shabbir
Waseem Abbas
Tanveer Jamal
Firdous Jamal
Ayesha Khan
Arez Ahmed
Agha Mustafa
Zoya Nasir
Anaya Ali
Humera Bano
Hina Sheikh
Usama Khan
Mariyam Pervaiz

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Mother, listen to me What’s the matter dear? At least listen to me What’s the matter, Neha? What have you people done to Ramsha? Don’t you know how pampered she is? You’ve done this on the most important day of her life? You know your father and Hamza Believe me, they didn’t give me a single rupee for the make up.

I arranged a reasonable make up artist after a lot of effort How would I have known that she would cheat me at the last minute. Neha, I’m very embarrassed Mother, this is not a small matter you know how a single tear from Ramsha’s eye can create so much problem in my life Doesn’t Hamza have any concern about her feelings? This is such an important day for her.

You could have told me I would have arranged a make up artist Neha, believe me I have lost the ability to think properly It’s so wrong mother Okay now don’t worry Mother that poor girl looks so dull, it’s so wrong Naheed, we were thinking to take Ramsha home with us after this event that’s how the tradition goes.

You people can come for dinner tomorrow and take her back with you Yes brother, please proceed as you wish, we have no objection Fine then we will keep Neha here today, Umar can come and take her back whenever he wants But father I’d like to go back, I don’t want to stay here I mean if Ramsha’s coming home that it would be a good opportunity for all of us to sit and spend some time together.

Dear I have no problem, you can do as you wish, it’s your own home Yes and Hamza also has no objection about Ramsha going home Have you discussed it with Hamza or just saying this on your own? People settle down, I’ll go check on the dinner arrangements Iqbal, are you feeling okay? I will ask Kashif to call the doctor.

There’s no need for that I’m fine, just a little tired I’ll be fine after getting some rest Tell me how is Ramsha? I don’t understand, she’s very quiet I was with her just now She wanted to be left alone for awhile so I came here Didn’t you ask her what’s the matter? I didn’t try to investigate She will tell me whenever she feels comfortable.

Iqbal I was afraid of this day Such a big difference in our status, how will she adjust to it? It’s very difficult for her to tolerate all this, she would never have even dreamt of this One doesn’t only look at the financial aspects while marrying a daughter to somebody Don’t mention these things in front of her, otherwise she will feel it a lot.

You’re her mother you should explain to her that in married life she must learn to let go of small issues If she makes every thing a matter of ego, then it will create a lot of problems Yes I will explain her Here you go, it’s been so long we both haven’t sat together and had a chat I’ve even told Umar not to disturb us, I’ve told him I need to spend some time with my best friend.

Neha, I’m very tired And I even have a headache so… I think I should rest I can’t believe this I just can’t believe this, that in only one day your family has taken away the smile and happiness from my sister’s life Umar, it’s not mother’s fault, the situation became as such, they were helpless Oh if they couldn’t handle the situation they could have informed us, we would have managed it.

She was worried, she didn’t think it would be appropriate at that time to ask you people for help Listen to one thing loud and clear Ramsha is very dear to all of us
she is the dearest of all of us Tell your family tell them, that we want the same happiness and smile back on her face. Otherwise, it won’t be good for them.

At least I will not tolerate this The dramas of these people are never ending. As if Ramsha is some princess. First serve her breakfast, then pamper her when she comes over here She got married but still she’s stuck with this house Madam are you talking to me? No, I’m talking to the walls of course you’re standing here so I would be talking to you. Hurry up!.

Greetings sister, how are you? sister Hajra, you haven’t prepared Ramsha’s favorite cheese omelet? After looking at all this her mood will be completely off, she won’t eat anything Actually madam told me not to make it Your hands don’t move but your tongue is moving at full speed Ramsha has her in laws to take care of her now.

besides, nobody cared about her feelings at the reception last night Yes, but all her needs will be catered in that house But this is her own home and I will handle her likes and dislikes over here myself Hajra, put this breakfast on table. I’ll make omelet for Ramsha Right! Give me bowl, please Ramsha my child ….

My child, forget everything What’s done is done My child .. Stop being sad Forget it? How come mother? How? You people did an amazing reception of brother Umar and Neha Everything was wonderful. There was nothing left Why did auntie do this to me? She spoiled such an important day of my life She didn’t think of my feelings and consider how much hurt I would be.

I don’t want to go there, mother. I don’t feel like Yes my child, I know .. Whatever Naheed and Mehmood did to you was completely wrong But my child, that time has passed. Your whole life is ahead of you My child, you can’t keep sitting here with an upset mood. Ramsha my child now that is your home, You have to go there.

We .. have called Naheed’s family at dinner tonight And they will take you along My child .. Forget this all And infront of Hamza .. don’t discuss this. Hmm? My life .. don’t do this. Cutting vegetables is written in your fate for lifetime Your daughter in law has gone back to her home. She’ll stay there.

She hasn’t gone for many days Brother called. He has invited us on dinner We’ll go to their home and bring Ramsha along. This is the ritual. Girls go to their home after reception. Now after getting his daughter married, your brother knows all the rituals He still has no manners I mean he didn’t think to call the head of family and invite him.

He called you. We are like worms to him No! Brother wanted to talk to you But you were sleeping so I thought not to wake you up I won’t be going. That’s decided I don’t feel like going there I mean what does your brother wants? He keeps playing instrument and I keep praising him? I can’t do this. Take your son along and bring your daughter in law.

That isn’t only Ramsha’s home But your daughter’s in laws live there What if sister and brother would mind something? Think about your daughter’s future Getting daughter married isn’t just parent’s responsibility. For whole life, one has to keep good terms with in laws then the daughters can be settled there.

I don’t care if your brother and sister mind anything I don’t care about these issues. What do you think I should bow in front of them just because I have got my daughter married into that house? I can’t do this Osama, I want you to go through the file of Ahmed Enterprises I want you to handle that project.

Brother, how can I .. I have no such experience and its a big company. I can’t do it Hmm .. look you’ll gain experience with work Right? And And I think no other project can be better for you as a learning experience Also, Sajjad will assist you. He’s an experienced worker Umm .. I’m sure his experience will help you. Isn’t it Sajjad?.

Sir, Mr. Osama won’t be needing my experience His talents is enough to handle this project Agreed! Please give me the file of Ahmed Enterprises once again I’ll study it again and will hand over it to Osama. Sir, you took that file to home during wedding days of Mr. Umar Really? I don’t remember. But fine, I’ll check it. I’ll look into it if you are saying so.

Osama, I’m bringing that file from home. Stay here until I come Sajjad, please guide him regarding project What is the need to go home?
Ask the driver to bring it I didn’t want to say this infront of Sajjad but if you are saying it then listen .. firstly, I don’t remember where have I kept the file?.

secondly, my life will be in trouble if I’ll ask your sister in law to find it. Right! Then go You both sit Mr. Sajjad, please help me Umar? What is it? What has happened? I have been observing that you are ignoring me since long, although you know it very well that I haven’t done anything Listen .. I want you to leave me alone for some time, please.

Then why did you get married? You shouldn’t have got married if you wanted to live alone I am going mad since morning. I’m getting so bored. You get away from me if I come near to you .. What has happened to you? You know it very well .. If Ramsha is upset, I get upset too. This is what it is Fine, I won’t get upset. You are getting bored?.

It isn’t about boredom. I’m clueless since morning that what has happened? Neha, enough! Enough Look at this. What is it? I’m clueless since morning that why isn’t this person talking to me? Enough is enough. What is it? These are our honeymoon tickets. We are going to Turkey Are you happy now? I swear, a person cannot have his me time after marriage. God!.

Shumaila? Shumaila? Shumaila? Shumaila? Oho, what has happened to you Kashif? I’m busy in the kitchen and here you are calling me repeatedly actually, I came to take such an important file of mine. I couldn’t find it. Whose jewelry boxes are these? Shumaila what is this all? Tell me? Shumaila, I’m asking you something.

Umm .. Hamza? He keeps sleeping. Doesn’t care when to wake up Hamza! Wake up Look, sun is out What has happened to you mother? Why are you screaming like father? I’m shouting like your Father? I don’t understand which language do you understand? Sun is out and you are still sleeping Tell me, did you talk to Ramsha since last night? Has she cooled down?.

Listen mother, I’m not scared of her anger what else that girl know? She keeps sleeping all the time What do I do if her father is rich? They don’t feed me Be in your senses, Hamza. How many days are passed that you are married, and here you are following footsteps of your father? Relationships aren’t carried out like this.

Agree or not, it was our mistake What do I do? Shall I take her for makeup? And listen, it was your fault. I asked you to take her to salon but you said the girl is coming to home. She will do it here and then her phone went switched off. What was my fault in it? When did I say so? All I’m asking you is to call her and talk to her. Fix her mood.

Listen, we are going to bring her back today If you won’t call her and fix her mood, then I’d have to answer brother. I’ll fix her mood? Fine Now get up. I’m making breakfast What is this non sense? One can’t sleep peacefully after marriage Fix wife’s mood What is this? I’m asking you something Are these the same rings that mother had to give to Hamza and Neha on the engagement?.

I was about to tell you .. Enough! I don’t want to listen to a word. What have you done? Such cheap act? You will take revenge in this way just because Umar refused to marry your sister? You will steal rings so that we’d embarrass in front of guests during event? Speak slowly Kashif. Someone will listen.

And this is what you think of me? I’ll take revenge? That too from you people? When Marium has forgiven Umar then why would I do this? That too with mother? I know that she’s like my own mother to me This is what I used to think too, Shumaila But your reality came in front of my eyes I wasn’t hoping this, Kashif.

Is that what you think of me? How could you think that I would stoop this low? Huh? What would have I got by stealing those rings? Huh? Shumaila, tell me what you want to say? Tell me? If you haven’t stolen these rings, then how are they here in the cupboard? No! I had put them there but its not like what you are thinking.

Trust me at least. I found these after Umar and Neha’s engagement on lounge’s floor while cleaning it. I don’t know who had put them there and who stole these from mother’s room? Wow Shumaila! Wow If this was true then instead of telling this to mother, you decided to keep these rings to yourself? I found it better.

You know that there was a conflict going on between mother and father regarding this If .. If I would tell them that I found rings on floor then father would scold mother over being unorganized Shumaila, then why are these rings with you yet? Why aren’t they with mother? Hello? Okay! Okay I’m coming Osama.

I’ll talk rest of it after I come back home Look at this Umar, this is hot air balloon right? I want to spend a day here This fascinates me a lot. I so want it and I want to fulfill all your wishes Look, we have already checked all these activities. Now lets start from this Ankara destination of Turkey.

Look at this There is one city Konya Konya .. Because mother has come to meet you, you are being a child. Otherwise, you haven’t asked your mother once after getting married. There is nothing like this. Look, I have got less time to spend with Ramsha I’ll support my sister in this matter. Both my daughter and daughter in law are present at my home right now, so it will definitely make my sister sad..

By the way Naheed, you should have inform about Mehmood’s health on call. We would have come instead And Umar would have brought Neha right Umer? Absolutely right father. I think uncle is missing Neha in her absence Brother, such things carry on. What is there to disturb children. This keeps happening with us. There is nothing to worry about.

Auntie, where is Ramsha? I was trying to call her. She didn’t pick it up and neither did she called back We kept Ramsha busy so she wouldn’t have got time to call you back. Isn’t it? Ramsha is getting ready in her room. She must be coming She’s getting ready. You should go to her if she is busy getting ready.

She must get ready because her husband has come to take her home. Also, my daughter in law is so beautiful that she stands out even after putting on a little makeup. Evil eyes off I’ll go bring Ramsha Tea .. Yes, serve her It seems that madam is still upset. You are so upset that you aren’t even picking up my call.

Don’t I have a right to get upset? you do! You have complete right to be upset and angry. But Ramsha, I won’t allow you to spoil our present on something that happened yesterday Ramsha, I came here to take you home Please come back home with me with a smiling face We have to start a new life a Life where our love would matter.

Fine alright, then you’d have to make a promise to me That you’d always take care of my every happiness and wish Yes, I’m making this promise that I will Please, lets go outside. Mother is waiting Promise? Promise! now lets go Mother, father, auntie, I and Neha wants to share a surprise with you all.

We are going to Turkey next week for our honey moon That’s wonderful! Very nice Guria, why are you standing?
Sit down. Hamza .. By the way, you made a good decision This is your age to travel and enjoy life Then only problems will arrive I was thinking the same, father. This is why I have taken off from office to spend our vacations with peace.

Where in Turkey? Istanbul .. Ankara .. We are going to Turkey next week for our honey moon This is your age to travel and enjoy life I was thinking the same, father. This is why I have taken off from office to spend our vacations with peace Hamza? Hmm What have you thought? About what? Hamza, about our honeymoon. What else? When are we going?.

What have you planned? We’ll go to some place nice, right? Look Ramsha, for now I have no such plan We’ll see later Later? You go to honeymoon right after wedding. Not after years Also, you don’t work that you have to take leave .. leave .. Ramsha, I have told you that I have no such place right now.

Also, father isn’t well. Let him get well. Then we’ll think What has happened to uncle? He’s absolutely fine. You are worried for no reason Stop giving me lame excuses. I know it. It isn’t about uncle’s health but your income. Enough Ramsha Look Ramsha, you knew about my status even before marriage Also.

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